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notjustcake Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 1:29am
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Ok I have this wedding cake my 2nd one I guess I did a 4 tier masterpiece that I stacked on site.

I used tea straws, and they worked just fine, I was considering buying a SPS system but it's confusing and pricey.

I know it's great and worth it but do you think it would be ok to use tea straws again this time I would drive 20 minutes with the cake already stacked?

What do you think?

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cakesbycathy Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 1:37am
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There is a difference between the SFS (stress free system) and SPS (single plate system)

Many people use dowels and bubble tea straws with no problems but personally I use the SPS system. The plates and pillars are inexpensive and I don't worry about getting them back. I have transported 2 and 3 tier cakes over an hour away and have never had a problem.

briannastreats Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 1:41am
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If you are transporting it already stacked, I would go with the SPS system. The 4-tier square wedding cake (red ribbon) in my gallery, I used the SPS and transported completely stacked. The thing never moved a bit! It really isn't that expensive... you'll need one set of pillars and just the 3 plates for your top 3 tiers (you'll spend probably $15 plus shipping??). You could use the bubble tea straws, but I wouldn't deliver it already stacked... just my opinion.

kelleym Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 1:50am
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Yeah, for delivering an already-assembled cake, I will never go back to straws or dowels. SPS holds it solid as a rock. No worries.

leah_s Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 3:24am
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SPS is totally cheap! And it works great.

Please don't confuse it with SFS, which is $$$.

mkolmar Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 3:56am
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Check out the SPS system, it's WAYYYYY cheaper than the SFS system. I love SPS and have told so many people about it because I swear by it. Totally worth buying. SPS is one of those cake tips I consider golden, like how to smooth a cake.

cylstrial Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 2:46pm
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The only issue that I have with bubble tea straws is that they just don't support the cake enough. The exterior cracks a little as the cake settles on the drive. I'm totally SPS all the way. If you don't want to use SPS, I'd stack the cake there and use the bubble tea straws.

But the price of the SPS is something that you would pass onto your customer. You shouldn't be absorbing that cost. As LeahS says, "You just tell them they have to have it or their cake will fall apart".

tracycakes Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 4:46pm
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I agree with everyone else. I used to hate to do tiered cakes because I was never confident about the support. Now, I only use SPS and LOVE it! I just add the cost to the price of a tiered cake.

tracycakes Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 4:48pm
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cylstrial Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 4:54pm
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So what is the difference between SFS and SPS? I haven't heard of SFS until this thread.

leah_s Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 5:57pm
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SFS = Stress Free System
First it's $$$
Second it's stainless steel. I've read deposits of $200 on it. I don't want to be chasing down equipment, when SPS is so good and disposable.

"The equipment fee is for a plate and pillar system that's interior to your cake, holding it up from the inside. Without it your cake will fall down, so I insist that you purhase it."

NEVER a complaint in years and years.

cakesdivine Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 7:29pm
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Okay where do you get SPS?

leah_s Posted 8 Jul 2009 , 8:04pm
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Oasis supply . com
Global Sugar Art

Or if you can meet their requirements for being a business, directly from BakeryCrafts.

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