Food Network Birthday Cake Challenge

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Kos Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 3:32am
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Can we have our own vote on this site who we think the winner of the cake challenge should be? The cakes were all incredible! icon_eek.gif


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BigEasyCakes Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 3:48am
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I agree with the picks they made. I was an awesome show.

crp7 Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 3:59am
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They were all so different it would be really hard to be a judge at one of these competitions. They were all amazing in their own way.

My favorites were the one by Marina (the winner), Elisa's sock monkey and Ryan's robots.


brinarae Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 4:11am
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They were so cool! I wouldn't have been able to decide on a winner either, because they were all unique and very well done. I really liked the sugar work though. And the spinning top! That was really cool too.

alimonkey Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 4:26am
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I agreed with their picks, too. I loved Maureena's cake. What did you guys think of the carousel cake? I didn't think it was even in the league of the others.

mvucic Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 6:33am
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I loved Marina's cake! I really liked the blown sugar one as well!

I agree with the comment made about the carousel. I couldn't believe how unstable it was!!!

Great show though! Can't wait for the next one!

PolishMommy Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 2:20pm
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Did you see that ball of yarn with the sock monkey cake? I thought it was real!!!

I thought 1-Marina, 2-Sock Monkey, 3-Spinning Top

The robot cake was perfectly done too, but just not a unique enough design compared to the others.

KayDay Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 2:43pm
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Hmmm I am sure my opinion might not be the popular one but I SO did not agree with the judges! I thought the robot design should have been almost last in the judging! The only one I liked less was the carousel. The monkey was great but didnt show the workmanship that the spinning top did....I mean it defied gravity and he hand sculpted all those adorable animals. I felt that it or the drum with the spun sugar clown should have been first. Then the firstplace winner in third.

gegon Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 2:54pm
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I liked all cakes except for the carrousell. It was too unstable and simple for this league.

The monkey cake was awsome but we need to take into consideration that maybe it did not meet the height standards of the competition. I think I heard that being mentioned sometime during the show.

I think I would have chosen the cake with the sugar craft in it (clown) as the winner.

nathalie Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 3:11pm
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I was so glad they chose Marina as the winner! I was sure they would pick the spun sugar or spinning top over hers, but I thought hers was beautiful and fit the theme the best. I recorded it so I could watch it again, I was just wishing they would give some more specifics on how they did what they did, so I might learn something more from it.

Calejo Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 3:19pm
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I totally agree with Nathalie. As a kid, I'd be looking at all the blown sugar thinking, "Where's the cake? Can I even eat this stuff?" Very pretty cake, but not really a child's cake. That's something more for the parents than the child. I loved Maureena's cake!

talmas Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 4:11pm
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I loved all the cakes, except the carousel. Seems like she didn't put any thought to it. All the others, were much more prepared and imaginative. The sock monkey was great and I might have to try it someday but I thought the others were more involved. She even got done early. It would be so hard being a judge. They were all so unique and exceptional. I would love to make a cake in 6 hours and make $10,000. Sweeeeet.

The teddy bear on Marina's cake was soooo cute. Can you believe she has never competed before?

eve Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 4:21pm
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icon_biggrin.gif Actually this was a repeat...this already shown last year..anyway
I totally agree with their pick...I like her style...I've always think animal cake designs are ugly, but that's just me... no offense to anybody, just my opinion.. I like the very bright colors she used ..I'ts just a very pleasant thing to look at..

SweetCaramel Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 4:30pm
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I was just in awe at all the cakes. I really loved the winner's cake, but I was astonished by the drum and sugar cake, as I don't know anything about the sugar stuff. I don't think the monkey cake was in the running, because although good, compared to the others -???? I think for a contest like that, you have to "Bring It On". The carousel was okay - but her presentation of it was off. NOt enough confidence. Needless to say, they were all better than I could of done.
I haven't reached that maturity to make a cake just for decoration, I still want to eat the cake, but for $10,000 dollars - I better learn to decorate!!

Daniela Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 4:34pm
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The cakes sound incredible!! I didn't get the chance to watch it because they didn't air it here icon_sad.gificon_cry.gif ( In Toronto)

Maybe they'll rebroadcast it!!

VickiC Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 4:38pm
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I thought the spinning top cake was the most creative because it defied gravity and was interactive.

CakeItGood Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 6:03pm
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I totally agreed with the winner ... she was my favorite from the start. My next favorite was Ryan's, then the chocolate town. I thought the Carousel was ugly and poorly executed ... and not a good example at all of the rest of this person's work. The clown and the chocolate town were amazingly beautiful, but we kept wondering where the actual *cake* was! And how do you begin to eat something like that? Still, just stunning work.

It was fun watching everyone's techniques and learning a little bit of this & that. Of course, I love the wedding cake challenges sooo much better!

alengirl Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 6:19pm
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[quote="mvucic"]I agree with the comment made about the carousel. I couldn't believe how unstable it was!!! quote]

I think we all agree that the carousel was out of the league. . .
I saw this special some time last year, but I saw it for a little while again last night. . . I remembered that when I saw it last year, the Cake Diva mentioned that she did know she had to move the cake to the table. . . Duhhhhh! How can someone who makes cakes to be delivered, make a cake that can't be moved a whole 3 feet? Also, I've seen plently of contest on the Food Network & they ALWAYS have to move their showpiece. Please!!!!! I'm sure they get contest rules when they sign up detailing EVERYTHING, including having to move the cake. . .Besides, she was so dramatic and even seemed to give the camera attitude when she was moving the cake, she was truly lucky that the cake didn't fall out of her hands.

mvucic Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 8:22pm
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I just wanted to add that I think they mentioned that one of their judging criteria was how it would be transported? Did I imagine that?! Anyways, clearly the carousel, blown/sculpted sugar and chocolate city scape would not make it out of the decorator's kitchen. Maybe that was one of the reasons that some finished in those positions?

alengirl, I laughed when I heard her comment about not knowing it had to be moved to the presentation table too! I'm sure they gave out rules and regulations before the competition began !

Can't wait for the next challenge icon_smile.gif

alengirl Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 8:40pm
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Originally Posted by mvucic

alengirl, I laughed when I heard her comment about not knowing it had to be moved to the presentation table too! I'm sure they gave out rules and regulations before the competition began !

Can't wait for the next challenge icon_smile.gif

I know, I was like, "she did not just say that, did she?" icon_lol.gif
Anyway, if she competes again, hopefully she'll remember that
part of the contest requires her to move the show piece to the judging table. . . icon_rolleyes.gif

Ambrosia Posted 23 Aug 2005 , 1:56pm
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did anyone catch the nifty tools they were smoothing cakes with?
I saw the metal one with the handle that is normally used for drywall. but two different people on there were smoothing with something else. almost looked like a rectangular piece of plastic with no handle. Did anyone happen to notice what that was?

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