What Kind Of Flower Is This???? Help!

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KHalstead Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 12:23pm
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Check out the attached photo below, it's of a cake I need to make in 2 weeks and I need to know what kind of flower it has on it. Does anyone know??? She wants a red flower on the cake, however she likes the look of these only she wants them red. I have had no look (after endless hours and weeks of searching online for something similar).

They look like they're decent sized maybe 2-3" i really need help!
I don't know my flowers

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shadowgypsie Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 1:47pm
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Looks like two different size dogwood flowers placed small on top of large to make a very pretty flower.

Texas_Rose Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 1:56pm
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I think I'd describe that one as a fantasy flower icon_biggrin.gif That's what you call something that's pretty but doesn't really occur in nature icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

Anyhow, I think you could make it with a 5 petal cutter, just cut two of it and ruffle the edges, then stack with the petals turned so they cover the edges of the petals on the lower one. Dry it in a bowl or a jumbo muffin tin so the edges curl up a little bit.

all4cake Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 2:14pm
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an anemone, maybe?

it does look like a dogwood. I can't see all of them but the one on the center tier looks to have stamens frilling out from that center 'button'

PinkZiab Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 2:30pm
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I'm gonna say Anemone... or at least close enough icon_wink.gif

shadowgypsie Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 3:12pm
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I have changed my mind I think it is an Anemone also.

patticakesnc Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 3:21pm
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Looks like a magnolia to me.


cakes22 Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 3:23pm
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I was thinking it was a poppy.........???

saberger Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 3:30pm
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I think it is an anemone, too. It sort of looks like the magnolia, but the center is too dark and the petals are a little rounder, I think. Nice cake - too bad you can't find out who is the original designer and then ask them. icon_sad.gif

forthwife Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 3:31pm
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Anemonies and poppies are nearly identical, color is the primary difference. It is NOT a magnolia, being from the south I can say that with certainty. I also vote fantasy but in the anemonie family icon_wink.gif

hope1978 Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 3:31pm
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I dont know much about flowers, but I'm with patticakesnc...I think it looks like a magnolia...
hope this helps

KatieKake Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 3:41pm
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What kind of flower does the Bride think it is? Is she wanting the flowers on cake to match some flower in her bouquet? If not I would make up a few different flowers, and let her pick out the one she likes the best. I would make a bet if the color is right, then the flower will be okay also regardless of what it actually is in the picture.

patticakesnc Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 3:42pm
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Originally Posted by forthwife

Anemonies and poppies are nearly identical, color is the primary difference. It is NOT a magnolia, being from the south I can say that with certainty. I also vote fantasy but in the anemonie family icon_wink.gif

Yes I am from the South as well. Grew up in NC and Ga. and am still there. There are more than one species of Magnolia. Look at my link. I think it looks just like the flower.

all4cake Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 3:49pm
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I would say anemonies were similar to clematis in that there is a vast variety of them...some of them looking like each of the flowers mentioned.

When I suggested anemone, it was more for the sake of a cutter selection than to identify the exact flower...the image is difficult for me to see enough details...

TexasRose is right on when she said fantasy flower....find a cutter that'll work...the dogwood has that indention in the petals like the ones in the image seem to have...I've never looked for a fantasy flower cutter...but I'm sure, if one can be made, it is available somewhere...globalsugarart.com ?

or work with the 5 petal rose cutter and cut a v shape out of the end of each petal and go from there....

KHalstead Posted 18 Jun 2009 , 8:27pm
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oh shoot!!! I didn't get an email saying that I had a response and went ahead and ordered white magnolias and plan to spray them red (hope it works).....I think it's totally an anemone....you guys rock, I wished I had only seen the responses before I spent the 50.00 minimum at cake deco....they had anemone too....and in RED! aackk


Here's the flowers I ordered


they are pretty similar I guess!

all4cake Posted 18 Jun 2009 , 9:28pm
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Well, they look very much alike from their selection (I'm sure the center of the magnolias have that thang that sticks up in the middle...looks like the only possible difference to me)...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the magnolias are like 7 bucks cheaper! With that kind of incentive, I'd say those bad boys on that cake are most definitely magnolias (haha...if the cost were the same, I'd stick with anemones...lol)

KHalstead Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 2:44pm
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lol you're funny!!! i was thinking the same thing since I only need three of them puppies! Of course it IS for my BEST friend in the whole world's wedding. To tell you the truth i didn't even know they had the anemones and if they didn't have that stinkin 50.00 minimum I'd probably just go ahead and order them too!

all4cake Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 2:58pm
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I thought it was them that one could order less than 50 bucks worth but there is a 7 or 10 dollar fee tacked on...

KHalstead Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 3:58pm
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hmmmmmm.........I dunno.........I tried to checkout after JUST the flowers and it said "you haven't reached the $50.00 minimum order" but i didn't continue to try from there

I know oasis supply charges an extra fee if you order less than 50.00

all4cake Posted 19 Jun 2009 , 4:16pm
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yeah yeah...that's the one!

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