Help!!! First Time Making Peti Fours!

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tmcakes Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 2:01am
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Does anyone have a really good icing recipe for making peti fours? Should I freeze the cake before cutting into squares or should I just cut into squares once the cake is cool? What is the best way to get perfect squares? I will be using a basic box mix to make the cake, should I be worried that the cake will be too soft....causing the icing to make the cakes soggy? I only need to make one batch of about 50. Please help!!!!!!

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monkeny Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 2:09am
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KathysCC Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 2:22am
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I just took a Petit Four making class. There are so many steps so it would be hard to write out every detail but here is what I learned in the class. Just a basic cake mix makes a cake that is really too soft for petit fours. In our class she used a mix that baked up very firm, only a little less firm than pound cake. She also froze it before cutting. You can cut with a ruler to make straight squares. The best looking option for covering the petit fours is a good poured fondant recipe which I am sure you can find in the recipe section here on CC.

maudabom Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 6:20am
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You would have way too many petit fours, but to make a firmer cake, but not quite pound cake, you could mix a regular cake mix with a pound cake mix. If you put your cake in the freezer for about an hour it will give you sharper corners when cutting. To get perfect squares, I would use a square cookie cutter, otherwise if you get slightly off, it will throw all of your squares off. It will waste cake, but then again if your mixing the cake mixes together, you'll have way more cake than you need anyway.. creating lots of yummy scraps!

Loucinda Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 12:14pm
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Bake your cake in a sheet pan (I use a 12x1icon_cool.gif bake at 300 - that way you have a nice level cake to start off with. You can use the ruler to cut them - fill and freeze before cutting for the sharpest cuts. I prefer to hand spoon each one, that way I know each edge is covered nicely - some folks just put them on a rack and pour the icing over them (that just didn't get all the edges nice enough for me)

Make sure you charge an arm and a leg for those little devils, they are a pain IMO.

KathysCC Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 1:13pm
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Originally Posted by Loucinda

Make sure you charge an arm and a leg for those little devils, they are a pain IMO.

Speaking of that Loucinda, I'm curious what range of prices everyone has seen on petit fours. The lady who gave my class said they sell them for $20 a dozen. That is only a little over a dollar a piece. Just this week, a friend asked me to make some and because I knew the work involved for me I told her $2 a piece. She said that a local bakery does them for $1.25 a piece. I told her I couldn't beat that and she should go with the bakery.

What, in your experience, are people charging for unfilled petit fours?

audrey0522 Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 1:25pm
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Would WASC be good for Petit fours? What size are they usually cut? I think I would like to try making some also. Thanks!

Loucinda Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 1:35pm
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You are right in the ball park - I charged $1.75 each for them last year. I just pray I don't get orders for them!

You want to use a firm cake for them, I use a pound cake when I do them - I think the WASC would be too soft, but then - I have never tried it! (pound cake works like a charm)

tmcakes Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 5:44pm
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Thanks for all the great advice! I think I am going to go with some what of a pound cake mix but I am still not sure what to do for the icing any suggestions on a good poured icing recipe that will dry good?

countrycakes Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 6:13pm
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I have made them quite a bit in the past year....I was charging $1 each....but am going to raise the price to $1.25 each. I enjoy doing them....and I just do a single layer, not filled.

I have a good recipe for icing in my recipe binder....if I can find it shortly, I will pm you with it. I think it tastes good.

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