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adree313 Posted 14 Jun 2009 , 5:38am
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i have 2 bichons (well, i guess technically my dad has 2 bichons but since i just moved back in with them ... for the time being... i like to consider them my own icon_smile.gif ) anyways...
we've had one for 2 years (abby) and then we just got another one in december (abe). and dear little abe is... well, i'll just say it... a little "off". but in the most adorable ways possible!! it's not like he's stupid or anything (okay maybe, but not to the point where he can't function correctly lol) he just has his special moments. some of my favorites:
1) he got his first "real" bone the other night (left over from our steak dinner) he had no idea what to do with it!! he tossed it in the air a few times. growled at it. sniffed it. simply just walked away from it. but then he got it. he saw abby gnawing away and it finally hit him... he went after that sucker!!
2) just tonight he was sitting next to me in bed and i wasn't paying attention to him and i took a break from CC and just looked at him. he stared back and started slapping his tail up and down LOUDLY. so loudly in fact that it STARTLED HIM!! he quickly looked to his side to see what the heck that noise was!
3) he's terrified of the broom. and i mean TERRIFIED. he hasn't had any scarring experiences with it. no one's ever hurt him with one. no one's ever done anything to him with one. but the second i take it out he runs like nobody's business!
4) he's also scared of styrofoam. i really don't get it. i was unpacking a printer and he started growling at the styrofoam icon_confused.gif so of course being me, i had to instigate futher. i started pushing it towards him to see what he would do and he went NUTS! he finally left the room after a couple minutes haha.
5) i've had my box-spring and mattress on the floor since i moved in and since they're both little dogs this was like heaven for them. they just jumped on and off as they pleased. well i just got a bed frame (3 months later...) that raised my bed a good 5 inches. the dogs were outside when it was put together and had no idea of the life change that had just occurred for them. they ran in my room to join me on the bed like usual and SMACK! abe slammed into the side of my bed. he just stared at me and huffed at me like i did something awful to him. he tried 4 more times and FINALLY made it. oh it was hilarious.

these are just some of my crazy dog tales (oh yes, pun fully intended). have any you'd like to share??

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en-passant Posted 14 Jun 2009 , 6:13am
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hahah! Pets are wonderfull!

I could sit all day and tell stupid cat stories!

paulstonia Posted 14 Jun 2009 , 9:15pm
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Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

misserica Posted 15 Jun 2009 , 12:55am
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Oh boy Adree, how did you know dogs are my favorite topic! I am overly obsessed with mine. I have a 3 year old female chocolate lab and a 2 year old male yellow lab and they are without a doubt, my life. I could talk to you for hours and maybe even days about them. The joke with my family and friends is "how are the babies", people give me strange looks "oh you have children" nope just my fur babies!!!

Quick story...went to buy dog food a few weeks ago to a store I normally do not buy it at, go to checkout and the bag (I buy it in 40lb bags once a month) and its $12 more than usual. I almost fall on the floor, its al ready expensive. The manager tells me dog food is going up little by little because they import ingredients from other countries and becoming costly...needless to say, I will start eating the dog food with them if I had to.

And mine are funny. The yellow is a rescue and the poor thing was tortured for the first year of his life, needless to say he has some minor issues but he is a big giant lover! The two of them combined outweigh me almost twice! And they sleep in bed with me every night.

cakes22 Posted 15 Jun 2009 , 1:02pm
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I used to have two part lab/part sheppard dogs (brother and sister). We had to put them down at ages 12 (girl) and 13 (boy) which is pretty good for lab/shep mixed.
Anyway, the boy Paddington Bear, had issues. I think he had depth perception problems cause he would walk into walls, fall going down the stairs (like he couldn't see the bottom step, thinking he was already at the bottom), and lord help him if he needed to go up the stairs to our deck! He was a big, lovable oaf! His sister Bailey Dogg on the other hand was smart as a whip. She would do running jumps off our dock into the water, tackle the stairs in leaps and bounds and could go thru an obstacle course no problem.

One day, I made homemade brownies. I brought one out on a plate to the living room and Pad & Bailey were lying around on the floor. They were never allowed in the kitchen when we were eating, and they vary rarely had human food. Anyway, I had a bite of my brownie, when my DD (who was a just a baby at the time) started to cry upstairs. So off I go to check on her. Come back down and where is my brownie?? icon_confused.gif Hmmmm, having two dogs makes it difficult to figure out which one ate my brownie. So I go get another brownie and the doorbell rings (me being me, I put the brownie down, not thinking that its going to happen again) and I go answer the door. Come back, brownie # 2 is gone. Hmmmm! So this time, I go get another brownie and soak it in green food colouring, put the brownie on the table and leave. Come back and I look at Paddington and his tongue is green as grass. I just laughed, I had too. I figured Bailey probably ate the first two and Paddington being the dolt that he was ate the 3rd, figuring that his sister didn't get into any trouble. Big galoof!

misserica Posted 15 Jun 2009 , 2:36pm
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Cakes, is it a male thing? My female is super smart and very athletic. The yellow male is fine sleeping on the couch all day, wont even bother me to go out unless he really really has to.
I took him to the vet because I noticed small "bumps" near his back side/hips. I am in a panic because I think "my dog has cancer and he is only 2". The vet starts laughing and said "no cancer here, this is the dog version of love handles or muffin top". Needless to say I put my boy on a diet and one "love handle" is gone and the other one is smaller. Still can not get him to "exercise" but he will gallop around the yard if I pretend I need him lol. He is a big doofus. My female is the exact opposite, she will run for a tennis ball all day if someone would stay and throw it for her. I swear she understands everything I say and she can spell. We had to start saying "when was the last time the dogs were O-U-T" and you should see the way she perks up when I spell it!

Rylan Posted 15 Jun 2009 , 2:36pm
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Btw, avoid feeding your dogs bone -- it may cause some serious problems.

- We used to have a parakeed (raised by hand since birth) and he's afraid of the broom. He always squeeks when he sees one. Too bad the $#&^#$%#&$#% ate him.

- My dog is afraid of car toys. I have no idea why.

cakes22 Posted 15 Jun 2009 , 4:30pm
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Originally Posted by RylanTy

- We used to have a parakeed (raised by hand since birth) and he's afraid of the broom. He always squeeks when he sees one. Too bad the $#&^#$%#&$#% ate him.

My cat ate my bird. She (the cat) jumped from the kitchen table and landed right on the Maulder's(bluebell budgie) cage (yes, he was named after Fox Maulder on the x-Files). It was about midnight, and I hear this horrible squawking sound. I go running down stairs to see the cat with Maulder's tail feathers hanging out of her mouth. The cat spent the night in the garage........though I know now it was instinctual, she still ate him, well chewed is a better term. Poor Maulder. His mate Scully died from a heart attack when a balloon popped at my DD's birthday party. Try explaining that one!!! icon_confused.gif

dldbrou Posted 16 Jun 2009 , 1:40am
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My son has a French Bulldog that barks at any shadow or reflection. He thinks it is another dog and wants to play with him.

Their other dog is a Pug and it watches television. If there is any type of dog on tv no matter if it is real or cartoon, he barks non stop at it. We rented Hotel for dogs and we were babysitting them at the time. We forgot about the pug's ability to watch tv and had to laugh the entire movie at this dog talking to the movie.

adree313 Posted 17 Jun 2009 , 5:57am
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my boy dog, abe, is also afraid of his shadow! or more like, he just doesn't really understand it? haha. maybe it is a male thing.
speaking of tv, we used to have two tortoises (back then we just had one dog, abby... and we lived in california so it was warm enough year round to have the tortoises) and they used to chase her all over the yard. and i'm not exaggerating! they'd take off after her haha. anyways, when we moved to idaho we had to give them away (with proper licensing of course!). and when we first got here there was this commercial with a turtle walking across the screen. well, everytime she saw the commercial she'd jump up on the tv stand and watch it crawl across, then she'd run to the back door looking for them!! it was so cute, but sad at the same time. they hated each other on the outside, but i really think it was love on the inside icon_biggrin.gif

Rylan Posted 17 Jun 2009 , 8:14pm
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cakes22! That is horrible, especially that it is your own cat. Oh and the heart attack is very odd!

maryjsgirl Posted 17 Jun 2009 , 9:11pm
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My childhood dog, Brady, was the perfect dog. Even when she was bad she was good. She loved to dig and escape the backyard. But, when she "escaped" she would just go and sit at the front door, lol. Just waiting patiently to be found and let in.

Now I have a tiny Pomeranian that will be one in July. She is a little weirdo. I got her, because I wanted a lap dog. Thing is she doesn't like to sit on my lap. She prefers climbing up and sitting on my chest. icon_eek.gif She has a thing for licking in and behind ears too. It's pretty gross, but my kids like it. icon_lol.gif

adree313 Posted 17 Jun 2009 , 10:52pm
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Originally Posted by maryjsgirl

My childhood dog, Brady, was the perfect dog. Even when she was bad she was good. She loved to dig and escape the backyard. But, when she "escaped" she would just go and sit at the front door, lol. Just waiting patiently to be found and let in.

i wish our dogs did that! abe has yet to "escape" but abby has a few times. it's a good thing we have nice neighbors to help lure her in, but she's a big runner! we like to joke that as she's running away she's flipping us off with her tail. and i truly believe that haha.

misserica Posted 17 Jun 2009 , 11:10pm
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Marysgirl...I inherited a pom mix when my grandmother passed away (yes I have 2 labs and now the pom) and she is a freak! She loves to lick. She will lick your legs while you are walking or jump up on the couch and sneak up and lick your face.
The cutest thing though is that she is in love with my yellow lab. They argue and bicker like humans. He has 70 pounds on her but she jumps all over his face, licks him too, and sleeps on him. Very cute!

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