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susanmm23 Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 5:11am
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Ok so i was at a bday party for my dh niece. My SIL had asked me to make a cake for the party but then was offered a free cake from her dh mom. So of course she took the free cake and told me never mind. There were 2 cakes at the party 1 was a strawbery tres leches cake the other was peach tres leches cake. Peach cake???? hmm was to afraid to try it. it was toped with canned fruit cocktail the kind with peaches cherries and stuff. I know im a chicken. Any one ever tried a peach cake?????? Just wondering cause i have never heard of peach cake.

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tcturtleshell Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 5:21am
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YUCK!!!! Peach cake????? I would never try it because I don't like peaches one bit!! My grandpa used to tell me I wasn't a southern girl because I didn't like peaches. I don't even like the smell. The Strawberry one sounds divine!!

That wasn't very nice of your SIL. Is she cheap or what? I'm sure it was their loss! Your cake would have been so much better!!!

susanmm23 Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 5:25am
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lol thanks TC well shes not cheap just short on cash. They had some car problems that took alot of their money to get fixed. The strawberry cake was sooo yummy. It was strawberry cake with whipped topping/icing and topped with strawberries.

I love peaches but only fresh. Not canned or peach flavored food. lol makes me sick just thinking about it.

It wasnt very pretty though the lady baked and served both in a disposable pan. kind of a smaller version of what you would cook a turkey in. anyways i had planne don making the cutest strawberry shortcake cake for her but oh well.

susanmm23 Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 5:27am
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My friends dad says the only way to know if someone is a true southerner is if they like chicken fried steak. lol

tcturtleshell Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 5:29am
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Well darn, now I feel bad. But that still wasn't nice. Hope they get their car fixed soon~

I took a strawberry cake out of the freezer several hours ago. It's just to nibble on for tomorrow. I'm fixing to get me a big ole slice!! Thanks a lot Susan for bringing up strawberry cake!! icon_smile.gif

susanmm23 Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 5:33am
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no problem tc i need to get me a great tres leches recipe so far i have struck out once i get that down i know my dh family will pay big bucks for a tres leches cake. His cousin is throwing a party next week and she gets this huge tres leches cake froma resturaunt in town and pays over 100 for it. I have never seen it beofre but from what im told its a 1 1/2 feet high and i think its a 12X 8 cake. I cant wait to see it next saturday i just pray its not peach cake!!!!!!

Dont feel bad tc i was upset at first until i found out the details.

tcturtleshell Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 5:43am
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Chicken fried steak & tres leches cake sounds wonderful together!!!!!!! Talk about fat!!!! Can't forget fried green tomaters!!! My favorite!! Or fried pickle slices. YUMMY!!

Where is Chandler again??? I'm inviting myself to the party!! I have never tasted tres leches cake before. I have a recipe from CC but I haven't baked it yet. They look so good in the pictures!!

susanmm23 Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 5:45am
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i think im about 2 hours from you. its in east texas. girl come on they wouldnt even notice a few extra people. lol when ever i do parties i know to expect at least 5 extra people

tcturtleshell Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 5:56am
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Sounds tempting as this slice of strawberry cake I'm eating!!

susanmm23 Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 6:00am
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lol eat some for me!!!!!! i will post about the big cake next weekend. i hope its as good as everyone is saying it is. I think in the next 2 or 3 weeks im going to gain at least 10 pounds. we have party after party to go to.

tcturtleshell Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 6:11am
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I put a little BC icing on it & you know what it's better w/out it. Yummy!!

I have gained hmmmm just say a lot since I started decorating cakes!! I love sugar! I can't stay away from it.

I just realized what time it is... no wonder my eyes are getting heavy!! It's been great talking to you Susan! I'm gonna look at pics for a few minutes then head to bed.

dodibug Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 6:54am
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Girls, I just made my very first tres leches cake (and 1st scratch cake too!) about a week ago and it was yyyuuuummmyyy!!! I had never eaten it before either but my DH's best friend said it was pretty darn close to what he has eaten in the past and they all had seconds so it must have been good b/c he and his wife are not big cake eaters (gasp-can you imagine!?! lol). I used the tres leches III recipe on here. Pretty easy to do. The only thing I had to do was level the top and poke holes in the cake with one of my long handled spoons I use to cook with (like making a poke cake) to get all the milk in the cake. Now I want to make another one to experiment with different icing, like a chocolate....yum! And now I'm going to have to make fried chicken, mashed taters and biscuits tomorrow. (I have chicken in the house, no steak icon_sad.gif ) When I weigh 900lbs it's ya'lls fault!! icon_lol.gif

tcturtleshell Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 7:02am
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LOL Dodibug!!! Thanks for the tip on the Tres Leches cake. I will have to try that recipe. Chicken sounds good!! I'm coming!! I made a big pot of spaghetti tonight for supper so I don't have to cook tomorrow!! Yea!! We'll be having leftovers~ And of course the Strawberry Cake~ Good night!! I've had my fix of CC tonight... LOL!!!!

bubblezmom Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 2:22pm
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It's no different than a banana or a strawberry flavored cake. If you like peaches, then you'll like peach cake.

The American version of tres leches is to simply make a doctored cakemix, poke holes and pour the 3 milks over the cake. Not sure what your family would think of that if they're used to getting real tres leches cakes from the panderia.

The scratch recipes vary widely. I'm going to try one this week and test it out on my family. Good luck!

susanmm23 Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 2:33pm
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my dh family is very picky about their tres leches. Banana i can handle strawberry no problem but i just can wrap my brain around peach. maybe its just me well me and TC lol

witch_boots Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 2:56pm
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I made a Tres Leches cake for my DHs coworker from Mexico - he and his family absolutely loved it!! icon_biggrin.gif The only problem was my meringue went flat icon_cry.gif so I used a thin layer of bc on it and it was a little too sweet. He paid full price for it, even though I offered to take $ off for it being too sweet. icon_surprised.gif

I got the recipe from CC After I baked the cake, I called someone that's made it before to confirm it should smell like a giant pancake!! thumbs_up.gif I also froze the cake because of time restrictions, no complaints. I was thinking of making one for our family for the coming holiday...thanks for the strawberry idea!!

MrsMissey Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 3:46pm
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I am getting ready to try the Tres Leches cake but an a little scared. I was wondering if when you turn the cake onto a cake board, does all the milk run out or is it really all absorded into the cake? I imagine that the cake would have to stay refrigerated because of the milk? Any info would be great!

bubblezmom Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 7:20pm
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The three milks are added after the cake is baked. Yes, some milk may seep out and this is considered a good thing. The cake should be on a platter so there's no chance of spillover.

cookielicious Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 9:09pm
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I made the peaches and cream cake from the Cake Doctor book and it was VERY moist and really good. I used regular ole whipped cream to ice it. We like peaches though.

cookielicious Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 9:14pm
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Just noticed all the tres leches talk! I love to make that icon_smile.gif I always refridgerate it cuz it tastes good cold I think. I make one that's pretty much the same as the Pollo Tropical's in Florida. The moister the better!

dodibug Posted 21 Aug 2005 , 11:11pm
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Bubblezmom-let us know how the new recipe turns out. The recipe I used on here is a scratch cake but having never tasted a tres leches I'm just going on my friend's opinion about the taste. Can't wait to hear!!
I kept the one I made refrigerated b/c of all the milk and whipped cream!

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