Help Making A Diamond.

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chellescountrycakes Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 10:43pm
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My daughter is getting a pillow with a tiara on it for her birthday. BUT when I was trying to decide what to make her, she asked if she could please have a big ring with a big diamond on it.

I fiqured I would make the actual ring out of gumpaste. and pray I can find some gold paint to put on it. If not I will have to do copper. I did make some decent gold frosting once with just my walmart wilton colors. I'll do it again.

I guess I could make the diamond out of gumpaste, but, really wanted something differnt.

I dont have alot of money to spend, and cant go anywhere to get something that I cant buy at walmart. I dont have time drive the 2 hours this week, and dont want to waste the deisel. LOL

I was thinking about the gelatin butterflies. I thought I would do the recipe with the colored/flavored jello in it. to make it red. (isnt June 21 birthstone red?.. LOL )

I did make flat peices, and have tried to peice it together, to make the facets. I will be trying with more that I am making later. I practiced with all I already had.

BUT as I was pouring in the last batch I made today I thought about it. It was in a pyrex measering cup. it wasnt 'hard' but was jelled. could I I somehow get that out, OR can you think of a way to do about the same thing? and maybe I can 'shape' it, by whittiling on it.

or can I make a mold to put it in to get the shape? can you think of a way to do it?

are these ideas feasable? or do you have a better idea. I am willing to listen to any ideas.

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chellescountrycakes Posted 13 Jun 2009 , 3:29am
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noone has any ideas? at all?

I know I cant be the only one to have ever tried to do this.

chellescountrycakes Posted 13 Jun 2009 , 10:18pm
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someone at least tell me I am an idiot for trying... I am starting to get a complex...

val_nutrimetics Posted 13 Jun 2009 , 10:28pm
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I don't really have any answers to the questions you asked - but I did find this pic - not sure if it's what you are looking for though.

I hope that link worked! If not, you could do a search for "ring" and a beautiful cake the "eneq" made will be there.

(Oh ya, I think the June birthstone is a pinky-purple colour)


artscallion Posted 13 Jun 2009 , 10:35pm
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A tour through my kitchen turned up about a dozen possibilities. Look through your fridge and cupboards for plastic bottles and containers that have interesting faceted shapes. Water bottles, in particular, have lots of facets and shapes that can be used to pour and mold jello in. Just find one that has an area that will work. Cut the plastic bottle open. Brush the inside with oil. Prop it on crumpled paper towel. Pour jello, using the jigglers recipe on the box. Let set in fridge. Unmold and use an exacto knife to trim off the piece you want.

And you're never an idiot for trying. Some of the best ideas in the world come from trying to figure out how to do what others think is impossible.

artscallion Posted 13 Jun 2009 , 10:42pm
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Originally Posted by val_nutrimetics

(Oh ya, I think the June birthstone is a pinky-purple colour)

Yes, the ruby is July.

June can be moonstone(modern), pearl (modern), emerald (traditional) or alexandrite (traditional) depending on which list you look at.

Alexandrite is the pinky/purply one that actually changes color.

weirkd Posted 13 Jun 2009 , 10:43pm
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If you go to Fancy Flours they have edible diamonds. I believe Pfeil @ Holding has them also now
If you want to make your own, get some isomalt and melt it with a little bit of water or pure in the oven. Get a silicone mold that is diamond shape (you can get that at Global Sugar Art) and pour the hot sugar into the mold. If you dont get it quite right, you will end up getting a cloudy diamond.
So I suggest buying them myself! Or the other thing is go to a bridal favor site and they sell the fake diamonds that you could put on it.

chellescountrycakes Posted 13 Jun 2009 , 11:06pm
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Thanks y'all icon_smile.gif

I dont know why I thought garnet was the birthstone.... ?? LOL, maybe instead of it being my moms Birthstone its her favorite... (born the same month)

artscalion, thanks... I will look at all of that. Have you ever done the geletin butterflies? or anything like them? its not jello perse, more of a hard plastic that can be bent and stuck together. thats why I was trying to use it. BUT I can use it as a mold to do this stuff. if I can find a bottle!

val, OMG that is BEAUTIFUL!!!

and Thank GOD, no, I dont want mine to be that perfect.. Cause Lord Knows it wouldnt be. LOL

I just want to make a big gaudy ring. I mean sorta classy, but nothing truely as beautiful as that. it would put the cake to shame. which is why I was trying to make something. LOL

I thought about gumpaste, but that just seems almost easy. LOL and I am a gluton for punishment. LOL I kinda wanted it to be semi transparent.

I have thought about a ring pop. But would that be almost sacreligious to put a store bought peice of candy on a cake that everything else (no matter how crappy) is handmade? plus, how would I get it (the diamond on the ring pop) off the plastic thing? LOL

chellescountrycakes Posted 13 Jun 2009 , 11:25pm
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weirkd, thanks for the info. What exactly is isomelt. ??

The whole reason I started this cake making thing was not buying the 25.00 grocery store cakes. I have increased my inventory of stuff to make a cake, BUT, cant justify going and buying a bunch of stuff. icon_smile.gif

but I will remember those things for the times I splurdge. icon_smile.gif

of course, if I knew what isomelt was I could try to do it in a bottle... icon_smile.gif

weirkd Posted 13 Jun 2009 , 11:29pm
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To save you the trouble, I tried using the jello butterfly recipe to do the diamond before. It curls as it dries so it would not be flat. Also, if you add more water, it melts which will not be good for the cake.
If you decide to do the ring pop idea, use a small propane blow torch like you get for creme brulee and singe it off the plastic.
I also saw an episode of Sugar Rush on FN that used gumpaste and then she colored it with luster dusts and stuff. It looked ok but seriously check out the premade candy gems. I used them one year for a disney princess cake and they looked great!

weirkd Posted 13 Jun 2009 , 11:38pm
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Isomalt is a sugar substitute. Its used by pastry chefs to create some of the blown sugar pieces you see because it can be heated to very high heat without burning as fast as regular sugar. Its sort of expensive, especially if your only going to do one diamond out of it! And you probably would have to invest in a mold also. If you didnt plan on using it later, its probably something you wouldnt want to mess with. I was playing around with it one year to come up with a diamond for an engagement rig made out of gumpaste. I found that molding it would cause it to cloud up on me and the best "diamond" I got was from where I had stuck it back in the oven on my silpat to reheat it and it splattered!!!

chellescountrycakes Posted 14 Jun 2009 , 2:42am
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okay, so isomelt is out icon_smile.gif

I am thinking my only other chance would be the gelatin, but NOT pour it into anything. instead get it OUT of the measuring cup that I mix it in, and cut it the way I want. it would be clear, kinda milky, but clear, and although it would be wiggily, it might work.... kinda like the jello jiggler idea.

weirkd Posted 14 Jun 2009 , 3:35pm
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Yah that might work! You will just have to make sure the ratio of water to gelatin is so that its not too dry to curl or too wet to dissolve.

Rylan Posted 15 Jun 2009 , 2:15pm
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