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ThreeDGirlie Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 2:22pm
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I just finished a cake, except I have NO IDEA where to put the "Happy 3rd Birthday Trent" writing on it! If you can help me, I would appreciate it. I was thinnking a "banner" across the bottom of the horse and onto the cake, but it looked weird. any ideas? I've got about 2 hours to figure it out...


(the theme of the party is horses, but the boy was born on flag day, so his mom always has the flag incorporated into his cake)

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txnonnie Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 2:27pm
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I think a banner leaning against the bottom of the round cake would look good.

Cupcakeluv24 Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 2:32pm
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i agree

sadsmile Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 2:32pm
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I think if you could make a wavy banner look like it was comming out of the horses mouth and flapping all the way across to his back like if he was running that says the Happy Birthday it would really finish off the top and give the horse character.

ThreeDGirlie Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 2:33pm
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Thanks, that's probably what I'll end up doing... I was a little worried that there's too much "blank" space at the bottom of the horse and the big white chunk of cake next to it, KWIM? So I was hoping the put the writing in there somehow, but I have no idea how!

txnonnie Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 2:35pm
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The candles could go in the blank space on top of the round cake.

weirkd Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 2:37pm
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How about doing a bridal? Not sure what their called but the thingy that goes around the horse's nose and then around near its main that holds the handle for you to hold when you ride them. Make it out of chocopan noir and let it dry a bit so it cracks and looks like leather. Then you can put it on there.
Or the other idea is the flowers that they put around after they win the race, put it on something like that.

ThreeDGirlie Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 2:43pm
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txnonnie - That's true. I didn't even think about where they'll put the candles...

weirkd - I was going back and forth about whether to do a bridle or not. Maybe I'll make one and see what I think.


-K8memphis Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 3:06pm
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Y'know like a beauty queen's banner the way they put them on horses--around their necks? I only thought of that because of Sadsmile's idea--but that's my thought for you.

ThreeDGirlie Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 9:21pm
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OK, I went with a bridle and lead... I think it' looks pretty good. The finished photo is in my pictures. Thanks all for your suggestions!

weirkd Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 11:02pm
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Yep! I think it looks good too! Glad you knew what I was talking about. I knew it was a bridle but my spelling was off!! Havent been around horses enough to know what the stuff is called except the saddle and stirrups!

tirechic Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 11:10pm
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K8 thats what I was thinking too! It would also give a place for candles.

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