Opinion? Chocopan Or Satin Ice?

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JodieF Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 1:52pm
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I'm doing a wedding cake for a teacher friend at the end of next month. It's going to be covered in ivory fondant. The cake is a 8 inch round, 12 inch hex and 16 inch square. I was thinking of ordering Chocopan instead of Satin Ice. I've heard it tastes so much better.
According to their website, you need less to cover also, and I could get away with 10 pounds. Is that true? It would cost the same for 10 pounds of Chocopan or 20 pounds of Satin Ice.
How is Chocopan to work with? I have done some searching and read it's much softer?
I've worked with Satin Ice and Pettinice before. I realize a lot of this is personal preference, but I value your opinions!

Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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PinkZiab Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 1:54pm
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I've only tried chocopan once... it handled very well, but I didn't care for the taste at all... but I despise the taste of white chocolate, so it was probably just me icon_smile.gif

I love Satin Ice, so that gets my vote! lol

SugarLover2 Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 2:01pm
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I use Satin Ice. I once got the urge to try the chocopan though too. I could roll it very thin, but it also ripped much easier than the satin ice. I have to admit-it was a hot day so that didn't help. I'd definitely try it again though-just on a cooler day.

I say if you want to give it a try-go for it. Just make sure you have the satin ice on backup in case it fails for you. I think it just takes getting used to. It works and feels a little different than the satin ice and since that was what I used first, I'm just used to it.

peg818 Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 2:08pm
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To me choco-pan is worth it for the taste. I don't find it all that hard to handle. And 10 lbs would probably do the size you are looking at. If you have the time go to the chocopan web site and see if you can still order a sample package. That way you could see taste and feel it. so that you can make a more informed choice.

Rylan Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 2:31pm
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Try getting Jennifer Dontz's dvd. She has a semi homemade fondant recipe. I've heard it is the bomb.

indydebi Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 2:48pm
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I use both. The Satin Ice is a bit "stiffer", making it easier to work with on larger cakes. It also sets up faster so it's good for bows, etc. I love Choco-pan for the taste and I use it on smaller cakes.

bobwonderbuns Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 2:53pm
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Satin Ice and Jennifer Dontz's white chocolate fondant. I find ChocoPan to be too soft to work with.

JodieF Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 4:00pm
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Thanks everyone. I knew everyone would jump in to help! I went and ordered a sample and a 4 pound bucket of the chocolate.
That way I can play with it while I still have time.


BlakesCakes Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 12:44am
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I've worked with SI, choco-pan, & Jennifer's white chocolate fondant recipe.

I find choco-pan alone to be a huge pain. Yes, you can roll it thinner, but you have to be certain that you can't see the torting and filling under that thinner layer. In the heat (think the Midwest at the end of July.....), it's prone to very easy denting, fingerprints, etc. because that's how chocolate acts in heat--not much better than buttercream once the cake comes to room temp. I had much nicer results when I kneaded in 50% Wilton----smooth, lovely opaque stuff that tasted super.

I almost always use 1/3 Wilton with 2/3 SI to cover cakes--works & tastes great. Cheaper than the above option.

When I've had to freeze & defrost a fondant covered cake, I've made Jennifer's white chocolate fondant, which is basically white candy clay kneaded into white fondant. You can do it with either Wilton or SI and it works like a charm. What I like about it for freezing is that there seems to be less an issue of water spots once the condensation from defrosting dries.

In the end, I just can't justify the extra cost for the choco-pan when I have to do so much to it to make it workable.

My .02

sweetiesbykim Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 12:52am
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I have Jennifer Dontz's DVD and recipe, just haven't tried it yet. My last tiered cake I made from 1/3-1/2 chocopan and 1/2-2/3 pettinice that I had around. I called chocopan to see what I could do about the edges being so hard -they said to microwave just a few seconds on low power. Worked perfectly, and made it easy to knead into the pettinice. I love the taste, but it did tear easier than regular fondant. Can't wait to try Jenn's recipe -I've watched it so many times, I feel like I've made it alreadyicon_smile.gif

JodieF Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 7:36pm
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Holy cow!!! I ordered the Chocopan yesterday morning and it just got here! That's just crazy fast! Now, mind you, they're in Indianapolis and I'm outside of St. Louis, but still!
I will admit....the stuff is delicious! The DH and I have been nibbling at the samples. He got the coffee though......I can't do coffee! That's just so nice that they'll send you 6 samples for $1.

What great service!


sweetiesbykim Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 7:57pm
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I agree, it's good stuff! I definitely don't snack on the regular fondant like that -better for the dieticon_smile.gif

cs_confections Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 9:01pm
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Thanks for posting the info on the samples. I just ordered mine! I hope they're here by Tuesday since I'm doing a practice/tasting cake for my BIL's wedding. I'm using the Satin Ice I already bought, but they can try the samples. BIL likes chocolate, so maybe he'll opt to use it for his groom's cake.

sweetiesbykim Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 9:23pm
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Originally Posted by cs_confections

Thanks for posting the info on the samples. I just ordered mine! I hope they're here by Tuesday since I'm doing a practice/tasting cake for my BIL's wedding. I'm using the I already bought, but they can try the samples. BIL likes chocolate, so maybe he'll opt to use it for his groom's cake.

I just did a cake last week and mixed pettinice with chocopan -much better flavor and much longer working time! Not even close to getting my usual elephant skin!

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