Tottally Redone ( Thanks To Your Guys Help)

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motherofgrace Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 6:47am
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ok guys this is after all your suggestions!!

Plus a new name!

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Rylan Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 11:47am
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What a huge improvement! It looked so much better than the first one. Good job!


Front page - The R in round should be in lower case

Flavors - Typo on "choice"

Prices - Is an intricate gumpaste figure and a really easy one priced the same?

About me - A few typos

Good luck with your business.

neelycharmed Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 11:57am
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Overall a great job!
100% better then before. You should be very proud of yourself.

phoufer Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 12:00pm
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I see you are canadian. The canadian spelling is flavour. Other than the typos looks great, big improvement!

Kiddiekakes Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 12:01pm
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Hey Fellow Albertan!!! Great site...

edited to say that I agree with Sadsmile..I would raise your prices on some things..check out my site as I have prices listed for the Calgary area...and mine aren't the most expensive either ..there are some decoraters who charge more!!

smoore Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 12:06pm
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Typo on home page ... traditional, not traditionsal.
Typo on flavors page ... lemon is listed twice in flavors.

Good job!

sadsmile Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 12:09pm
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Are you sure you are charging enough for your area? I would scoop out local bakeries and see. I would definetly raise the figure pricing. I just made 16 little stingray figures with mini graduation caps and I would want to charge so much more for small duplitcae items and a ton more for single items with more detail or that are bigger. There was a gal in here who charged 5 bucks a peice for garden figures(they did have multiple colors and total detail but were small for cupcakes) and the customer happily paid her and tipped her an extra $20 if I remember correctly.

motherofgrace Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 4:19pm
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ok guys will do!!!!

All the corrects will be fixed by tonight!

cylstrial Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 8:16pm
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I couldn't get your website to work! I don't know if you are working on it right now or what the situation is. I just thought I'd let ya know.

tiggy2 Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 8:25pm
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I couldn't get it to work either.

sari66 Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 10:50pm
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Correct your typos... it looks much better and I like the name change too.

motherofgrace Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 11:44pm
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ok im not sure why you cant get to it but i will look into it icon_smile.gif

blondeez Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 11:54pm
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Looks alot better than the first one. Just remember to use spell checker.

mazz Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 12:04am
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I like your website but may I ask what is a cookie pop and a cupcake pop?

Do you have a pictures of what they are?

Sorry but I am curious.


diane Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 12:05am
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don't know if this was mentioned...but there is a typo under your cupcake pops. it says coice...instead of choice. icon_wink.gif

motherofgrace Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 12:18am
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fixed and fixed lol,

Im working on the prices right now icon_smile.gif

motherofgrace Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 12:20am
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Originally Posted by mazz


I like your website but may I ask what is a cookie pop and a cupcake pop?

Do you have a pictures of what they are?

Sorry but I am curious.


Hi there, A cookie pop is a sugar cookie on a stick decorated to make a bouquets. and a cupcake pop is a mini cupcake dipped in chocolate icon_smile.gif

I dont have ant pictures yet, but i will soon icon_smile.gif

I also have a chocolate chip cookie dough dipped in chocolate icon_smile.gif

Unlimited Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 12:38am
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I think you meant to say "I'm self taught" instead of "I've self taught". Cheers!

motherofgrace Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 1:49am
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than kyou!

yummymummycakes Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 11:33am
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Sorry, maybe I am being picky but do you bake and decorate all your cakes in 24 hours?

I only ask due to the fact that on your website you state under FAQ


There is not cancellation fee, however, if you put a deposit on a cake $75 or over, and cancelled 24 hours or less from the pick up date, you will lose the deposit.

Surely if you have already baked the cake and started decorating it you are entitled to retain the deposit at least.



Am I required to give a deposit?

Only on cakes $75 and over. The deposit is 50% of your price. This is to try and stop last minute cancellations.

I would remove the last sentance. You are almost giving people permission to cancel a cake on you. So if they order a $65 cake no deposit, no pickup and you gain nothing from it.

I havent said any of this to try an offend you so please take this as constructive advise from a fellow CC.

motherofgrace Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 2:10am
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thank you for the advise yummymummy, i fixed it icon_smile.gif

FromScratch Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 1:01pm
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Not a bad site... prices are way too low though.


motherofgrace Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 3:09pm
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I know they are low, but im just starting out.

LadyG33 Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 3:14pm
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Great improvment! High 5 to you!

motherofgrace Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 3:49pm
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1234me Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 8:53pm
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on the prices page, under cupcake cake, you spelled piece wrong - you have it peice.

Also, why is a cupcake cake $1 per cupcake basically and individual cupcakes are $1.50? Do you find doing a cupcake cake easier and less time consuming so you are charging less for the labor? Aren't they basically getting the same thing?

motherofgrace Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 10:22pm
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actually i do find the cupcake cakes easier. the icing gets smoothed on instead of having to do the perfect swirls on each icon_smile.gif

yummymummycakes Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 10:52pm
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cake-diva1986 - whilst I agree that getting the perfect swirl is sometimes more difficult to achieve at times YOUR CUSTOMERS DONT KNOW THAT.

Whilst I have never done a cupcake cake, when I look at some that CC have done I think they would be more difficult to do.

You take all those cupcakes, form them into a pattern, 'glue' them down to stop them sliding everywhere, smooth icing over the top, then decorate! Whew!

For a cupcake, either smooth or swirl icing and then 'plonk' on a decoration. No disrespect intended anyone - even I have had cupcakes that take ages to do.


motherofgrace Posted 12 Jun 2009 , 11:52pm
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I understand what you are saying. I think im just getting used to my skills. Everyone around me says they are good enough, I just have to get used to the idea!

FromScratch Posted 14 Jun 2009 , 12:07am
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That's the thing... you are trying to establish your business persona, and if you start out with these rock bottom prices, you will have a hard time rasing them later. Step back... figure out what you need to charge to make this well worth your time... and that should be your pricing. icon_smile.gif

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