Bride Is Complaining (Really Really Long)

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smoore Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 9:24pm
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Here we go again! icon_smile.gif

Dear Bride: As stated in our contract, my job was to bake, decorate, deliver and set up the cake. As seen in the picture I took before I left the venue NOTHING is leaning. As stated in our contract, I'm not responsible for ANYTHING that happens to the cake after I leave. The picture you provided was taken AFTER I left the venue, meaning it was not my doing that made the groom lean. I've made numerous toppers like this in the past and NEVER had anything like this happen before, meaning it was structurally sound -- as sound as the other toppers I have made that have never had this problem. I WOULD admit to any wrong doing on my part if there were any wrong doings on my part, but I refuse to do so when I'm convinced something else caused this to occur. I'll be happy to show both your pictures and mine to any judge and feel confident that they would agree with me ... you received a beautiful cake at a fair price and the leaning groom, which only leaned after I left the venue, was not my doing ... but some external factor of which I am not responsible for. Making me responsible for something that happened after I left would be no different than blaming grocery store for popcicles that melted in your trunk because you chose to go grocery shopping before going shoe shopping. It's out of their control, as was this out of my control. It's not the cashier's responsibility to tell you to be sure you take them straight home and put them in the freezer -- and to follow you to ensure you did it ... I wasn't there to stop anyone from making excess vibrations around the cake, bumping the table, etc... and wasn't paid to perform those extra services. I fulfilled my end of the contract (bake/decorate/deliver/set-up) - period. Contract fulfilled - Payment earned. Should you not accept this as true, you may feel free to direct all future communications to my attorney, name, address, number ... I will provide him/her with my pictures along with the pictures you forwarded to me along with a copy of our contract and the communications that we have had since the fulfillment of that contract.
Have a pleasant day! icon_wink.gif

jillmakescakes Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 9:56pm
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smoore-- although I'm done communicating with her until I hear from her lawyer, you may become the official "writer" here on CC. You've got great stuff!!

mareg Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 10:18pm
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I just can't belive the gall in this person! Good luck in your dealings with her. My fingers are crossed for you Jill.

doreenre Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 10:24pm
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costumeczar Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 11:10pm
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Originally Posted by jillmakescakes

Everybody is saying the same thing except for you HELLO I dont know what is so hard to understand about this!!

I LOOOOVE the "HELLO" in this message! I'm surprised she didn't throw in a few OMGs too! Here's an acronym for you to send to her: "GFY"

You should just resend the same email you sent that elicited her email response, as many times as it takes to get her to stop pestering you.

Evoir Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 11:32pm
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Nope. I'd be setting my dial to "ignore" from now on.

You have said every thing you wanted to say, and clearly.

Wash your hands of this matter and move on. I am sure bridezilla will burn out soon enough. Its not your problem.

OfficerMorgan Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 11:50pm
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Originally Posted by jillmakescakes

smoore-- although I'm done communicating with her until I hear from her lawyer, you may become the official "writer" here on CC. You've got great stuff!!

I agree. Even if she calls and send you dozens of emails, no response is always the best idea when people are crazy. She will be pissed for a few days, but then, she'll slink away.

jillmakescakes Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 1:23am
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Anyone else think I should make the cake my avatar?

SugaredUp Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 3:39am
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Jill, that's something I would totally do! I had a little issue w/ someone on here, and she "found out" (as if it were HARD to do that) who I am, and threatened me, and it's like BRING IT ON! I thought, I'm not going to hide or change my SN because I did nothing wrong!

You did nothing wrong. Umm.... HELLO right back at you, - the cake is beautiful. It's your wedding day. Enjoy the day. Enjoy your new hubby and your honeymoon and quit your b**ching. Honestly, I don't care if the cake WAS leaning. It doesn't warrant a refund! OOOHHH - that's right, I said it! Indydebi is right, this has gotten way out of control. The cake never fell. The cake was eaten and more than likely ENJOYED. The cake was BEAUTIFUL. No one was poisoned! No one choked! Someone touched the figure and broke it. Too bad for her!

God, I feel sorry for her poor husband!

I don't get it. When I got married, I was on cloud 9! My mom made me late to my own wedding, which had me a little freaked out, but I got over that in a heart beat once I said "I do". Cheesy, yes. Ain't love grand!?

P.S. Here is my legal background coming out- but honestly, you can't just go around suing people. You need damages. What precisely are her damages here?! Ridiculous. She is definitely trying to scare you!


jonahsmom Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 3:57am
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Um, yeah. What SugaredUp said. I'm a legal assistant and the three guys I work for would laugh her right out of the office and tell all their buddy lawyers about the whackadoo trying to sue over a "leaning" cake. She's a total fruit nut!

And your cake is gorgeous!

KSMill Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 4:45am
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I agree that there should be no further contact with this bride. Any additional contact should be with your attorney. This is just unbelievable.

THERE IS NO LEAN! One reason why HER photo may look like there's a lean is where the photographer was standing. Notice the shadow on the wall behind the cake. the photographer is slightly off center and your photo is taken from the center. I just had that same thing happen where my photo was slightly off center and it cast a shadow off the wall and the top tier appeared to lean, but the photographer's photo didn't show any shadow and the cake looked perfectly straight.

YOUR CAKE WAS BEAUTIFUL! Look forward to the next opportunity to create another beautiful cake.

Gefion Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 4:49am
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Originally Posted by jillmakescakes

smoore-- although I'm done communicating with her until I hear from her lawyer, you may become the official "writer" here on CC. You've got great stuff!!

I think this is a wise decision. As soon as the customer pull the "lawyer card" I'm done talking and my lawyer will take over.
Not that I ever had to deal with anything like this, thank god.

cakedesigner59 Posted 10 Jun 2009 , 12:30pm
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Another paralegal/cake decorator here, weighing in. SugaredUp is absolutely right. No compensation. I would say, "bring it on"! I am a huge Judge Judy fan and would call the show as soon as I received her lawsuit. LOL. Just kidding, there's no way this nut job will actually file a suit. Try to put it behind you....hard to do, I know. Sending sweet cake hugs to you!

Necey Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 1:14pm
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I had that done to me early on, when I first started selling my cakes. I never got any "evidence" back either. To make a long story short, I learned a couple of months down the road that they forgot to even cut the wedding cake, and were left with all the cake after guests had gone. I posted here at the time and luckily for me a wise member told me, "no cake. no refund". They said they had to throw it out because the buttercream turned runny and that's why they wanted a refund. I am so glad I asked about refunds here before I made any decision. So, I give to you what was so kindly given to me. "No cake, no refund" icon_biggrin.gif
oh yeah, P.S. Your cake is not leaning

cakedesigner59 Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 1:30pm
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MMmmmmm. How do you FORGET to cut your cake? Just a wild guess, but they had an open bar at that reception??? LOLOLOL

mommachris Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 6:57pm
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it isn't so much a 'forgot to' kind of thing as a 'cut it so late the hall was empty of guests' kind of thing.

I went to a wedding recently where the ceremony was at 3pm and the cake wasn't served until close to 8pm. What is with that? icon_confused.gif Anyone with a sitter had already left. There was a thread ongoing about that same subject recently.
Sorry, you delayed and your company left, not my refund.


Necey Posted 11 Jun 2009 , 10:19pm
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Yes, I was told they had their pictures taken with the cake and forget about the cake until the reception was at an end..I guess it just got put to the side of the gift table and after the meal, staff re-arranged the room for the dance and it was forgotten ! It wasn't dessert, so I guess you could do that..

whatsittoya Posted 20 Jun 2009 , 6:05pm
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Originally Posted by SugaredUp

....I thought, I'm not going to hide or change my SN......."


Are you sure about that??

cylstrial Posted 20 Jun 2009 , 8:05pm
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So Jill - did you ever hear from her lawyer? Or did she shut up about it?

Mensch Posted 20 Jun 2009 , 8:30pm
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Geez..... hasn't this bride embarrassed herself enough already?

jillmakescakes Posted 20 Jun 2009 , 9:36pm
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Nope, haven't heard hide nor hair (I have no idea if that is how the saying is spelled icon_redface.gif )

I'm not sure if she's given up or if I'll get a small claims court summons, but I am sure I'll fight it if I do.

cylstrial Posted 21 Jun 2009 , 5:33pm
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Good! Hopefully, she's just going to drop it!

BillaCakes Posted 21 Jun 2009 , 5:45pm
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Ugh. This is one of those "everybody take notes" kind of situations. The bride sounds totally fishy to me and given the current economic situation don't be surprised to see more of this! If she won't offer you photographic proof and/or names of people you can actually TALK TO IN PERSON/OVER THE PHONE, then no dice. Your other solution is to offer her a fraction of her money back, like 10%. Sadly, your name and reputation are at stake here. Lastly, as the daughter of a lawyer, everyone should think about having a contract of some sort that the client signs which explicitly states that once the cake is in their hands, anything that happens to it is their responsibility. You could even add a clause about an extra charge for any cake doctoring you might have to do onsite. Obviously, if you didn't have this available to at the time she signed on with you, you won't be able to incite those rules, but I think it behooves ALL of us bakers out there to do this! And apologies if someone mentioned this already. It just really riled me to hear your story; I can't abide people who try to weasel their way out of a service by badmouthing others. Although karma will probably find a way to wreak it's vengeance on her! Your cake was beautiful by the way!

indydebi Posted 21 Jun 2009 , 5:49pm
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Originally Posted by BillaCakes

You could even add a clause about an extra charge for any cake doctoring you might have to do onsite.

Excellent idea. I saw one bakery contract that had this .... $100 per hour if they had to come out and fix a cake, with a 2 hour minimum and a credit card had to be given to them over the phone before they even left the shop.

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