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shelbur10 Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 3:22am
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I am so discouraged, so I hope no one minds a little vent. I've been working on a Betty Boop gp figure all week. I finished last night, then decided it was way too sloppy and out of proportion, so I scrapped it and did it over. It's now waiting for the paint to dry so I can put it together, but it's still not quite right. I just can't do it. I hate that I've done my best and it's still crappy. Why do I put myself under this pressure?? Cake is supposed to be my fun hobby and creative outlet, but now I just want to cry and I feel like I can't do anything right. DH is very supportive (usually) but he's been in a funky mood all week and all I get from him is "it's good enough, it can't be perfect". Bah! 'good enough' is NOT good enough for me! This is for a special cake for a special occasion for someone and it matters!
Thanks for listening...I feel better just knowing I can vent to people who understand.

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Texas_Rose Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 3:28am
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Relax...Take a deep breath and step away from the kitchen for a little while icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

It's not time to throw in your potholders yet!

I bet Betty looks just fine. Why don't you put up a picture of her and we'll all tell you how nice she looks and then you can feel better?

eggsnbakin Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 3:34am
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She's probably fine, but if you feel like she isn't right, put up a pic and maybe we can help you with some always helps when someone is outside the box looking in!

Rylan Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 3:36am
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Agree with Rose, just relax. Go to plan B if you think you are not happy. Sometimes plan B turns out better.

Smile smile and keep smiling.

"Where hope grows, miracle blossoms"

Good luck, PM me if you need anything.

ayerim979 Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 3:38am
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Originally Posted by eggsnbakin

She's probably fine, but if you feel like she isn't right, put up a pic and maybe we can help you with some always helps when someone is outside the box looking in!

I totally agree....

Dont give up , I have said that many times and here I am lol!!!

jaybug Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 3:40am
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Awww. Don't get discouraged. I'm sure everything will work out. Good luck! thumbs_up.gif

sadsmile Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 3:40am
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I go throught what you are now! I put so much pressure on my self to do better then I am capable of alwasy pushing for the next level. Don't stop now cause pushing is what it takes to get to the next level! My hubby gets in a funky moode because my happy go luck good cheer is absent and is replaced by -The Cake Natzi!!!(heard with an echo and a sharp pointy punctuation!) I have learned that I am the mood/tone and barrometer. Like when the heck did I ever sign up for that one! I must have been drunk or secretly appointed. But I set the tone in our house and things are edgier when I cake. Funny thing is I love to cake, can not get enough cake and want desperatly to have more cake to decorate!!! So don't worry about the frustration. let it out and go on with your bad self and get inot the grove of what you love. Try to have fun. One thing I learned is that no one else can see what I have in my mind's eye for each cake. They only see what is in front of them and so they don't see all the what could ahve been's and immperfections that we do. And sometimes a little space is the best thing. You'll be better and feel better about it all after a few winks of sleep. I also find if I copy out a few pieces of clip art of a character from different angles it helps me to achieve what I am after. I can't wait to see Betty! thumbs_up.gif

eggsnbakin Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 3:43am
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BTW, there may be something strange in the air this week with husbands, because my DH has been in a funk as well. And the strange thing is when I ask him about it, he doesn't even know why he feels that way....and they think we have problems?! icon_lol.gif

shelbur10 Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 3:51am
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Thanks for all the encouragement. You guys are great! I'm going to try to post a pic here. Please be kind, I'm stressed to the breaking point over this stupid thing. But, if you see something that I can fix, I'm all ears! I will say this, I still hate this Betty, but she's miles better than the first one. The weird black thing around her middle is going to be a belt as soon as I paint on a belt buckle. Had to hide where her torso is jammed into her legs with a toothpick.
(sorry she's a little out of focus. I thought I bought a new camera to prevent that kind of thing...)

Texas_Rose Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 3:56am
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Okay, she is just as cute as she can be! And that's a great motorcycle.

If you feel like adding something, a couple of eyelashes on the outside of the open eye would be cute...but only if you're up to adding them, otherwise it's great as it is.

Did you base her on this picture: She looks just like it!

sadsmile Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 3:57am
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OMG she is so sassy and cute! Step away from the Betty! Something evil and sugar hate-in must be convincing you that she is not all that. When in fact she is! Bravo!

sadsmile Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 4:00am
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I just baught a new Nikon for the same reason. I have been messing with it for a month now thinking all the while it was to sofisticated for me to understand. Me want camera work now!!! Grunt... moan... grunt... huff! I fired off a call to Nikon and after evaluating my pics they said the cameras focusing mechanisim needs repair. WTH it's new! Go figure.

eggsnbakin Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 4:04am
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Seriously, she looks fabulous! thumbs_up.gif

jaybug Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 4:04am
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Oh come on! She looks great! Stop stressing yourself! I only wish I could make that myself. icon_biggrin.gif

shelbur10 Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 4:12am
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Thank you for the compliments. I like the eyelash idea. I think I'll add that tomorrow night. I just went and cleaned everything up for the night, you're right, sometimes you just have to walk away. Add that to the fact that it's midnight & I still have to fold a load of laundry and get my kids' stuff together for tomorrow, then work a full day tomorrow. Maybe sheer exhaustion is making me feel like this.

Thanks again to everyone for the encouragement. I really feel a lot better. Sometimes I feel like a complete fraud in the cake world, I need to remind myself that I'm comparing my amateur work to some of the best decorators in the world (literally!!) here on CC.

A little off topic, any of you notice that your familes are getting harder and harder to impress as you improve your skills? Back when I first started cake I couldn't wait to show DH my latest creation. He would ooh and ahh and make a big the best I can get is a 'looks good'. Really makes me want to smack a b$@%# sometimes. I guess he's just used to it now, but I do need a little validation now & then! Thank goodness for CC, I just don't know what I'd do without you all!

Baysmeme Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 4:13am
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Wow! I just WISH I could create figures that good! She's fabulous - you've just been looking at it too long.

I know how you feel, I'm a perfectionist too and always feel my cakes could be a lot better - but that's what practice is for - I just keep working and striving.

shelbur10 Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 4:15am
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Oh, and TexasRose, that wasn't the pic I used, but it's very similar. Apparently Betty Boop on a motorcycle is a big deal. I had no idea.

ILE Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 4:32am
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i think you did a great job..

Evoir Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 5:21am
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She's gorgeous! Please don't be so hard on yourself...this is definitely one of those occasions where you need to 'step away from the cake (figurine)'! I love it! It is very challenging making a 3D image out of a 2D one, and I think you have done a splendid job icon_smile.gif

Ladiesofthehouse Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 5:37am
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Oh gosh, Betty is adorable! You have done a great job recreating her exactly. I am sure they are going to flip over her--I would!

Yes on the husband thing--he used to oooh and ahhhh and now he says Isn't the color a little off? Or Did you intend for the corners to be crooked? icon_mad.gif

adven68 Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 11:10am
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Oh, you are just over-working it. Best advice was already given...step away for a while and look at it again later with fresh eyes.

She is great...believe me, she will be a hit!

as for DH...he's just gotten used to seeing the cakes and he knows what to expect. Does tha tmake sense?

bottom did a great job and you should definitely NOT be discouraged!

Rylan Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 12:05pm
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I'm an honest person and I have to admit that it looks GREAT! It looks like Betty Boop.

shelbur10 Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 12:08pm
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Thanks again everyone, you have no idea how much it means to me. I think I can now send Betty out the door without being ashamed of her.

Caths_Cakes Posted 5 Jun 2009 , 12:16pm
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I think your betty looks really great! we are all our own worst critics, and sometimes you just need to step back, take some time for you AWAY from the cake, then go back to it with a fresh eye and mind!

shelbur10 Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 12:16am
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I finished the cake tonight and everyone loved it (except me, but I made peace with it.) Thanks again for boosting my confidence! It's in my photos if anyone cares to see.


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