"mommy, You're An Awesome Cake Maker!"

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emiyeric Posted 21 May 2009 , 11:05pm
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Heehee! So I know that I am not one tenth of the caker that so very many talented CCers are, and I can only hope to one day learn to buttercream in a halfway decent fashion. But when I finished my little boy's Yoda cake for his Star Wars party this weekend (I'm making a Darth Vader and an Ewok as well), he looked at it and gasped, "Mommy, you're an AWESOME cake maker!", and I'll be darned if it didn't make me giddy for the rest of the afternoon! Just thought I'd share icon_smile.gif.

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jmr531 Posted 21 May 2009 , 11:13pm
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that's so sweet! one of the best things about cake decorating is when you get a positive reaction like that - especially from someone you really care about. congrats!

pattycakesnj Posted 21 May 2009 , 11:21pm
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aren't kids great? My 4 year old daughter has all the cake lingo down pat, she talks about fondant, etc, it is so cute. Don't forget to post pics of the cake.

sweetjan Posted 21 May 2009 , 11:21pm
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aaaaawwwww.....And that's what it's really all about! Congratulations to you!

jer702 Posted 21 May 2009 , 11:24pm
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Awwww that is the cutest ever. Last month I made a cake for my best friend's little girl who was turning 1. Well at the party, my dd and the other kids were sitting eating the cake, and my dd goes..you know my mommy made the cake, doesn't it taste so good. It was the funniest thing, cause I kept hearing it from her. That's my liittle Marketing diva.

serendipitysweets Posted 21 May 2009 , 11:24pm
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That's so cute! Those compliments are way better than coming from a stranger who's paying you! thumbs_up.gif

catcake Posted 21 May 2009 , 11:27pm
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Your son is right! Your cakes are awesome!!

jammjenks Posted 21 May 2009 , 11:40pm
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Love it. Kids are so honest.

indydebi Posted 21 May 2009 , 11:57pm
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Originally Posted by serendipitysweets

That's so cute! Those compliments are way better than coming from a stranger who's paying you! thumbs_up.gif

Absolutely agree! My granddaughter placed her "order" for her birthday cake and her mom (My daughter) said, "Well, is there anything else you might want in case Banna can't make that?"

Granddaughter (7) puts hands on hips, gives her "the look" and says, "Mom! Just tell Banna what I want. She can do it!"

Luv it! icon_biggrin.gif

Christina222 Posted 22 May 2009 , 12:09am
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My 5 year old is always telling me how great my cakes are. She loves to help and knows all the lingo and tips and tricks. Loves to do tastes tests (hates the wilton fondant, but likes SI and MFF). My favorite part is that whenever she plays with her playdoh, she always makes cakes. Even in the sand, she makes cakes. And of course in the bath she measures out the ingredients for her cakes. I will say her cakes usually have about 2 cups of "banilla" and only 1 cup of flour LOL!!! Kids are the best for boosting your cake confidence!


Rylan Posted 22 May 2009 , 2:10am
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how cute! I wish my son, Fudge can say that.

emiyeric Posted 22 May 2009 , 2:45am
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Yeah, I definitely prefer baking for my own munchkins than for other people, much as I like to bake and decorate for others. And while I'm sure my son would have been perfectly happy with a (*gasp!!*) $15 cake from the local grocery store with some Star Wars figurines stuck in it, I get a naughty "happy-mommy" listening to him describe his sculpted 3D cake to his brother and sister (regardless of whether or not it turned out exactly like I wanted it icon_smile.gif ). Thanks for letting me share my happy moment, you guys are so much fun!

And yes, I'll definitely post the picture of our Yoda tomorrow icon_smile.gif.

PennieK Posted 22 May 2009 , 4:01am
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You guys are so lucky. I'm living with a mini Kerry Vincent. Not only does she take inventory of all my flaws she makes sure she points them out to EVERYBODY! I'm willing to trade if there are any takers. icon_biggrin.gif

emiyeric Posted 23 May 2009 , 3:56pm
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Okay, here are the pics of the Yoda cake! I also put up my other two Star Wars cakes for today's party ... I love making cakes for my babies! icon_smile.gif This has been a fun thread, thanks for posting your own little ones' responses to your creations as well!

emiyeric Posted 23 May 2009 , 3:56pm
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