Do You Measure Or Do You Eyeball?

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cakes22 Posted 21 May 2009 , 1:31pm
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I'm sure most of you have been baking for a while. I can't count the number of times I have made buttercream. So that got me thinking: how many of you still measure your ingredients & how many of you just eyeball and go with instinct? I understand that baking requires precision, this is more on the topic of icing.

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PinkZiab Posted 21 May 2009 , 1:41pm
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I still measure... actually I WEIGH everything... I'm a classicly trained pastry chef, so it's just drilled into my brain to always measure and measure accurately. So even with my icing (usually meringue based) I still weigh it all out. Although any additions I make to flavor my BC (nut pastes, fruit purees, etc) I usually eyeball and go according to taste rather than measurement.

-K8memphis Posted 21 May 2009 , 1:42pm
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I've evolved over the years. I started out faithfully measuring--then I eyeballed for a long time--now I measure/weigh again.

sweet_teeth Posted 21 May 2009 , 1:49pm
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I don't think i've ever measured my frosting. I make American buttercream and basically eyeball it. I know how much P.S. comes in each bag, and butter is already premeasured, and if I need to use a little crisco I just eyeball it. For the flavorings, sometimes i'll pour them into the cap, but that's unlikely.

Mmm it just means I have to do more taste tests to ensure quality control icon_wink.gif

Caralinc Posted 21 May 2009 , 1:54pm
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Hi all,

Glad I found this post today. I have been thinking of changing over to weighing. It sounds soooo much easier than measuring everything.

PinkZiab and k8memphis, can I ask what brand you are using to weigh and how big and all that good stuff? I don't know much about that product. icon_smile.gif Thanks Carrie

Caralinc Posted 21 May 2009 , 1:58pm
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Cakes22, sorry, I don't think I gave you my answer, I measure everything precisely. If find that the PS and the liquid ratio can really make a difference if they are right on or totally off. HTH

-K8memphis Posted 21 May 2009 , 2:16pm
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Originally Posted by Caralinc

Hi all,

Glad I found this post today. I have been thinking of changing over to weighing. It sounds soooo much easier than measuring everything.

PinkZiab and k8memphis, can I ask what brand you are using to weigh and how big and all that good stuff? I don't know much about that product. icon_smile.gif Thanks Carrie

I use a digital postal scale, Royal is the brand. I got on ebay for a song--the guy is real cool he sells tons of all kinds of scales--mine only goes up to ten pounds--I'm real small scale these days.

But umm, my first love was a for real baker's scale with heavy weights and it truly balanced, tilted one way or the other--Oh I loved that thing!

Anntee Posted 21 May 2009 , 2:31pm
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Measure as a general rule - however, sometimes need to make adjustments due to humidity, etc. icon_smile.gif

__Jamie__ Posted 21 May 2009 , 3:07pm
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Always measure, but like Tara said with purees and fillings and stuff, to taste. I want consistency with all of my baking, and I know the second I just assume....disaster!

indydebi Posted 21 May 2009 , 4:31pm
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Being a "till it looks right" cook, I eyeball it when making icing. I have to add, though, (for any newbies or youngun's out there!) that eyeballing is a learned process .... I spent years measuring and learning what "till it looks right" looks like.

My daughter periodically challenges my "measuring eyeball" and makes me measure it to show her that I'm right. And once again I get to tell her "Never doubt yo' mama!"

brincess_b Posted 21 May 2009 , 4:55pm
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i weigh ingrediants, eyeball liquids like milk and flavouring. maybe shouldnt, but things like eggs although they are all 'large'' arent the same size, so i need more milk in one cake than the other. and flavouring wise, i tend to taste test to double check its enough!

bashini Posted 21 May 2009 , 5:13pm
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I measure the ingrdients for the cake all the time. But I use to eyeball my ingredients for my buttercream. But I have started to measure for the buttercream too! icon_smile.gif

lostincake Posted 21 May 2009 , 5:24pm
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I'd have to say I still measure for BC although technically I'm just measuring the milk or liquid portion I put in (not including flavouring which I free-pour most of the time). I use a full 2lb bag of PS for my BC and the butter comes pre-measured but if those weren't the case, I'd have to measure it out so yeah...I'd have to say I measure.

For baking cakes - 100% I measure as I find that it is too technical a task which requires precision, to do it by eyeballing it.

Maria_Campos Posted 21 May 2009 , 5:34pm
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Measure and weigh everything, because I notice if I eyeball it never come out right and I hate not being consistant. But when it comes to cooking I eyeball everything and I hate following recipes!

artscallion Posted 21 May 2009 , 5:45pm
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I weigh everything that can be weighed and measure everything that can be measured. This gives me absolute consistent results every time. I've worked in food long enough to know that in this business, consistency is one of the most important standards you need to maintain.

Repeat customers come back because they like what we sell. People are creatures of habit. It only takes a time or two of
"hey! is that the usual frosting? It seems a little thicker. Did they change the recipe?" before they stop thinking that you're the only place they can get cake.

prterrell Posted 21 May 2009 , 8:25pm
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Since baking is really chemistry, accurate measurements are a necessity for consistent product. Now, when it comes to cooking, you've got a lot more room to maneuver. So, while I measure everything when I bake, I rarely do when I cook!

TexasSugar Posted 22 May 2009 , 2:44am
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When it comes to butter cream I do both. I do measure the crisco, but never tried to get it prefectly 1 cup. I have started weighing it the last few times just cause it is quicker and easier. I use the 2lb bags of sugar, so that just gets dumped in. I do have a small measuring cup I use for the flavors, but again never try to get exact.

I do eyeball the water though, unless I am making stiff for roses.

Cakepro Posted 22 May 2009 , 4:01am
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For all things cake-related, my Soehnle digital scale is my trusty partner in the kitchen ~ I weigh everything to the gram, as consistency and accuracy is key.

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