Must-Have Fondant Tools

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Polkadot79 Posted 20 May 2009 , 1:40am
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At this point, I have the very basic fondant tools.

2 rolling pins (large & small)
gumpaste flower set (Michaels)
Cutter (Wilton one with 3 rollers...don't really like)
3 circle cutters
Ribbon Cutter Set (Wilton...but not sure how to use it)

I think that is about it. I'm wanting to branch out and try some new stuff beyond my dots & stripes. Any suggestions on some tools?

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Rylan Posted 20 May 2009 , 1:51am
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How about some molds and veiners?

Check out jennifer dont'z website. She has some cool stuff. They are very well priced.

cata29 Posted 20 May 2009 , 1:53am
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pattycakesnj Posted 20 May 2009 , 1:57am
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Love the impression mats and holly molds for figures and fairies

Price Posted 20 May 2009 , 1:58am
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sugar-craft gun, veining tool, different size ball tools

Polkadot79 Posted 20 May 2009 , 2:01am
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Thanks...when I start looking, I get overwhelmed with all the choices!

artscallion Posted 20 May 2009 , 2:18am
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There is an endless list of tools you will eventually find out that you want. The more you learn, the more tools you realize you need.

So I don't overwhelm myself, the way I accumulate my tools is to look for things In other people's cakes that interest me and that I want to try. Then I find out what tools I need to do that thing. I buy the tools, learn the skill and get that skill under my belt. Then I look again and find the next skill I want to learn and aquire the tools I need to do it.

This way my skills grow, slowly and well, and my tools accumulate right along with them. Then each new cake I make is based on the solid skills I know with new things added each time.

Have fun!

SHogg Posted 20 May 2009 , 2:27am
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I agree with artscallion, I accumulated tools based on new techniques I wanted to try. But my fav fondant tool is the Ateco fondant mat. Once I started doing fondant on that mat I never looked back, it helped sooooooo much, I love it.

Rylan Posted 20 May 2009 , 10:16pm
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I have the Ateco mat but I never got the chance to use it. I find it easier to lift it by hand.

SHogg- Do you find that the Ateco mat has some type of smell?

Texas_Rose Posted 20 May 2009 , 10:47pm
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The things I find myself using the most aren't specialized fondant tools.

I have a pastry wheel I got at Target for $4 that cuts very well and has a comfortable handle. I also bought a herb mincer there, which works great for cutting 1/4" wide strips of fondant. I use silicone mini muffin pans for flower formers, and I just got a pastry scraper and can't imagine how I've done without it for so long. I have a couple of silicone baking pan liners that I use for small fondant work, and a big piece of thick clear vinyl for bigger stuff. The vinyl seems to be more nonstick than the silicone mats.

You should buy some daisy cutters's amazing how fast and easy it is to make daisies. Wilton's white plastic daisy cutters make nicer daisies than the ones in the gumpaste flower kit.

SHogg Posted 21 May 2009 , 2:11am
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RylanTy, I've had the mat for so long now the smell is gone!! But yes I seem to remember a smell to it when I first got it.

Polkadot79 Posted 21 May 2009 , 2:20am
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I do have a pastry scraper I bought a month or so ago at Williams-Sonoma.

I will definitely look into the silicon mat & more cutters.

Thanks for all the great advice!

-K8memphis Posted 21 May 2009 , 2:52am
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You pretty much need all of them.
There is little you can do to resist this phenomenon.
You can take your time but you're going to buy them all.

Polkadot79 Posted 21 May 2009 , 3:53am
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lol I can see that it quickly becomes an obsession...and I've only been doing this since August.

-K8memphis Posted 21 May 2009 , 12:24pm
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Don't fight it--save your energy. icon_biggrin.gif

michellesArt Posted 21 May 2009 , 12:35pm
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pizza cutters and a ruler , those baller tools (i'm gonna try those gianormous roses!!) scrapbooking stamps (i prefer the clear ones) but now i really want one of those easy rose cutters (jem i think-oh i'm drooling) it's definately hard to stop looking-whenever i'm at micheal's i'm scoping every idea wondering if i can use it for cakes

dberck Posted 21 May 2009 , 2:14pm
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I haven't been doing this long but one of my favorite things I learned about here is the Makin Clay extruder, the green one. I love it! I found interesting looking things on the clay isle at Hobby Lobby that would be fun to try, too.

Kaiah723 Posted 21 May 2009 , 2:30pm
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After reading this post I went to Jennifer Dontz's website as RylanTy suggested and I found this tool:
I was just wondering if this is the tool most people use when doing a design like on the bottom tier of this cake (which I LOVE by the way)

Whenever I have tried to do a design like this on a cake I have always just used the square cutters and flipped them sideways to look like a diamond and it always comes out un-even like they arent evenly spaced and have always wondered what the heck I am doing wrong! So is this tool the answer to my problem??? I hope so!! icon_lol.gif

Peridot Posted 21 May 2009 , 2:35pm
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Check out Global Sugar Art- LOTS of stuff and they are very helpful. Prices are cheaper than some other places also.

Peridot Posted 21 May 2009 , 2:42pm
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The tool that you saw on Jennifer's site is a diamond quilter and that is what I use when I do the diamond quilting around a fondant cake.- it makes an impression

This tool that you saw is not what was used on the cake that you looked at - diamond cuttters were used. Sharon from Sugarshack sells this item on her website.

Polkadot79 Posted 21 May 2009 , 5:19pm
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Are there any retail stores besides Hobby Lobby, Michael's, & Wal-Mart that sell fondant, tools, etc.? I shop online, but there's something about seeing and touching something before I buy...

Rylan Posted 22 May 2009 , 12:55am
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Thanks SHogg. I thought I was the only one.

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