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faial Posted 14 May 2009 , 2:53pm
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I need to make a doll cake for my niece's 5th bday.........she wants chocolate cake with butter cream frosting.....
can I tort the cake and fill it with bc? how do you cut into a doll cake?
sorry for the probably dumb question... icon_redface.gif
Thanks anyone.....

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melhoneybee Posted 14 May 2009 , 3:02pm
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Although you could carve cake into a doll dress shape, most people on here just take the (much) easier route and use the wilton wonderpan! It's actually meant for doll making and they even sell the appropriate size proportional doll bodies to fit the cake. You can find it all down the baking aisle at your local Michael's, hobby lobby, etc. icon_smile.gif

Rosiepan Posted 14 May 2009 , 3:02pm
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Yes you can torte a doll cake.
I use a pudding bowl and a 6inch round tin but others here use the wondermold. I use a ling sharp knife and to cut out a small circle through the tiers and wrap the dolls legs in clingfilm/ saran wrap and push through the hole. If you google there are tutorials to help you, There is one on U tube.

faial Posted 14 May 2009 , 3:05pm
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thanks for you help....I have the wonder doll pan.... I was just wondering if I can tort the skirt cake and fill it do you slice the cake to serve?

melhoneybee Posted 14 May 2009 , 3:13pm
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Sure you can torte it! I haven't made a doll myself as of yet (i'll probably get someone who wants one tomorrow now! lol) But I do make the giant cupcake cakes into various things all the time and I almost always torte the base of the cupcake. Same idea, just a little bigger for you. It should be just fine. Just make sure you stick a dowel down the center, or instead of buying a doll pick, maybe do a full doll so the legs support the cake inside. To cut, I would remove the doll first, the you could either cut straight down the whole cake into large wedges, OR, if you need more, or smaller servings out of it, when you torte, you could place a cardboard divider in the center one and then you could first cut slices out of the top layer, take the cardboard off and cut the bottom layer. icon_smile.gif

faial Posted 14 May 2009 , 3:17pm
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Thanks Acupcakenameddesire

you have absolutely answered my question.........
Thanks a million


Rosiepan Posted 14 May 2009 , 3:35pm
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If you are using the wondermold you may want to either take the legs of or use another cake as a base because the doll will be too tall for the cake if you put a whole doll in.
I prefer to use a whole doll as it is an extra present for the child.

melhoneybee Posted 14 May 2009 , 3:39pm
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No prob! Oh, and great advice about using a different pan if using a full-sized doll! I didn't know that a full-sized one wouldn't fit!! icon_smile.gif If you do use the wonder pan then I would definitely still put a dowel down the middle if you want to torte it! icon_smile.gif

Loucinda Posted 14 May 2009 , 3:54pm
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To make a cake tall enough for the doll - I use a 2 qt. pyrex bowl and an 8" round cake pan (stack the pyrex bowl cake on top of the 8" cake) It is plenty tall enough then.

here is a picture of the one I did:

faial Posted 14 May 2009 , 4:25pm
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thank you Loucinda

I had your picture as a favorite already .....that's where I got the inspiration from....

Loucinda Posted 14 May 2009 , 6:05pm
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You techincally could torte the cake, I didn't though.

I put the one baked in pyrex bowl on a board, and then just used 4 dowels in the 8" layer to hold it. I cut a hole in the center of the cardboard so the dolls feet would fit through it. I wrapped the doll in saran wrap before gently "twisting" her into the cake. (I scooped a small circle of cake out of the top before putting the barbie in it)

To cut the cake, remove the doll, then take the top layer (the one in the pyrex bowl) off - since it is setting on its own board, then you cut the 2 cakes however you want to!

I am sure the same techniques would work with the wondermold - I don't have that pan though.

I am glad you liked my doll cake! You will do fine - if I can help you in any other way, just ask!!

Rosiepan Posted 14 May 2009 , 7:13pm
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This is very similar to how I do mine. I do not use dowels as the doll acts as one.

Loucinda Posted 14 May 2009 , 8:45pm
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The way I do it you need to dowell the 8" one, since the other cake is on a board setting on the 8". That is too much weight to just set on the bottom layer. (the way I make the doll cake anyways!)

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