mscorliss Posted 11 May 2009 , 5:44pm

This is really neat! Thanks for sharing this with us. They are beautiful!!!!

KatieKake Posted 11 May 2009 , 6:16pm

I just ordered the complete set, can't wait to get them, thank you so much for sharing with all of us. Don't worry about people thinking you are pushing your products, we are just happy to hear about a new product that we can add to our skills with thank you.

solascakes Posted 11 May 2009 , 9:40pm

I wish I could get those mats here in London.

JCE62108 Posted 11 May 2009 , 10:26pm

Ok guys, I had never heard of this technique! How AWESOME! Im getting all excited about it, but unfortunatly the closest grocery store to me is 25 minutes away and the baby is sleeping so Im not going out. lol. I DO however, have some sugar free strawberry gelatin in my pantry. Is that usuable at all? Or do the other ingrediants in it change the texture of it? I really want to try it, like, NOW. lol. If its not usable, why is that? icon_smile.gif

Loucinda Posted 12 May 2009 , 1:51am

Diane said to use only plain gelatin. I am sure it has something to do with the sugar (or sugar sub.) that is in it. BUT - if you have it - I guess you can't hurt anything if you give it a try!!

I checked out the scrapbook stamps at Michaels tonight - I bought a "curly Q" one to try.....none of the ones I looked at looked big enough to mess with for me. (that had butterflies and such on them)

I am making another one of the textures tonight - can't wait to see how it turns out tomorrow!!

Bakingangel Posted 12 May 2009 , 2:12am

Solascakes - They will ship international orders. Just email her first for shipping costs. Ordered mine last night! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve and can't wait till morning comes!!

Loucinda Posted 12 May 2009 , 11:59am

OK - I learned a valuable lesson about gelatin last night. I went to color and make a new bow, and there in my bowl of gelatin was penecillan growing!! I remember Diane telling us that it would not keep long if it wasn't dried......yep, it won't.

New batch setting on the counter firming up right now. Dang I hate having to wait!!! icon_sad.gif

SharonK1973 Posted 12 May 2009 , 1:49pm

I'm having a hard tim painting on an even layer on the silpat. Does anyone else have this problem? Any tips to get an even layer? Thanks!

Loucinda Posted 12 May 2009 , 1:53pm

Keep the gelatin warmed (I have had to heat mine back up in the microwave for 5 seconds during the process) I really got it by just practicing - by the 3rd time I finally got it right.

I don't think it will ever be "completely" even -there are spots on all of mine where you can see some are "thicker" than the rest - once the bow is made, you really can't see it though.

SharonK1973 Posted 12 May 2009 , 2:07pm

Thanks Lou... Now I feel better! I have those same spots, but I kept looking at your bow and felt lost because it looks so perfectly uniform! I really appreciate it!

bobwonderbuns Posted 12 May 2009 , 2:39pm

Put the silpat over a heating pad set on very lightly warm to help keep the gelatin at a liquid state while painting it on. Then it should all set up at the same rate.

Loucinda Posted 12 May 2009 , 2:43pm

OOOOOOHHH - that is a light bulb one there! Thank you BobWonderBuns!! That should work with the impression mats I have to go to Walmart - and hope they don't sell out of heating pads before I get there. icon_lol.gif

bobwonderbuns Posted 12 May 2009 , 2:45pm

icon_lol.gif That's right -- get your list, check it twice! icon_biggrin.gif

Loucinda Posted 12 May 2009 , 2:57pm

BWB - how do we take care of the impression mats, do you have any tips for that? I am concerned about usuing soap on them - will that affect the releasing abilities of the mediums used on them?

bobwonderbuns Posted 12 May 2009 , 5:45pm

With mine I just wash them in hot water and towel dry them. I don't use soap on anything plastic (impression mats, chocolate molds, and the like.) I also don't scour them with anything. I find soaking in hot water for a few minutes then rinsing in hot water works like a charm. I also towel dry them immediately so they don't get those annoying spots on them. Hope that helps some! icon_biggrin.gif

Loucinda Posted 12 May 2009 , 5:50pm

Thanks - I had not used these types of impression mats before, so I wasn't sure. I vaguely remembered you weren't supposed to clean them with soap - thanks for filling me in! I have already bought a nice stiff folder to keep them in too.

I am putting you on my cake buddy hero list too. icon_wink.gif

bobwonderbuns Posted 12 May 2009 , 5:53pm

icon_redface.gif Well thank you! I'm honored! icon_redface.gificon_lol.gif

Loucinda Posted 13 May 2009 , 6:45pm

OK -back from Meijer with a brand new cake stuff dedicated heating pad! I just did a bow impression mat on the heating pad WORKS LIKE A CHARM!! The gelatin is completely even across the whole sheet!! THANK YOU BWB!!!

Now, on the other hand, I thought it would work out for the butterflies too....not so much. They worked better NOT on the heating pad.

Now I have to patiently wait for it to dry to see how nice the bow strips turn out!!!

SharonK1973 Posted 13 May 2009 , 8:41pm

OK. At the risk of sounding quite stupid, What is a heating pad? What is it normally used for?

Here is a picture of my first gelatin bow. I am ordering mats today to try to make it easier. I have been practicing on the meantime on anything I have around with a texture on it! Maybe by the time I get the mats I will be much better.

debster Posted 13 May 2009 , 8:48pm

You all make me laugh, We are like a bunch of addicts for sure. Gotta have the latest gadget that works. Hehehehehehehe..................

Loucinda Posted 13 May 2009 , 8:54pm

SharonK - that bow is beautiful!!! I LOVE that color too - we had cake club last night and one of our members made sheets of the gelatin so each of the members could make one.....that peach was one of them, but someone (twingirls05....) got to it before me! icon_razz.gif

You did a GREAT job on that - what did you use for the texture on it?

OK - heating pad....go to the pharnacy department and look where the ankle/wrist braces and stuff like that are heating pads will be really close by. You use them on sore muscles! (they are literally a pad that stays a constant temperature - you plug them into an outlet!)

When I used it - I set mine on a cooling rack (so air could circulate under it) then put a piece of wax paper on top of the heating pad - then the impression mat. I turned it on high - it wasn't warm enough on the 2 lower settings. It kept the gelatin in a nice liquid state - not completely liquid, just right - until I took it off the heating pad. It is gonna work out great!

My name is Cindy - my drug of choice (right now) is gelatin.......

debster Posted 13 May 2009 , 8:59pm

Too funny Cindy I'm laughing here!!!!!!!

SharonK1973 Posted 13 May 2009 , 9:00pm

Lou...Thanks for answering my clueless question! I guess I am headed to walmart or walgreens for a heating pad!

You wouldn't believe what I used for that texture! Shelf liner from IKEA!

milissasmom Posted 13 May 2009 , 9:08pm

Thank you...this is awesome!

Sassy74 Posted 13 May 2009 , 9:12pm

Wow, SharonK...that bow was awesome!

I know I have an old heating pad around here somewhere--hehehe...hope no one sprains anything in the near future! LOL

Dinny2222 Posted 13 May 2009 , 9:39pm

do people eat these bows? I would imagine not as there would be no taste eh?

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