Popular Flavors???

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JaneDee Posted 28 Apr 2009 , 1:49am
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Hello, I've been set up to legally sell cakes out of my home for quite some time but I just haven't had the time to try out some new recipes...

I don't want to start out with a whole list full of different cake flavors and such but I do want to offer more than just the chocolate, yellow and regular buttercream filling/icing.

So I was wondering if you had to chose about 5 each of your most popular (1)cake flavors, (2)fillings, and type/flavor of (3)buttercream/icings what would they be?

Sorry this might be a long list but I've experienced more decorating than I have actually baking cakes of different flavors and using fillings besides BC.

I am just trying to add some variety to my flavor options but with the best recipes or ideas.

Hope someone is willing to share some ideas.
Thank you!!

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JaneDee Posted 28 Apr 2009 , 1:51am
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Oh I forgot to mention, unless you use a recipe thats posted here on CC I'm not asking that you give me your secret recipes lol just the types of flavors. I can find and try out recipes for that flavor if it's not shared on the post.

I just really want to expand my options while keeping the best taste and texture/moistness etc... within the cakes.

I'm probably not even making sense anymore lol sorry I ramble.

Chef_Stef Posted 28 Apr 2009 , 5:28am
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search on here for a thread called Gourmet Flavors or something containing that phrase...that thread was amazing.

brincess_b Posted 28 Apr 2009 , 8:54am
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most of the business people have found that the most popular flavours are just vanilla and chocolate. people are traditional! i love classic victoria sponge, with bc and jam icon_smile.gif
personally i love carrot cake. made a great orange bc which has been popular icon_smile.gif
cant beat a coffee chocolate combo. either flavour as sponge, witht eh opposite as bc.
lemon cake icon_smile.gif one day i will try a curd type filling.

JaneDee Posted 28 Apr 2009 , 10:18am
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Okay yeah I guess most people who have ordered from me have kept it pretty traditional without even asking for extra flavors. I think I'll have to try a recipe for a coffee and chocolate combo of some kind and probably hmm lemon. I don't like lemon or coconut but maybe I'll try a few recipes out for those and see how my family likes them. I think they like those flavors.

Well I will definitely check out that thread after work today!

I can't wait to try some new flavors, I just need to really set aside the time to do so or I'll never get to it! lol

Thank you ladies so much. icon_smile.gif

newnancy Posted 28 Apr 2009 , 10:35am
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You better set aside a lot of time for the Gourmet Flavors, that has to be one of the biggest threads ever posted here. It is mind boggling.

jammjenks Posted 28 Apr 2009 , 1:02pm
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WASC is my most popular flavor of cake for weddings, and red velvet (I use Chef Stef's recipe from here) has been requested a lot lately.

Devil's food and Vanilla (WASC w/o the almond) are my most popular for birthdays.

IMO you need to find a good versitle pound cake recipe. I have one posted in the recipe section if you'd like to try it. It is very basic.

The only icings I ever use are cream cheese buttercream, vanilla buttercream, and milk chocolate buttercream.

I rarely use fondant, but when I do it is MMF.

People in my area aren't used to fillings either, so I haven't done a lot of them. I do get more requests for strawberry filling than any other, but again it is not very often.

jenmat Posted 28 Apr 2009 , 1:15pm
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I use my chocolate and vanilla (or yellow) cake recipes as a base and then add to them. For example, stir in chocolate chunks, poppy seeds, strawberry puree, or raspberry puree. I can use thinned caramel in my chocolate recipe, and lemon zest in my white recipe. That for me is the best way to increase my list without giving me a headache. I also offer pistachio, italian cream, banana nut and carrot, which are separate recipes, but still very similar so I don't have to have like 6000 ingredients floating around.
For icings w/celebration cakes, I offer buttercream, cream cheese and whipped icing, which really covers it for my area. For weddings, I also off italian meringue buttercream and fondant.
For fillings, I like to add pudding mixes to whip cream (white chocolate, chocolate and vanilla), or I make my own strawberry, Rasp, lemon curd, etc. Or I've heard of people using the whipped icing and then stirring things in- oreos, strawberries, etc.
Hope that helps! That's so cool that you're wanting to branch out! You'll be able to raise your prices too!

cakes22 Posted 28 Apr 2009 , 1:47pm
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here are mine;

obviously chocolate & vanilla with any # of flavour combos
white chocolate & strawberry
lemon & raspberry (or blueberry is nice too)
chocolate & peanut butter


messy_chef Posted 28 Apr 2009 , 2:02pm
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My most popular cake flavors are french vanilla, chocolate, almond, and lemon.

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