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Rosebud22 Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 12:55pm
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Has anyone had any success using the candy from candy molds to decorate a cake with? Im making an edible image hannah montanna cake for my DD and wanted some bursts of color using either stars or flowers. I dont think the kids will like fondant. I'm pretty new to decorating and afraid I might mess it up if I try to pipe the flowers. Thank You for your help!

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crisseyann Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 1:13pm
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Hi and welcome to CC. icon_smile.gif I personally have never used chocolate molds to decorate a cake but see no reason why you couldn't. Sounds like a cute AND simple way to add some color. Great idea. Be sure to post pics of your cake.


CookieMeister Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 1:16pm
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I've never done it, but there's no reason you couldn't. It would sure be simple! I think the only problem would be if you wanted them on the side of the cake - gravity might not be your friend. Not sure how you'd adhere them other than pressing them into the icing.

ambernd Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 1:35pm
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They probably would eat marshmallow fondant. I think it is ok in small doses and my fiance loves it and he is just like a kid! But if you still want to go the chocolate route, find a picture of a star or heart or flower or whatever you want to do then put parchment paper over it. Melt your candy melts and color them the colors that you want and put them in a pastry bag and use a #1 tip to trace your pictures and color them in. You can switch colors after each color hardens. After the whole piece hardens lift it off and the side that was down will face up on your cake. The Horton cake in my cake pictures was done this way as well as the little cowboy on top of the western cake if it helps you to see an example of what I'm talking about. I hope this helps I know I did not explain very well. It's hard to put in writing.

pianocat Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 1:45pm
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I added dark choc. hearts (made from Wiltons melts) to a choc. wedding cake I did for my sisters d.i.l, however I placed them at the base of the bottom tier.

Kimmers971 Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 1:52pm
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I've done it with no problems. On the side of the cake, you just need an extra spot of icing to help hold on the piece, especially if it's large.

Good Luck & Post a pic when you're done icon_biggrin.gif

IcedTea4Me2 Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 1:56pm
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That's a wonderful idea, Ambernd. I will give that a try myself. I have used candy melts on a beach-themed cake I made. They were in the shape of seashells and worked just fine. Of course, I didn't try to adhere them to the side or anything. I don't know about that. I just painted them with luster dust and placed them on the cake and the cake board.


playingwithsugar Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 2:01pm
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Rosebud -

Are you in the US? If so, don't waste your time with molding chocolates. Get yourself some Starburst candies, melt them in the microwave for 5-10 seconds, flatten them out with a gumpaste rolling pin (silicon or acrylic) and make some roses. You could make them like you would a gumpaste, chocolate clay, or fondant roll-up rose (Duff style), depending on your skill level.

The trick with them is to work fast, because they harden back up quickly.
And be careful, because they get very warm. If you over-nuke them, they will get hot in the middle and burn your fingers.

Once you have a system down, they are so-o-o easy to do.

Theresa icon_smile.gif

aggiechef Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 2:02pm
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I added chocolate snowflakes to the side of the Christmas cake in my pictures. I just adhered them to the side of the cake with some extra icing.

Rosebud22 Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 2:27pm
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These are all going to be on top of a sheet cake. Im looking for a look similar to this http://www.cakecentral.com/modules.php?name=gallery&file=displayimage&pid=1209766
this http://www.cakecentral.com/modules.php?name=gallery&file=displayimage&pid=1246805
or this http://www.cakecentral.com/modules.php?name=gallery&file=displayimage&pid=1249238
Time is of the essence so the quicker the better. I'm a beginner so I'll probally use a mold today but would like to try some of the other methods in the future. (I'm from VA) Thank you for all your ideas!

aggiechef Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 2:36pm
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After seeing the pictures you attached I'm with playingwithsugar....use the starbursts and some small cutters to get the decorations that you want.

playingwithsugar Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 2:39pm
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Oh, and Rosebud -

I see you're a newbie here. Welcome to CC!

Theresa icon_smile.gif

ambernd Posted 24 Apr 2009 , 5:47pm
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I think the chocolate candy molds will look just fine on that cake and that would be quick and easy and it will add something extra to the background. Just be sure if you are coloring the chocolate to use the oil based colors sold next to the candy melts. You probably already know this but I didnt and it made the chocolate seize up. Not good.

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