Can Someone Help Me Please? Icing!!

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tdybear1978 Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 6:23pm
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I have been noticing for a while now that my icing seems to "dry" out. It looks fine when applying and smoothing but then like the next morning when I move it or something that are little hairline cracks in it. Does that make sense? I use water mixed with coffee creamer for my liquid when making my icing, so not just water. Anyone have any ideas?? thanks

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Lady_Phoenix Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 6:27pm
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If you could post the recipe you are using we would be able to help most likely. What kind of icing are you using?

Maris307 Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 6:31pm
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I don't know enough to have an answer for you, but lately I've been making my icing with heavy whipping cream and really like it. I think I read it in Edna's website to use the heavy whipping cream when not using a hi ration shortening.

Good luck!

spunkybear Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 7:21pm
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I have had that problem in the past too......then I discovered Seriouslycakes buttercream recipe!!!!! Until today I was beyond tickled with her recipe as it was.......until......minutes ago I finished making a batch WITH hi-ratio shortning and have officially decided that I will never make it any other way again. I will pay dearly for the shortning as I don't have anybody close to obtain it from so have to have it shipped, but will do so with no complaints!!!
Also, her recipe uses the heavy cream AND a little corn syrup which I think make a world of difference in a wonderfully silky icing. To kick up the flavor a little I also heat (until just warm) my favorite coffee creamer of the day which is white chocolate macadamia and add that in as well......
someone hand me a spoon....this is quite simply orgasmic!!!!! ***sorry**

PiePie Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 8:04pm
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Spunkybear, would you share your recipe? And do you use coffee creamer instead of heavy cream or with heavy cream? Is your coffee creamer nondairy? Then it wouldn't need to be refridgerated so fast

tdybear1978 Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 8:10pm
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I have been using an icing base that my supplier has. It starts out like a shortening and all I have to do is add water/liquid and flavorings. I have been using it for a while (and it tastes awesome after I add my flavorings and stuff) but for some reason I am noticing the "drying out" or "crusting" too much. It still tastes great but I hate those little cracks. Someone told me to use the coffee creamer instead of just water because it will add more fat to the icing and help with its elasticity so I did that but they are still there. Someone else said maybe add corn syrup but I don't really know about that. Any ideas??

spunkybear Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 8:25pm
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The recipe from seriouslycakes
22 tbs salted butter, softened (about 3 sticks)
2/3 c. Crisco shortening
5-7 tbs heavy cream
2 tsp clear vanilla
2 lbs powdered sugar (about 8 cups)
1-3 tbs corn syrup ( lean more to the 2 tbs)

Whip the daylights out of the butter and shortening for 3-5min. Then add heavy cream and whip on about 5-6 (KA) for about 3-5 min longer. I then add my vanilla and sugar ( I don't sift either by the way). I will also add about 2 generous tablespoons of the coffee creamer heated slightly until just warm. Whip again for about 3-4 min on med-high and then add corn syrup.
The current creamer I am addicted to is by International Delights and its white chocolate macadamia.....yum. This has a really good crusting on it as well, not too hard, not too soft.

Caralinc Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 8:26pm
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I know that corn syrup helps with smoothing the icing.

I have been using the coffee creamer lately in my icings and love it. It makes for a creamy icing. I also like the idea of the heavy whipping cream. I love heavy whipping cream and need to check out Edna's site. Thanks for the tip Maris307.

Spunkybear - your receipe sounds great!! Could you share with us????


Kathydthompson Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 8:26pm
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I don't know what kind of icing you are using, however,, has some WONDERFUL icings and she has a wealth of knowledge on problems of this sort. You might consider consulting with her.

Caralinc Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 8:28pm
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Hey, just a thought. I know I've read lately on an old post here that with the new crisco - no transfat - the icings where drying out more. I wonder if this is the same problem??? Just a thought.

tiggy2 Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 8:30pm
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If it's cracking when you move it it's because your base board isn't sturdy enough and the cake is flexing. What are you using for a base board? I use foam core from Michaels or several cake boards glued/taped together to make it sturdy enough.

tdybear1978 Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 8:53pm
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I glue several boards together also, they seem pretty sturdy. but even on my wedding cakes - I use 1/2" thick foamcore under each tier and when the cake "shakes" when moving it, I can see some of the little cracks

PiePie Posted 16 Apr 2009 , 10:31pm
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Spunkybear, thank you for the recipe. Do you think that I could get away with using a non dairy creamer? How long with the recipe that you have can the cake sit out. I run out of room for the big cakes in my fridge and am afraid that the icing would go bad if I use heavy cream or dairy creamers

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