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kkelch75 Posted 13 Apr 2009 , 7:29pm
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I work in a supermarket bakery and we accept foodstamps for wedding cakes. Is it me, or does that seem like abuse of the system? There are so many people who need foodstamps and can't get them because of the ones who take advantage. And it never fails that the ones who pay with foodstamps are the most particular and are never happy with their cake! Sorry if I sound like a meanie, but it just aggrevates me!! Anybody else feel the same way or did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? icon_smile.gif Any ideas on how this could be changed? Thanks for letting me vent!

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TheCakerator Posted 13 Apr 2009 , 7:51pm
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I don't think that is right at all.

maryjsgirl Posted 13 Apr 2009 , 9:18pm
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A newbie reposting one of the most heated threads in CC history?

Oh drama llama where are you?


maryjsgirl Posted 13 Apr 2009 , 9:24pm
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I tried to dig up the old thread to send you the link, but it must have been deleted.

And now I will exit this thread...forever, lmao.

veejaytx Posted 13 Apr 2009 , 9:34pm
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There was a major discussion of this topic not too long ago, the thread was locked, and it seems, deleted. No point in doing that again!

Karema Posted 13 Apr 2009 , 10:15pm
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Here we go again....I think I can speak for the majority when I say we don't care anymore. All this drama for nothing. Like someone already mentioned, it was already discussed and started huge arguments and was deleted. Its just odd that you are a newbie and decided to post about this. Whatever...I'm out of here, I wont get duped again.

indydebi Posted 13 Apr 2009 , 10:46pm
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Originally Posted by kkelch75

Any ideas on how this could be changed?

write your congressman.

TheCakerator Posted 13 Apr 2009 , 11:54pm
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guess I missed that heated thread ...

kkelch75 Posted 14 Apr 2009 , 1:16am
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Sorry guys, I didn't realize there had been a heated discussion on this. I wasn't trying to start anything. I looked for older posts on here about it to find opinions. Guess I'll keep my mouth shut.

CTamiLynn Posted 14 Apr 2009 , 1:21am
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Wow! Does anyone pay attention to the date the newbie joined???? She's been a member longer than the ones who called her out for being a newbie. Yikes, no wonder I rarely post on these boards.

Karema Posted 14 Apr 2009 , 1:49am
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I'm so sorry for jumping on you like that. Its been a tough weekend on CC. There was this huge thread about some wedding cake and we all fell for it until someone discovered it was a lie. So we are all walking on eggshells. I do appologize though. To answer you question I personally feel that it is their foodstamps that is given to them to spend as they wish. There are restrictions like no hot food or products that are not food. So the govenrnment is doing the best they can. I think that if they want to save a few dollars each month to put aside for a cake who has the right to tell them they should not spend it on cake. It is food right? What is the difference if they brought all the supplies with foodstamps and made it themselves. It still is paying for a cake right? Just because they are on foodstamps doesnt mean that they have to go hide in a corner and not live life. Besides A lot of people are on foodstamps now because of the economy. Whose to say they didnt plan a huge wedding got laid off had guest coming still and decided to just buy a smaller cake to celebrate their union? I just think that people should stop being judgemental against people who get foodstamps. Trust me it's not anything to be proud of! And it doesnt make you feel good.

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