Thinking Of Throwing In The Towel

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confectionaryperfection Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 10:38pm
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today was one of those days. i am so over this cake thing. i love it but today i just finished a 2 tier square cake with love letters written on the sides, a sugar box (hinged) on top and gumpaste calla lilies and roses all over it. the whole thing was sitting on a bed of sugar rose petals. i turned around and slam the whole thing fell on the floor. first i screamed then i cursed, then i cried. im so tired. some days i just want to see everything and sleep.
i am begining to hate the sticky icing all over, and the airbrush colors you dont know have sprayed everywhere until you wet down the counter to wash it. the hot water burning my hands to get rid og the icing off my tools. i am just wondering if it is worth the stress!!

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confectionaryperfection Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 11:06pm
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wow ten people read this and no feedback. thanks guys

brynn5241 Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 11:17pm
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icon_sad.gif I'm certainly new to the cake-decorating world but have already experienced plenty of stress from baking. But I suppose it's metaphorically like a marriage. We all know how tough and stressful it can be at times, but (usually) worth the effort. I had a professor last semester tell me that if I haven't failed, I haven't tried hard's sort of becoming a cliche, but worth keeping in the back of your mind. Don't let the cake get the best of you, I know its a lot of blood, sweat, and tears...but maybe you should get the last laugh. I suggest a cake fight, just to show that slumping cake who's boss icon_razz.gif

sweetcravings Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 11:42pm
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Sorry to hear you are having such a bad day. I can relate. A few months back i was seriously trying to start getting the word out that i do cakes. I got my first non-family cake orders from a mother of one of my son's classmates...yeah, i thought. The cakes were to be identical just on two different weekends. After that was frustrating as hell to deal with this women. She changed her mind several times after she ordered, she didn't pick the cakes up as planned, the mess all over my house for two weeks,the constant stress worrying about if she would like it, etc.etc..etc...I was left with big doubts if i want to do this out of my house. I was tired of having the constant mess in the kitchen, having to start and stop my work because my kitchen needs to be used for our family meals, and not to mention my dining room table became a gumpaste drying station for all my work. Once the cakes were done i was relieved, and rejoiced that i had my home back. Since then, i haven't pushed or even mentioned my cakes to others. I'm just not so sure it is worth it. So i totally understand how you feel. I'm sorry i'm not much help, but i just wanted you to know that you aren't alone. On the other hand, i still love making cakes, cookies and stuff, I just don't like the stress that comes with an official order. I guess it depends on the day and how much patience i have at that time. It's hard work, no question about it. I definitely think having a cake shop is the way to go. The mess stays out of the house and when you leave work your done. When it's at home, there are constant reminders of what needs to be done. I remember waking up first thing in the morning and having my coffee on the couch, looking over at the dining table with all the gumpaste on it. My mind started thinking right away. i never felt i had mental down time. My husband could tell i was consumed with the cakes and he was right.

Hope your day goes better tomorrow.


jsmith Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 11:57pm
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Aw, that's awful your cake ended up on the floor. That's one of my worst nightmares. I've had a couple fall back on the table but not on the floor yet. And as for throwing in the towel, I can tell you from experience that no matter how many times I get tired of it and try to quit I always come back to it. Good luck and I hope your day gets better. icon_smile.gif

cakedesigner59 Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 12:08am
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I think we've all been there. I remember the weekend I had 3 wedding cakes and ended up in the hospital the Saturday morning before deliveries. I had stressed myself out so much that I made myself sick (turned out to be stress-related). My personal low point. But I made all the deliveries!

I know that I need an outlet for creativity, and when all goes well, there's no other feeling like it. Maybe you should make one of those Pro/Cons lists and see which column comes out longer?

I'm sorry your cake fell on the floor. I hope you were able to get the job done in time.

cakedesigner59 Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 12:09am
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By the way, I notice from your ticker that you had the strength to lose 110 lbs. If you can do that, I think you are pretty much invincible. Way to go!!!

isabow2 Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 12:10am
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Sorry to hear about your cake. I haven't totally dropped one, yet although I'm sure it's in the cards for me. Maybe instead of just quitting all together you should take a break, a breather. I'm sure I'm no where near the decorator you are, but if I could, I'd come over & help you fix it, clean up, or yell cuss words at the cake gods! Get a good night's sleep & I hope tomorrow goes better for you. thumbs_up.gif

bethola Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 12:11am
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Sorry! I had to put myself on "Sweet Sabbatical" about 2 years ago. Didn't do a cake or look at a picture of a cake for 4 full months. It was necessary. I had totally lost all balance. So, things have been going pretty well and BAM! The last couple of weeks.....back to cakes, cakes, cakes!

My advice to you is to RECLAIM YOUR LIFE! Whether that be putting yourself on a self imposed sabbatical until you are more rested or stop doing "outside" orders. I don't know what your situation is, so only YOU know what is best for YOU!

I know that "I" will be back on sabbatical after April 28 until Aug 22. Good luck and take care of yourself!
Tonight, take a deep breath, hot bath and drink a cup of hot tea.

Beth in KY

JenWhitlock Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 12:14am
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I know how you feel too!
I work at night - when the kids are in bed. so making a cake usually means little or NO sleep. then the next morning is stress of packaging and delievering and then there's the mess in the house!
I'm just a wreck.
it was to the point that I was actually sad to get an order and happy when someone cancelled. icon_confused.gif
I couple somewhat smooth cakes later - and a possible change in the IN state law - and I'm ready to do more.

try to push through it a little longer. then reasess.

it sounds awesome to be designing futuristic aircraft for Boeing - making and flying models - but I had just as many 'I hate this' days there.
you aren't going to love every day or every cake - hopefully you love more than you don't!

chin up!
good luck!

I would have had a complete and total melt down if I were you!

kjt Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 12:19am
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Well, if you're over it...really over it, then take a break...but please don't throw in the towel for good. I just looked at your cakes-you obviously are very talented as well as creative-your skyline cake, stained glass window just to name two-are great.
Hopefully after a good night's rest (or two icon_wink.gif ) you will feel differently.

The cake that fell sounds really beautiful, I hope I see it when you post the will post it, right? icon_wink.gif

Sending good wishes and fast spatulas to you! icon_biggrin.gif

JCE62108 Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 12:24am
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OMG have I been there. Trust me I think most of us pros have had days like this.

You know I felt a similar way recently. I made this gigantic 4 tier wedding cake, was already late and stressed over it. My husband was loading it in the car...and stuck his hand in the side of it. We take it out, do a little surgery and load it back in the car. We go to get the other half of the cake and load it in. As my husband is loading it in the car i hear it say"...oooooh....nooooooo". A neighbor's cat had jumped in the car and started licking all the fushia buttercream dots off the top tier of the cake. I had to make a pit stop at my work and quickly re-create the top two tiers out of cake from their freezer. We barely made it in time.

I went home telling myself I would never....EVER do another cake from home as long as I lived. got over it. icon_smile.gif


LOL! That is the cake in my avatar. how funny, I didnt realize that. As you can see Im fixing it at the reception site because when I got there, the layers slide around for some reason and the icing was separating, my husband stuck his hand it it again while trying to move it, my brother in law stuck his fist in it when he turned around not looking, and my sister in law stuck her finger in it as she was trying to place ribbon on it.

This was a bad cake day. lol.

SugarLover2 Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 12:28am
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Aww, that really stinks! I didn't drop cake, but made a boat load of cookies for Christmas. Was so proud! Then...plop...onto the floor they went. Well, into the garbage and no cookies for Christmas. I feel ya sista. It'll get better, but take that break if you need it.


JCE62108 Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 12:36am
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At least you didnt drop the cake in front of the customer! OMG my boss did that two Christmas' ago. Her face turned bright red, she stormed off, and I cleaned up the mess while another decorater re-did the cake. The customer was fuming. (SugarLover2 your post just reminded me of that).

When things get frustrating maybe it helps to remind yourself it could always be worse? icon_smile.gif

kakedreamer1212 Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 2:14am
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It happens to all of us, or will at some point Im sure. A couple of yrs. ago I was working on my second wedding cake, three teir with lots of royal icing lillys. My son was four at the time. Most of the lillys were dry and sitting on my kitchen table, the cake was due the next day when out of the corner of my eye I see my son haul a flipflop through the air and wouldnt you know it... it landed right in the middle of the lillys, shattering about 30 of them. I almost cried. Thank goodness I still had time to make more and the cake turned out great. There are many nights I don't even go to bed and at 5 in the morn. I'm asking myself " Why do I do this?" but after getting some sleep, I'm right back at it again. If we didnt love it we couldn't do it, right? So keep your head up and know, in spirit, we're all there with you.

kjgjam22 Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 4:12am
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ooohhh man that did it fall though? sorry to hear. i know those days of not feeling like its your day. take a break and come back. rejuvinate.(spelling)

aliciag829 Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 4:33am
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Sorry to hear you had a bad day! It sounds like you have been working so hard and need some well-deserved rest to take your mind off what happened. Accidents happen. I think it's worth the stress. Your hard work will pay off when you bring joy to others with your gift of decorating. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

nickymom Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 4:45am
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Originally Posted by cakedesigner59

By the way, I notice from your ticker that you had the strength to lose 110 lbs. If you can do that, I think you are pretty much invincible. Way to go!!!

Ditto! Congrats on the weigt loss.

As for throwing in the towel, just take a break. icon_smile.gif

We've all had "bad days"...well I know that I have had my share that is for sure!!!

Hugs, you'll feel better!!

ljdills Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 5:20am
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I am so sorry. I think if you need a break you should definitely take one. There is a lot of stress in what we do and it is easy to burn out.
Sometimes we just need to take a step back and breathe.

all4cake Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 5:30am
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First off, major HIGH FIVE to ya for the weight loss!

Secondly, from the looks of your photos, you love making could you give it up...seriously? I do understand your anguish(as I sit here typing in a smoke filled home from cake drippings burning in the bottom of my oven! Freakin' recipe called for the pans to be filled 1/2 full...well, it shoulda been more like 1/4 full! aaaaaaaargh! That's what I get for tryin' to make use of leftover yolks! Great! The timer just went off...AGAIN and I'm seriously considering letting them stay in there and burnthehellup!).

I regularly have items that 'don't quite make it' to the final The other day(I know it ain't cake but the reaction was the same), I was trying not to dirty another pan and used foil to place a dumpload of garlic bread on to go into the oven. I used regular foil instead of the super strength. When I went to place it into the oven, the foil went limp and buttered garlic bread went into the oven floor, onto the door, onto the floor...after my tantrum, I was cleaning the &%!# off the refrigerator door, the cabinets, the counters, the ceiling....not a good day that one. I can only imagine where cake would be if I'd had one fall!

CAKEtankerous Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 6:04am
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I think our lives are one big test. And it's always whether we fail or pass. You Just need some kind hearted and compassionate people to let you know you are doing something beautiful and great and to hang in there even if you must walk away for a little while. Just not for good. You just need to get back to the root of why you started it in the first place, which is probably because you loved it and enjoyed doing it so much. Don't forget the reasons you were able to get this far. It will give you the strength to continue on and make you stronger and better. HTH

G_Cakes Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 6:27am
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Sorry to hear about your caketastrophy...that really suck's and it sounded so beautiful.

I went and saw you gallery photos and WOW are you talented if not gifted!!!!

I am new to this site and am still learning everything I can...and believe that we only learn from our mistakes.

Although I am not a professional I hope with time and lots of practice to be one day.

I think that no matter what it is we do in life, there will be times when we shine like the brightest star in the sky and other times when we cant be seen at all.

There is always something positive to be found in every negative, we may not see it at first but if we really look it's there waiting to be discovered.

If your wondering what the positive is in your particular situation? Well for starters you are well respected by your peer's here on CC and for me well I like to think that with a talent as wonderful as you have for making cakes, that you will be able to make another and it will be even better than the last one.

Most importantly I have no doubt that you truly love what you do as it comes through in all of your cakes...hang in there and know that the day is done and tomorrow will be a better day.

confectionaryperfection Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 12:39pm
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thank you all for your kind words. i think i am really stressed out and tired of alot of things. when i get cake orders, i have to have everything cleaned up and put away before 4 because hubby says i am not coming home and dealing with cake sh*t all over the place. so i dont have the joy as i am always stressed about how fast i can get things done. he really doesnt support my dream, and i think that is what is affecting me supporting it at well. i have to do everything on my own. plus i work at night and have 3 kids.

suzylynn58 Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 1:03pm
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Congratulations on the weight loss. What an accomplishment, especially with all the cake scraps around. icon_biggrin.gif

I know how you feel with being overwhelmed and with 3 kids at home and an outside job. I work full time too and really have to limit what orders I take and try to give myself one LIGHT weekend a month and that really helps.

You definitely have the talent, but you have to do what is best for you and your family.


kycakediva Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 1:07pm
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Sorry to hear about the crash. I can understand your frustration. Just ask yourself this...Are you willing to throw in the towel and not see the expression on a child or bride's face when they get that special cake? Or the sense of accomplishment when you finish that cake and it looks so good?
As for your husband, I bet he doesn't mind looking at the money that comes in from your cakes.
I hate to see you give up your dream. Just take a little time off to see how much you will miss it.
Congrats on your weight loss!! That is a huge accomplishment.

pianocat Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 1:18pm
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First congratulations on the weight loss! That is a major accomplishment! You are a great decorator, and your attention to details says that you take pride in what you do. Could you possibly just limit what you take on? If you get rid of some of the stress you may enjoy what you do more. All of us who do cakes have taken on a stressful hobby/and or profession, so we have to learn when to back off and breathe a bit. Good luck!

One day (in the distant future) it will be a funny story that you can share with others!

Cakepro Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 9:13pm
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Originally Posted by JCE62108

LOL! That is the cake in my avatar. how funny, I didnt realize that. As you can see Im fixing it at the reception site because when I got there, the layers slide around for some reason and the icing was separating, my husband stuck his hand it it again while trying to move it, my brother in law stuck his fist in it when he turned around not looking, and my sister in law stuck her finger in it as she was trying to place ribbon on it.

This was a bad cake day. lol.

LMAO, I always thought that your avatar was a pic of someone taking a big bite out of the top tier. NOW I see the piping bag.

Weird angle!

JCE62108 Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 9:53pm
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HAHA!!!!! That's funny. Sometimes I wish. hehe.

EDIT: ok now I need to find a new avatar. I totally see what you are saying. lol

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