Star Wars Ideas Please

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Sandra80 Posted 5 Apr 2009 , 12:00am
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i am sooooo not a star wars fan and my darling sister in law has requested a star wars birthday cake to be made as a joint cake for her 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter. she suggested anakin skywalker and princess leia (or how ever you spell it.) so yeah i could just do a basic cake and make fondant figures of the two but i'm looking to see if anyone has any ideas for me. my star wars knowledge stops with knowing who darth vadar and yoda are so please give me extra details so i can know what you are talking about please. i already started looking through the gallery for ideas but i figured while i go through the 72 pages, i'll ask for help too. TIA

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brincess_b Posted 5 Apr 2009 , 11:36am
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you could do some of the space ships, like the death star (big ball one).
a desert scene, from the first trio of films, i forget which one, with jabba the hut, or you could just do a big cake version of him.
oh in the last of the first three (i think that makes it episode 6 now?) they have the ewoks village. luke and leia (i join you with the spelling!) are on a bridge talking about stuff, between two huts, i bet you could find a pic on google to copy. i freaking love the ewoks! so you could do lots of modelling or the characters and ewoks in the forest scene.

the newest ones have some very cool scenery which could make a nice cake, some of the buildings. the first of the new ones (episode 1?) has racing in it, with the young anakin, so you could do him in a racing pod.
is it also episode one that has darth maul? (i think thats his name - red faced guy) you could do a fight scene between him and obe wan.
i think episode 2 is when anakin and the princess natalie portman played get married or whatever, theres a castle type background in that.

i hope that helps a bit - its been a while since i watched them all, and the whole episode thing has clearly confused me. and i prefer the old ones, i guess the kids are maybe more into the new ones?

mixinvixen Posted 5 Apr 2009 , 1:30pm
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we are members of a star wars costuming group that raises money for various children's charities, so while i may not be in love with the movies, i am constantly bombarded with the characters and such!!

i just did a star wars groom cake for a friend and delivered it to atlanta this past weekend. i planned for a very elaborate cake of the gold robot, c3po, but the plans went awry one day before leaving for our road trip, so i ended up having to go to the store and buy some plastic toys. "galactic heroes" is the type, which are the same star wars characters, but with chunkier more childlike features...anyway, they have toys called "cinema scenes", where they recreate actual famous scenes...i chose a scene from where luke landed his plane into a swamp, but there are also other scenes available, just check with your local targets, walmarts, toys r us, etc. i paid $22.95 for the set, which included luke, his plane, a swamp creature and r2d2 robot. i also purchased extra another figure of yoda. i just made a sheetcake, cut the edges into irregular shapes for a swamp look, built up some lumpier, higher area for small islands of land, and cut out some of the cake to be able to set the plane at an angle, to look more "wrecked". i then covered it with fondant, hand painted to look like a swamp, made a fondant tree stump in the corner for yoda to stand on, and made up some piping gel, which we colored a very unattractive swamp green to look like the water....we flooded the area around the plane, and voila!! a custom swamp scene!!!

while this cake was nowhere near as wow!! as the first design i worked so hard on but went awry, IN MY OPINION, nobody noticed, and they were all very wowed by how i did all this!!! keep in mind that you are making this for children, and the cool thing is that they would get to keep the toys!!!

Niliquely Posted 5 Apr 2009 , 1:45pm
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Luke is with Leia, not Anakin! Anakin is their father who becomes Darth Vader. Have you seen the animated show about the clone wars? I think that would help, especially for young boys. I agree that doing the ships would be neat - or planets like Tatooine. If you want to do something simpler that little ones will still love, you could do simple rounds decorated with fondant to look "spacy" (black with stars, sparkley luster dust) and get some figurines to place around it. Then the kiddos can play with the action figures after!
(Sorry about the correction, I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and I just had to say that!)

Niliquely Posted 5 Apr 2009 , 2:37pm
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icon_surprised.gif I just looked at my post and realized I sounded like a jerk - so sorry! I just got all excited about Star Wars - I was the girl who wanted to BE Princess Leia and had serious delusious of marrying Harrison Ford (he was Han Solo afterall). So I apologize for sounding like a jack***! icon_redface.gif
Although, if you do want any more ideas I do have the movies pretty well memorized - scary, but true! icon_lol.gif

brincess_b Posted 5 Apr 2009 , 7:42pm
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i dont think you sounded like a jerk icon_smile.gif im going to go steal the dvds/ video (and video player) off my brother and get reaquainted!

Sandra80 Posted 6 Apr 2009 , 3:12am
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Originally Posted by Niliquely

Luke is with Leia, not Anakin!

you know that's what i thought but i'm not nearly knowledgeable enough to think it was right. thanks for confirming what i thought but that's what she wants...anakin and leia. that said, any ideas with the two characters that aren't supposed to be togther but are now thanks to my annoying SIL?
last year (although it was a pain in the butt) i made 2 cakes for the party. one his (thomas the train) and one hers(giant pink cupcake). i wish that we could do that. i feel bad that my 2 year old goddaughter is getting stuck with a star wars cake. she's not into it...she's 2 for chist's sake! it should be something more neutral if she wants to share for them but she's just going for what the boy wants since he's the only one who cares really.

Niliquely Posted 7 Apr 2009 , 11:57pm
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Um...I think that is kind of crappy for the little girl, but that is just my opinion. What if she really likes Minnie Mouse or pink ponies? this SIL kind of OCD or AR or something? Why CAN'T the kids have separate little cakes with separate themes?
Okay - now, is she sure she doesn't mean Padme (Queen Amidala) and Anakin? Sorry, but it is driving me nut-so having Anakin and Leia together! What about separate cakes with Anakin in a ship (x-fighter I think) with black fondant and starry kind of thing...then Leia/Padme (whoever) on the other with a blue and white marbled fondant effect...both spacey - one girly and one this helping at all???

lindambc Posted 8 Apr 2009 , 12:07am
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I just made a Star Wars cake. It is the Death Star cake, made out of the Wilton wonder ball pan. It sat on top of a 10 inch cake that I covered in black fondant and brushed with blue and silver luster dust to mimick space. I put action figures on it. I found star wars font online and traced it and filling it with yellow royal icing.

The picture is posted in my pictures and if you would like the link to the font just PM me!

Good Luck

SeriousCakes Posted 8 Apr 2009 , 12:32am
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Here's what I did last year for my daughter's birthday. This is supposed to be Queen Amidala and the bottom 2 tiers are the planet she was from, Naboo (who in the world thought of that name?).

Niliquely Posted 8 Apr 2009 , 12:36am
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Yes yes Serious! That is kind of what I was thinking for the girl's cake! (And I did watch your rose video on youtube by the are funny in your comments!)
Oh and George Lucas is who!

SeriousCakes Posted 8 Apr 2009 , 12:43am
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lol-yeah, you can make Star Wars kind of girly, and have it still be totally Star Wars icon_lol.gif Don't get me wrong, I love the movies, but really, Naboo? lol, can't say it without thinking booger icon_lol.gif

Niliquely Posted 8 Apr 2009 , 1:12am
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icon_confused.gif Naboo = boogers? icon_lol.gif I just caught a case of the giggles!

SeriousCakes Posted 8 Apr 2009 , 1:33am
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It's those double o's, he could have been really interesting and spelled it like Nahbeau or something... icon_lol.gif

Niliquely Posted 8 Apr 2009 , 4:00am
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That makes me think of a dresser...or the Scarlet Pimpernel, I'm not sure...

SeriousCakes Posted 8 Apr 2009 , 12:25pm
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