Slot Machine- Super Hot Batteries

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cakesalot13 Posted 30 Mar 2009 , 3:03pm
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So, I am working on a motorized light and wheels for a slot machine. I got both working fine. However, even in the off position, the 9 volts get super hot. I am concerned they will melt or start the thing on fire. Is there a good method of enclosing the batteries without melting or destroying the cake?

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beck30 Posted 30 Mar 2009 , 5:45pm
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IM not real sure about this one, I wish I could help. It looks like its going th be a cool cake. Ill ask my hubby when he comes home. Let us know how it turns out. thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

sisspence Posted 30 Mar 2009 , 11:19pm
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I don't have a clue...but sure would like to see it when your done.

Justbeck101 Posted 31 Mar 2009 , 5:50am
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Are you sure it is hooked up correctly? Is it a normal warm or is it hot to the touch?

Justbeck101 Posted 31 Mar 2009 , 6:13am
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You could try one of those little tins that mints come in at the grocery store to place the batteries in.

edited to say

Maybe that defeats the purpose? lol

cakesalot13 Posted 31 Mar 2009 , 2:26pm
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I have the 9 volt attachment- hooked to a switch then to the motor or light, as you can see from the photo. Even in the off position, the battery get burning hot, and I already melted/blew a cheaper off-brand 9-volt. Maybe the switch is the problem? I have to look for another one today.

Justbeck101 Posted 31 Mar 2009 , 3:06pm
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make sure it is not wired wrong also. could just be backwards

Justbeck101 Posted 31 Mar 2009 , 3:11pm
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found this on yahoo....

I would try re wiring one wire at a time on one battery and see if that cures it.

cakesalot13 Posted 31 Mar 2009 , 3:16pm
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No, I got it wired right- there is only 2 wires- OK, I did a direct connect from the light directly to the 9 volt- runs fine, battery is staying cool. But I'd still like an option to turn the devices off, at least the motor, because it runs loud, without just uplugging the battery.

playingwithsugar Posted 31 Mar 2009 , 3:18pm
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Yes, it sounds like you reverse the poles. I learned about this when my nephew put the batteries in my digital camera backwards. it got very, very hot, and took forever for the camera and batteries to cool down.

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Justbeck101 Posted 31 Mar 2009 , 3:20pm
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I think I see the problem,

Hook your black wire from the light to the switch, then black from the switch to the battery. Hook you red wire straight from the bulb to the battery.

so both prongs on the switch will have black. No red.

I did not blow up the picture you posted until now.... sorry

Justbeck101 Posted 31 Mar 2009 , 3:25pm
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you can use plastic canvas to make a holder for your battery, make sure you wrap all your exposed wires with electrical tape.

edited to add:

Plastic canvas is the stuff at walmart in the craft section that you can cut and weave string/yarn through to make fabric type pictures. It is white with small squares.

Use high temp hot glue gun to glue to the housing

cakesalot13 Posted 31 Mar 2009 , 3:29pm
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Success! Yup that was it. I was overloading the circuit. I found a diagram online, probably as you were typing Justbeck!- huh... good thing I'm not an electrician in real life... or exploding cakes would be cool though...

Thank you for your help!!

Wellwishes Posted 15 Sep 2014 , 3:36pm
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Hi, I've got an order for a slot cake and was looking for one that has animation.  Yours would be ideal. Looks perfect for my needs and inexpensive (ideal for a low deposit).  I know this is an old post.  Do you have instructions on building this? I'd love to get a copy or link.



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