Friday Night Cake Club 3.20.09

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leah_s Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 2:48am
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Happy first day of Spring!
Happy Big Bird's Birthday!

Who's up? Whatcha workin' on?

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nannie Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 2:52am
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no cake,

Just watching SS Boxes and Bows DVD for the 10th time trying to build up courage to actually try one icon_redface.gif

leah_s Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:01am
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I've finished a 3 tier wedding cake and a simple groom's cake. Cleaning up the kitchen now. And watching basketball!!

Go CARDS (Louisville).

nannie Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:05am
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I should have said, not a real baker, just a rank amateur who bakes when I'm in the mood.

Admire all you pro's but don't envy the long hours and stress. icon_lol.gif

don't follow basketball but hope your team wins thumbs_up.gif


leah_s Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:10am
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Oh, I'm a night owl. I frequently don't even start cakes until 3 pm or later. I once started decorating a 5 tier cake at 9 pm. No problem.

jlynnw Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:18am
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hi alls! i am beginning to like this club. I have been looking forward to it all night. It is my DS bday and sleep over. I will be up all night with rowdy boys and getting a jump on next week. Enjoy the game!

Rocketgirl899 Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:19am
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oh watching SS! I should have been doing that. Bought it before spring break and haven't had time to watch it.

No cakes this week.... freaking out about a SS cake I am doing next week tho..... will be making flowers tomorrow!

Good luck on your cakes tonight! See you next friday icon_biggrin.gif

leah_s Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:19am
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Anybody need any help with anything? Generally there are lurkers who will jump in with solutions.

LaBellaFlor Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:21am
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So I started baking around 2 and made some reat vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate mousse. Just finished frodting a vanilla cake with chocolate ganache & also filled it with carmel filling. Last night was chocolate cupackes with peanut butter mousse. Actually, that was the second set of chocolate cupcakes, cause the first recipes was ICK! 8o icon_cry.gif So had to go to a tried & true recipe. Now the question is will it be wrong of me to eat a piece of that healthy cake this late?!? icon_biggrin.gif

bizatchgirl Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:21am
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Just put a cake in the freezer to firm up a bit before I cut it.

Trying to decide if I'm motivated enough to start baking for the topsy turvy I'm doing for Monday.

I am trying to stay away from the threads on topsy turvy disasters, since this will be my first. I've already heard all of the things that can go wrong, it's not going to do me any good to dwell on every one!!! icon_wink.gif

pipe-dreams Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:23am
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I've been reading that ridiculously long post about gourmet flavors.'s never endingicon_smile.gif

I'm going to try my first topsy turvy this weekend. I have no cakes(well, possibly one this weekend), and my DD has been sick this week. She asked for a cake today, so I figured I'd attempt a topsy turvy. *fingers crossed!

leah_s Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:26am
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I haven't read that thread. Is it on gourmet flavors of cakes, or cakes + fillings? I probably shouldn't ask.

pipe-dreams Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:26am
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You just repied to my cake stand post.
"If a bride wants a cake stand, she provides it"

So what do you display you wedding cakes on? Bday cakes, I just do covered cake boards..Is that what you do for weddings,too?

pipe-dreams Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:29am
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You don't want to read it. I have literally been reading it for hours...until it finally took too long to load the next page. I was already like 30 pages in, so I was pretty mad! It's mostly macsmom...and her complete list of cake flavors and fillings, along with recipes for them that are sprinkled in. icon_biggrin.gif

tdybear1978 Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:37am
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I am already home for the night - does not happen too often this early on a friday. I have about 9 sheet cakes and 3, 3-tier wedding cakes for tomorrow. Luckily, I had my help for the evening and we have everything done except for wrapping one of the wedding cakes in its ribbon. Last thing I had to do was make a whole bunch of white chocolate sea shells and dust them in shimmer dust and I was out of there by 9 WOOHOO hope everyone elses evening goes smoothly

newnancy Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:41am
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Dusting white chocolate in shimmer dust, I never thought of that. I bet that looked great, thanks for the idea.

mirda6275 Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:42am
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bamcakes, I'm trying my first topsy-turvy also! It's for my DH's birthday, which was last week, but we went out of town for his birthday, so tomorrow my parents are having us over to dinner.

I was told I could make whatever design I wanted but they were clear that they didn't want extras, like I usually do (only 6-7 people at dinner). I made 3-4x2 rounds (individual cake pans I had) and 2-6x2 squares. It's a small one, so hopefully I won't mess it up too badly. Not much room in a 4" round for supports, but I think they're in securely.

So far today I've baked all the cakes, they've cooled. I've leveled and torted them, made the peanut butter marshmallow fluff buttercream, filled the layers, stacked the cakes and put in supports. I also cut my main support slightly shorter than the height of both layers. The cakes are covered and in the fridge for the night since the PBBC uses real butter as well as crisco.

I'm planning to ice with the PBBC and then decorate with Chocolate BC that I have left over.

Anything I've missed so far? Sorry for the long post. I'm excited b/c I'm trying something new!

ptanyer Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:54am
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Would anyone have an idea on how to resolve a problem I am having with a dungeon cake I am making tonight? I originally posted this thread on the How Do I forum, but Bamcakes suggested that I ask ya'll for help. Here's the thread with my problem:

Hope ya'll can help!

tdybear1978 Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 3:55am
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yeah, it gives the choc something a little extra. To me they just looked kind of flat (the color that is) and I had some extra dust left from another cake so i tried it on one and thought it was pretty and they had a little sparkle icon_smile.gif i like sparkle

TonyaBakes Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 4:00am
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Kids are all taken care of and house is quiet so I'm going to start working on some calla lilies for a cake coming up Monday. I work best at night too!

SweetPea0613 Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 4:04am
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So I'm doing a Noah's Ark cake for tomorrow. It's for a lady at work that approached me on tuesday!!

Kinda last minute but I'll be up all night! I already made all the animals and I really don't wanna part with them..They are too cute!

SHogg Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 4:16am
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Earlier tonight made some Banana-Chocolate chip cuppies with Cream Cheese frosting. That combo was good.
Now I'm up trying to resolve some bugs and adding some content to my website.
I also like to decorate at night, no interruptions from the kids!
SweetPea I can't wait to see the Noah's Ark cake. Please post a pic. icon_smile.gif

bizatchgirl Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 4:17am
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mirda6275 and bamcakes, I'm making my first topsy turvy too!! I am not nearly as done as mirda6275, but this was last minute. I offered to make my former boss's birthday cake for Monday just for a chance to make a topsy turvy.

sweetpea, I sure know what you mean. I have made little faces for a slumber party cake and little bears for a baby shower cake. I was so sad when I had to part with them and I still feel teary eyed when I see my little basketball bear in my pics. He fell apart and had to go to that big fondant bear garbage can in the sky icon_cry.gif

SweetPea0613 Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 4:22am
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sweetpea, I sure know what you mean. I have made little faces for a slumber party cake and little bears for a baby shower cake. I was so sad when I had to part with them and I still feel teary eyed when I see my little basketball bear in my pics. He fell apart and had to go to that big fondant bear garbage can in the sky icon_cry.gif[/quote]

Aww how sad! icon_cry.gif Did you have a funeral for him?? I would have icon_biggrin.gif

Here's some pix of my finished critters

__Jamie__ Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 4:24am
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What I'm doing....making gumpaste roses for a PinkCakeBx type of cake for next weekend. Finishing up some gumpaste shotgun shells for my dad's bday cake on Sunday (no, it won't look like some redneck cake!)

A shoutout to the SPS system (since you're in here Leahs) icon_wink.gif

Anyone who has ever considered getting SPS for supporting big cakes.....DO IT! I have used it a few times now, and man, I don't think you really understand how frickin sturdy this stuff is until you hold in your hands. Someone asked hom the columns compare to Wilton. Uhhh, there is no comparison. These things are so thick and so strong. They lock into the base really snugly, AND the little peg on the boards...bigger than you realize. They aren't letting those cake circles move a hair!

Just doin' my part to spread the SPS loving!

I still use tea straws for smaller stuff, but wouldn't dream of stacking a seriously intricate or large wedding cake without it, especially when transporting.

LaBellaFlor Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 4:25am
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Oh my good ness. Those are so cute. I would hate to aprt with them too!

KellBell22 Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 4:37am
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I'm not really working on anything cake-wise tonight, I'm supposed to be designing a logo for the bookstore I do some side work for. As you can tell by the fact that I've been reading for the past hour on here...that's going really well. icon_wink.gif

And Sweetpea...I ADORE those little mice!

Rocketgirl899 Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 4:48am
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one day i will read the gourmet flavors.. .i jumped in right away... but wayyyy to many pages to go through. I wish i could just skip to the really great stuff... like recipes. hehe.

night girls!

chica07 Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 4:51am
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I finished a barbie cake for tomorrow, a castle cake for tomorrow, and cupcakes for sunday. I'm stressing over the barbie cake b/c I used a real Barbie and when I put her in the cake, it started splitting icon_eek.gif. I covered the split with more icing, and used tea straws to sturdy it all together. Just in case, I'm baking another wondermold as we speak... I hope it is just leftovers and that I don't need it!

Tomorrow I start on a 2 tier for sunday...


TantalizingTreats Posted 21 Mar 2009 , 5:07am
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Good evening Friday night Cake Club,

Just finished my Converse shoe cake for tomorrow.. and off to bed soon,,, silly CC is just too addictive!!!

Will post the pic in the gallery on monday.. but heres a quick peek for you guys tonight. icon_smile.gif

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