Nfsc Looks Oily In Center

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Lcubed82 Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 3:43am
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I have a problem with this and other recipes- when the edges are done, I take it out of oven. After a moment, the center looks "oily". If I cook longer, the edges are overdone.

I usually cut my cookies 3/8" thick. I have tried turning my oven down, so the cookies can stay in longer. I cook on parchment paper.

Should I turn the oven up? Should I cook directly on my pans?

thanks for your input!

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redpanda Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 5:40am
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How do they look after they have had time to cool, without being broken open before they're cool? Sometimes they continue cooking a bit after they come out, especially if you leave them on the cookie sheet for a minute or two after they come out of the oven.

I don't think using parchment would be the problem. I use parchment and make my cookies about the same thickness, and they're fine. (I always try to let the cool before peeking inside, though.)

Honeydukes Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 6:07am
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I agree with RP, doubt it's the parchment. Is the "oily" look on the tops of the cookies or inside? Are you using butter or margarine?

Lcubed82 Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 3:04pm
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I am using butter. The oily look continues even after letting cool on pan for several minutes. Once broken open, the center is cooked, but softer than the edges.

Do you reuse parchment for several runs thru the oven? I typically use one sheet on the pan for cooking a whole batch of dough (two pans alternating).

redpanda Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 4:45pm
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I am assuming the oily look continues later, like an hour after they come out of the oven, right?

I reuse parchment, and can't see how that would be the problem for you.

Do you freeze the cookie dough before baking? I know this isn't typical, but I know of at least a couple of people who do, to reduce spreading. This could potentially be a problem for thicker cookies.

(Honeydukes, I think that Linda is saying that the oily part is in the center, inside the cookies.)

I have had a similar problem with a different recipe, which is a lot less stiff of a dough, but never with NFSC. When I make my dough it is VERY stiff, not at all sticky, and I don't need to chill it before rolling/cutting. Is this the case for you as well?

Honeydukes Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 6:22am
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I roll my cookies 3/8 and reuse parchment and I've not had this problem.

Hmm. I'm wondering if the center is actually a bit undercooked. If your oven is too hot the edges will brown before the center is baked. Are you baking at 350? Have you checked that your oven temp is correct? My best guess is that your oven is not properly calibrated.

bakinccc Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 1:16pm
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Icubed82 - Oily centers and baked edges are exactly what I've dealt with in the past and it's simply because your oven is too hot. It took me awhile to figure it out (very frustrating!) but you need to keep turning your oven down until you get the temp right and keep the cookies in a little longer. Get down to eye level with your cookies when they're baking and when they've just rounded up in the center then they're done. If you've turned your oven down and the edges are still getting too done and the middle is still oily (but baked...I know, I understand) then turn it down even more. I use a recipe very close to the nfsc that said to bake at 400 degrees. I roll my cookies to 1/2" thick. I remember having to turn down the temp to 385 and finally the middle would get done without the edges being overdone. About 1 1/2 years ago I made the switch to a convection oven and now bake them at 365. Perfect cookies every time. I could KISS my convection oven I love it that much!!!!

Lcubed82 Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 4:32pm
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I will try turning down a little more. I may even add some more flour. I do chill my cutouts before baking. Guess that means I'll have to make more cookies.....

redpanda Posted 19 Mar 2009 , 4:44pm
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Chilling is fine, I was more thinking about freezing, which, combined with a temp that is a bit too high, could have the outsides done before the insides are cooked fully.

Lcubed82 Posted 1 Apr 2009 , 4:25am
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I have been baking again tonight, and think I may have figured out my problem. Thank you to everyone for thoughts!
I think I was over-chilling my cookies in the freezer. Redpanda, I think you were right! Tonight I did not put the cutouts in the freezer, but in the fridge. I only chilled the dough, not the pan- I let it cool at room temp. Things look better!

redpanda Posted 1 Apr 2009 , 4:44am
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Glad to hear that they seem to have come out better!

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