Your All To Blame!

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crumbcake Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:52am
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It's all your fault. Yes, all of you, with your great tips, stories, ideas, and not to mention your pictures of your awesome cakes, cookies and cupcakes! Your all the reason why I never get anything done. I start out looking for ideas, or receipes, and BOOM the night is gone, and I begin to wonder about you all. How did you all get the way you are, so creative. Are you born with it? I know practice, practice, practice, but you gotta have something to work with! Sometimes I say to myself, No, I won't look at what everyone is doing, but I can't stop myself. Just like the warning, This site is highly addictive!!!! Anyway, I love you all, and another night passes with nothing in the oven.

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indydebi Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 5:32am
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Originally Posted by crumbcake

Your all the reason why I never get anything done. ....... Just like the warning, This site is highly addictive!!!!

There's a reason I hold the record number of posts on here, so far! icon_redface.gif Addictive .... not getting other stuff done ....

Need more proof? It's 1;30 in the morning and I'm STILL on here reading CC!!

luvsfreebies72 Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 5:34am
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10:30 at night for me...

I'm supposed to be making an ungodly amount of RI flowers for final cake for Wilton 2 icon_biggrin.gif

Monkess Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:33pm
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I know..this is bad. I just got into work and instead of seeing the lineup of orders for today-here I am. DH just walked passed, rolling his eyes heaven! Welcome to the club!

lomikesa Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:41pm
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My husband thinks is gossip. icon_lol.gif


Sexylj Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:42pm
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Thts so true...
I'm work right now and I can't seem to get enough....
Its just so great to find ppl so passionate about the same things..
Love it.....((grin))

rockysmommy Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:42pm
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I have my coffee with this site every morning...I take my lunch breaks with it...and it is the last thing I do before bedtime...I may need therapy...LOL! icon_lol.gif

Cakeonista Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:43pm
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so true!!!! im on here all the time. lets remember there could be worse things lol. i love this site!

HannahLass Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:46pm
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1600 here in the uk, and the time finds me sitting at my desk at work getting very little done, but looking at "cake porn" as it is referred to by my colleagues. Love this place soo much. Ive learnt everything I know so far from the wonderful people here and I imagine I will continue to learn from you great people for a long time. XXXX

lisa78332 Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:49pm
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I think there should be a disclaimer like on the back of lottery tickets.

If you have a cake central addiction and you need help, call 1-800-CCADICT. There are support groups available. But please refrain from accessing site to support group for further addiction problems. Therefore affecting your your daily lifestyle.

ladyday95 Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:51pm
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I dont post much but I am always here reading. I should be in bed now because I work nights but there is sooooo much to learn..... lol !!

jer702 Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:51pm
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My hours at work are from 8-5. CC is up the minute I log on to my computer and its stays open until I leave at 5. Then the minute i'm at home its backs on again icon_cool.gif

Melvira Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:52pm
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crumbcake... how dare you blame all of us!! The truth is, you're just too weak to walk away!! You are easily lured by buttercream and fondant. You are spineless is the face of excellent piping skills! YOU are the weakest link! Go ahead... try and close this window and log off... I dare ya!!! icon_lol.gif

No wait, seriously, don't go. If you go, then someone else might find the courage to do it, pretty soon everyone is finding 'outside interests' and then it's just me and Debi sitting here trying to give each other advice. icon_rolleyes.gificon_lol.gif Don't do that to us!!

jer702 Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:53pm
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Originally Posted by lisa78332

I think there should be a disclaimer like on the back of lottery tickets.

If you have a cake central addiction and you need help, call 1-800-CCADICT. There are support groups available. But please refrain from accessing site to support group for further addiction problems. Therefore affecting your your daily lifestyle.

LOL I like that one.

jer702 Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:55pm
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I don't think their is no turning back, i'm not sure how they get you, but the minute you find this site...your done.

isabow2 Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 3:57pm
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I am a CC addict too. I'm SO happy/sorry that I found this site. I'm on it constantly, reading forum posts, looking @ pics, etc. I have a kinda slow job so I'm on all day long pretty much. Then I got my wireless network up & going @ home so now I can surf CC from my couch which makes the addiction worse b/c the site is WAY MORE convenient!! My BF just laughs & says "on your cake site again?" icon_rolleyes.gif

Ruth0209 Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 4:10pm
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My husband calls it my cake porn!

Sexylj Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 4:27pm
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I thought I was alone...its an epidemic.....
No therapy can help me..
Because the first part to recovery is admittance....I dont have a

2txmedics Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 4:54pm
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lets see if I am:
wake up 430am for work, grab coffee, log on CC, surf, dress real quick leave by 530 push it til 540am
come home for a break at 845am, log on CC surf and study for few hours, leave for work again at 1030am, at working thinking CC, Cakes, Tips, Ideas, how to's...rush home again for another break at 1145am, home til 230pm...log onto CC...

Dishes in sink, hmm later, sweeping/mopping, it'll be there later, I will do after Im home tonight. Go back to work at 245pm yes, I pushed my time on CC again. Have cakes books with me at work, read, study...get home at 5pm, Log onto CC...walking around putting dishes in dishwasher, running back to CC...sit eat dinner, sometimes at computer (Im alone due to honeys/daugs schedules). Yikes!!! 9pm, put wash in, fold cloths real quick, put them away later...Back to CC...heck!!! 1130pm, rush to shower, get cloths for work tomm. Bedtime to rise again at 430am.

NO, IM NOT ADDICT TO CC!!! Are you all Crazy?!!! Im in "school" studying...and sometimes we have to do things to get forward in life...FREE SCHOOLING, so it helps my family. lmao icon_biggrin.gifthumbs_up.gif

Now, tell others that.... icon_lol.gif Now if you want to send me to school/classes to learn all this...then cough up 280.00 for this class, 300.00 to 500.00 for this one, etc... icon_evil.gif soo, shhhhhh Im in class dont bother me. That is honeys favorite saying: dont bother your mother, she is in class right now, same with food network challenges.

isabow2 Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 5:38pm
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Originally Posted by Ruth0209

My husband calls it my cake porn!

I busted out laughing when I read this!! icon_biggrin.gif

tootie0809 Posted 16 Mar 2009 , 7:28pm
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Originally Posted by Ruth0209

My husband calls it my cake porn!

That's funny. That is exactly what my hubby calls it too. icon_smile.gif

crumbcake Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 3:12am
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Thanks gals, it's good to know we are not alone. O.K. I just had to check things out before turning out the lights! GOOD NIGHT!!

luvsfreebies72 Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 3:17am
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I should be piping 300 billion RI flowers at the moment....

Does anyone carry an idea book with them so they can sketch out a quick cake idea or write down flavor combos?

sadsmile Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 3:40am
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Yes it is everyone's fault! I need a recovery group now. I couldn't log in for almost two hours tonight and I nearly chewed my arm off! Withdrawl is the pits I tell you!

Forbidden... Error Messages... PHOEY!

2txmedics Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 2:11pm
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Ok, Recovery program for CCer's...there is no way, if they had us on Intervention...we'd fall off the wagon immediately...I was out shopping at the cake shop yesterday for tylose. Went to few other stores..grant you I was only going out for tylose.

I got into a conversation with a few women at Hobby Lobby, and Michaels..about I have 2 cake orders from that, and I was gone 4hrs...Got home, and guess what...Yep!!! LOGGED ON TO CC...for another few hrs before dinner. I was then last night we were watching a dvd and here i was with a debbie brown book on my lap reading and looking up at the dvd. icon_biggrin.gif

ARRRgggghhh!!!!! I need a Fix!!!!!....going surfing on CC....

sweetjan Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 2:24pm
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I love it. It's a little break from the day when I look in.....pretty colors, lots of talented people, lots of nice people.....a great place to hang out!

starcitycakes Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 2:32pm
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I do it to.. Since the day I became a member, which wasn't that long ago, I have been on here AT LEAST 6-8 hrs out of my day. NO LIE! I get to work at 7:30 monday-friday and I log on to CC as soon as I get to my desk. I have a slow job for right now too, Farming Company and it's not quiet Farming Season. CC is on all day until I leave at 4:30-5 and it's right back on when I get home. My husband just laughs at me and my daughter will get right in my lap and look at the cakes with me. (She comments on ALL of them icon_smile.gif ) I have learned SOOOO much from this site and I want to thank ALL of you. It is your fault that I am addicted to this, but it's because of all the advice, tip and encouragement I get from everyone.

Luvsfreebies......I DO carry around a notebook. I am always sketching out cake designs. If someone EVEN mentions a theme for a party/get-together I've already got a picture drawn out before they can shut up of the cake I would do for them icon_biggrin.gif . It's terrible...LOL But I love it.

Rosiepan Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 2:59pm
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Hello everybody.
My name is Rose

And I am a CC addict...

mandice Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 3:02pm
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i wonder if they can track the hours each of us spend on here.. because exactly like jer702, this site is open as soon as i turn my comp on in the morning at work, and then sometimes i even stay later than i'm supposed to to finish reading whatever forum i am on at the time... it's sad. but a good sad icon_biggrin.gif lol
my work just keeps piling up.. but i can't help it! i'd rather be here than filing papers icon_smile.gif

ahh.. the peer pressure. gotta love it

countygirl28 Posted 18 Mar 2009 , 3:16pm
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I'm fairly new also, but I've quickly become an addict icon_redface.gif But I'm very happy to know that I'm not the only one! BTW I love the "cake porn" comment Hilarious icon_biggrin.gif

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