A Thread for all UK bakers!!

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bashini Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 8:48pm
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AHi... Sorry for the late reply.

Maisie, you are most welcome. Your plan sounds good. :)

Barbara, as you all may know I use HD sponge and I have the Gluten Free version of it. It calls for all the ingredients that I mentioned before. So one day by mistake I use SF GF flour and I didn't use baking powder. So my cake sank but the taste was great. When I use plain GF flour, my cakes rises as a normal sponge cake. I use the 3" high Invicta tins and all my cakes are around that much high.

Cake - sprite, welcome to the thread. :)

nannycook Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 8:49pm
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AHi Maisie, my minion is on my FB page, nanny cooks cakes, it was a 10 inch round bf, I baked it in 2 stages,I used a 4 egg mix times 2, gas 3 for 50 mins, I like deep sponges but if I try and bake it all at once I fail miserably, don't know why, this works for me without problems.

nannycook Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 8:51pm
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ASorry I meant gf.

natt12321 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 8:58pm
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AI have a cake freezer for my cakes (that is a freezer in my cake room that is just for cake), there is currently the next 2 weeks cakes in there ready to be taken out and decorated. I have never had a problem with it. I even once did a cake that was one layer frozen and one layer fresh and when I said it was that way EVERYONE was surprised.

I have never done any kind of icing before freezing though.

Controversially I think some people go overkill on how stuff needs to be wrapped to go in the freezer, I just cling so it's closely wrapped and throw it in, I do wonder in part if that is cause there is nothing to contaminate the flavour (what seeing as it is only used for cake.

maisie73 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 8:59pm
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AI am so going to buy plain gluten free flour tomorrow! What do I do bashini? Just bung a bit of baking powder in it or is it a bit more scientific than that? See, my plan's going awry already! :-) Hello again Cake-sprite. :-)

nannycook Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 9:01pm
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AMaisie, if like you said you bought it fomented Tesco then you'find the same in doves farm the self raising Irwin the blue and white packet.

Bashing, I've always used the doves s/r flour and the gf baking powder too, but Will give this a go to see if it rises better, thanks for the tip.

nannycook Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 9:02pm
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AOmg this flipping tablet, I keep forgetting to check what I've wrote, sorry you will need to decode last text.

nannycook Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 9:05pm
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AHi cake - sprite, welcome to our fab little family on here and to Jenny also.

maisie73 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 9:05pm
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ASorry natt and nanny, didn't see your posts. Nanny- I can't bake deep ones either, i do lots of shallow layers, thought it was just me! Takes longer but still tastes lovely. Natt- a cake fridge.......swoon! A cake ROOM..............double swoon! I've got a shelf and a cupboard and I shifted the frozen peas over to fit my cake in!!!!!

maisie73 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 9:07pm
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ADw nanny, we're used to it! Thankyou, will have a look tomorrrow. :-)

nannycook Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 9:09pm
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AOh Maisie you do make me laugh, its so to have someone to chat too, it falls on deaf ears in work, think they're Feb up with me as all I talk about is cakes, cakes and more cakes.

bashini Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 9:24pm
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ABarbara, don't worry. Call me whatever you like. I'm use to it!!:lol:

Maisie, here how it works. You have to replace the sponge flour with Doves plain flour and add 1 teaspoon of Gluten Free baking powder and and half a teaspoon of Xantham for every 4 oz of flour. Hope it make since. What size cake are you going to bake Maisie?

As per freezing cakes, I am against it. I always bake 100% fresh and quality ingredients. The taste of my cakes are very important to me. I am sure it is for all of us... The one time I did it, it was my god daughter's cake. My friend said that they couldn't say it was previously frozen cake and the taste and the moistness were same as a freshly baked cake. And also you need to inform the customer that the cake cannot be frozen again.

DaysCakes Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 9:34pm
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Just wanted to say hello!  I only joined this forum a few days ago and it's great to find a British section.  I have recently returned to cake decorating after a 15 year gap - and want to get back to it  again.  Already finding that some things have changed and hoping that I can brush up on skills and learn some new ones. 

maisie73 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 9:53pm
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AHi Dayscakes, sorry you have to join at such a bad time. :-( It is with great sadness that I have to announce I am looking for adoptive parents. As much as my own love me they just cannot provide me with the love and support (and fabulous cake room) I need to help me become a productive, well balanced member of society. If anybody (ahem bashini) knows a kind, generous, cake room minded couple, please let me know as soon as possible. Every second counts ladies (ahem bashini), I am beginning to fear for my mental health.

maisie73 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 9:57pm
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AHahaha! I'm doing a nanny! :-) I just went to drool over NATTS cake room again and realised I got the name wrong? :-) So sorry to Natt and Bashini. I'm going to bed I think! I really am worried about my mental health!

nannycook Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 10:03pm
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AWelcome dayscakes, this is nutty thread all full of fab and very talented peeps.

bashini Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 10:06pm
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AHahaha..... Maisie... You are funny!!!! I wish I have a cake room too.... Maybe in near future!!!!:wink: :D:D

maisie73 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 10:11pm
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ACan you imagine what my poor husband has to put up with! :-) Lush, lush cake room! Yes welcome Dayscakes, they're all talented and I'm nutty! Bashini (just had to go all the way up the thread to make sure I'm replying to the right person!) - i'll put xantham gum on my list too. Yes instructions make sense. I was going to just make two sandwich tins and trim them to fit the top and bottom bit of the cupcake but now I want to try the plain gf flour in the cupcake tin. Good point about telling people they can't refreeze it, I wouldn't have thought of that. Thankyou. (Whoever said it!) I love this thread, it's the best one on CC!

nannycook Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 10:11pm
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AI have large kitchen, does that qualify as" a cake room" ha ha, cold storage I want if anything, at the moment the cake made today is sitting in the bedroom downstairs ( live in a bungi) with the window open.

maisie73 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 10:16pm
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AI've always wanted a kitchen big enough for an island! Storage is a huge problem isn't it. I'm quite lucky, I've got a bit of an outhouse by my back door, it's always freezing out there so if my cakes won't fit in my fridge I put them there. Not in the same league as a cake room though is it?!

nannycook Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 10:19pm
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ANah, don't count sorry maisie, no where near enough as posh as a cake room, so we can keep on dreaming then?

natt12321 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 10:20pm
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On a counter though, my kitchen is TINY! It's a galley kitchen, and I can JUST squeeze past my oven door when it's open, and cos I have a range sized oven (with no compartments, just one big oven) I spend alot of time leaning into my oven at funny angles!

maisie73 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 10:21pm
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AYep, keep dreaming! ......... Or stop cooking, let the kids starve, husbands fend for themselves and no more beverages for visitors, rellies and strays............. Tada! Cake room!

maisie73 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 10:24pm
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AYes you're right nanny, we shouldn't hijack other threads. And yes I am going to bed, I was having fun tho! I'm going now, goodnight all and thankyou. :-)

nannycook Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 10:25pm
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AOK then Natt I've gone off the idea now, you've killed it now as got lovely pic of your leaning over at funny angles, I'll stick with my big kitchen for now bah humbug.

nannycook Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 10:47pm
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ANight fellow bakers, chat tomorrow!

maisie73 Posted 16 Mar 2014 , 11:01pm
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ANot working Natt, we're still insanely jealous! And now you're going to get me in trouble with Nanny, she sent me to bed ages ago! Sorry Nanny, I did go to bed but you all kept me awake talking! G'nite all.

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