Sunflower Cc ?? From A Cookie-Ator

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GayeG Posted 13 Mar 2009 , 4:39pm
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Hi Cup Cakers!
Please forgive this ?? if it's been asked and answered b4 .. I've searched your threads but to no advail ...
I've got an order for a Sunflower cake w/24 Sunflower cc's ... No problem with the cake, as I plan to make them from GP - but I want to do the CC from Buttercream ... Can you please tell me what tip# I need to use to achieve this!! Flowers are NOT my forte!! (thats why I freehand them - or cut them out)
Any advice will help!
TIA! Gaye
BTW: I "googled" allready but only came up with a few sites, and they were not very helpful icon_sad.gif

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GeminiRJ Posted 13 Mar 2009 , 5:48pm
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I did some sunflower cupcakes once, and used candy corn for the sun's rays. Just iced the cupcake yellow and stuck on the candy. Piped on the eyes and mouth, though you could use red hots for the eyes. It's really quite cute, easy....and not for a diabetic!

GayeG Posted 13 Mar 2009 , 8:43pm
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Gemini - thats a too cute idea! Im keeping that in my memory box! I love the idea of the face! Summer is coming and I think I should try those! Thanks! But this one wants just buttercream (not even itty bitty chocolate chips for the center!) icon_sad.gif so ....

Chilz! O My! Thank you soooo much - Im sure I can learn something from one of these!
That was so sweet to go to that much work!! I really apprieciate that!! I googled and came up with nada ... searched the cc forum & nada ... I was getting desperate!!
I DID find one web page where the lady said ... "heres how you do it, however you SHOULD have learned this already" .... (maybe from your Wilton classes?) since its "Beginning Cake Decorating 101" .... That made me laugh!! O NO!!!! I NEVER took the WILTON classes icon_wink.gif Now "what" am I gonna do! haha

Im very Thankful to you both!!

\\/\\/estside!! Woop Woop! OK .. Im too old to be whooping! Thats what my kids say!! icon_wink.gif

GeminiRJ Posted 14 Mar 2009 , 3:55pm
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GayeG, so sorry! I saw "sunflower" but kept seeing a sun! Boy, do I feel blond! At least chilz882 came thru withwhat you were actually asking for.

sayhellojana Posted 14 Mar 2009 , 4:15pm
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This video from Serious_Cake's has a gerbra daisy, which to me looks a lot like a sunflower, just use different colors

SeriousCakes Posted 14 Mar 2009 , 5:26pm
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Actually this one has one in it after the basketweave thumbs_up.gif

But you're right, I just can't make a daisy, they always look like something else!!! *shakes head sadly* I can freehand a stained glass window but am defeated by the daisy! icon_lol.gif

GayeG Posted 14 Mar 2009 , 7:56pm
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Thats ok Gemini - it gave me a great "to-do" for another time! And seeing the "sunny" side is a good thing icon_wink.gif

Hello Jana! Thanks a ton! That will help! ... And I love Gerbera Daisy's! So I get 2 for 1!

Serious_Cakes - Thanks to you also! Im gonna check it out too ... I AM so totally "flower challenged" .. I tried to make Pointsetta's on a cake at Christmas .. when you stepped back and looked at it, it looked like a giant red spider! *pitiful*

NOTE TO SELF: Sign up for that "Cake Decorating 101" class!! icon_wink.gif

chutzpah Posted 14 Mar 2009 , 8:04pm
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I used a leaf tip on these. Fast and easy.

GayeG Posted 14 Mar 2009 , 8:30pm
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chutzpah - Thanx so much for sending the pic along! Thants exactly what I need to do! And after watching the YouTube video's - I believe the leaf tip is what was used in Serious-Cakes (I made be wrong) but ...

Thanks again! Your CC's are cute as can be ..

chutzpah Posted 14 Mar 2009 , 8:37pm
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So glad I could help! The middles are just a spoonful of ganache and jimmies.

GayeG Posted 14 Mar 2009 , 9:12pm
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Yummy - and they sound delish as well! icon_wink.gif

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