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bekahzzz Posted 10 Mar 2009 , 1:45pm
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I've only done a few fondant cakes, and saw all the lovely pictures of matching fondant for the base too. I tried it, but I failed do you secure it? Fold it under? Put icing on the board? There is probably an obvious answer for this ... but I couldn't figure it out.

Thanks in advance!!

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peg818 Posted 10 Mar 2009 , 1:53pm
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just use a little water to stick the fondant to the board, bring the fondant to the edge of the board and cut flush, then glue a ribbon on the edge to hide it.

AnotherBrit Posted 10 Mar 2009 , 1:56pm
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What I do is roll out the fondant to pretty much the size you need. I then place it on top of the board and roll again when it's on the board. Then take a knife and trim around the edge to cut away the excess. I never usually stick it with anything and have never had a problem with it coming off but if you're concerned, you could always put a small dab of buttercream. I tend to try and do the board a day or so before the cake is to be iced so that it dries - otherwise it gets very gooey and sticky underneath the cake. I hope that help.

Bluehue Posted 10 Mar 2009 , 2:00pm
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Oh bekahzzz sorry to hear you had problems covering your board.

I always dampen my board with either sugar syrup or clear alcohol and then whilst the board is slightly damp - get the fondant on quick smart.

Just roll it out to about 1/4 inch thick - and i tuck it under a good 1/2 inch under the board.

Think i answered a question like this 2 weeks ago - where i said i always stick little clear plastic self sticking feet on the underside of my board.
I buy them from my local hardware store.
That way the underneath dries and is easier to you can get your fingers under the edges.

Sometimes. when i have the covered on the board i might stamp it with an empression mat so as to give it a patten - just a thought.

So dampen your board - roll out fondant - place the fonant on - and just smooth over and outwards to the four sides (if it is a sqare board).
Or just smooth around and around in a circular motion to the edge if it is a round board.

Hope this helps you.

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bekahzzz Posted 10 Mar 2009 , 3:15pm
post #5 of 11 you can fold under it you put the feet on it? I had just cut it to the very bottom of the cake drum I used and it slid around?? will the water help that too?

bashini Posted 10 Mar 2009 , 3:26pm
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I cover the cake with fondant first. Then cut a strip of fondant and damp the board with water/clear alcohol and cover it with the strip of fondant. This will help you to understand the method,

THis method is called the bandage method.

I never cover the sides of the board with fondant. Always do it with ribbon. To stick the ribbon, use double sided sticky tape.

Bluehue Posted 11 Mar 2009 , 9:51am
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Originally Posted by bekahzzz you can fold under it you put the feet on it?
Yes, that is what i do - that way the fondant *under* the board is not sitting directly onto a suface - instead on little feet thus air can move underneath which lets it dry - and also because the board is raised up a tad you can get your fingers just under the board which makes for easier lifting.

I had just cut it to the very bottom of the cake drum I used and it slid around?? will the water help that too?
Yes - but not alot of water - as you don't want it getting all gooey.

By cutting it to the bottom of your drum - that is fine - at least the fondant won't stick to the bench or table.

We come from different parts of the globe and what i do here in Aistralia may seem foreign to someone in another country - but i just thought i would explain *my* way of doing it -

I hope i haven't confused you even mnore - icon_confused.gif

The little stick on feet i use look very similar to the little clear plastic things you would stick on a wall to stop a door banging and gashing into a wall - I just peel off a little backing and press them straight onto my board.
They are about 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch square.
Thus giving me enough room to just get my finger tips underneath the board - so as not to mark or dint the covered board.
When using a small board I put them about 1/2 inch in from the edges - and one in the middle and when using a large board i put 3 down every side and 2 spaced evenly towards the middle.

For me it only adds about another AUS$1.20 to the whole creation so its not like it is a great expense...but looks effective and stops boards with fondant getting marked.

Does that make sense?
Oh dear - i hope so -
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Tona Posted 11 Mar 2009 , 12:08pm
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I use a small amount of piping get to stick the fondant to the cake board it works really well.

allycook Posted 11 Mar 2009 , 12:29pm
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I use a spray bottle and lightly mist it. Fot the sides I use a paint brush and dampen the sides and fold the fondant over the edge. I also cut strips of foamboard and put underneath to lift it a bit so lifting it is easier.

cookieswithdots Posted 11 Mar 2009 , 5:55pm
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I love the idea of the feet under the cake board. I covered my first board yesterday and it turned out great.


kiwigirly Posted 12 Mar 2009 , 6:56pm
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I glue a smaller cake board underneath the larger one which gives it a platform to sit on making it easier to get fingers/hands underneath.

I am now confused about putting fondant on a cake board, which would be the best way, rolling straight over the board or placing around the cake on the board? Opininions anyone?

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