Michele Foster's Fondant - Sticky And Dry?

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tx_cupcake Posted 22 Feb 2009 , 2:12am
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Is this even possible?

I made it for the first time yesterday and followed the directions to a tee. I let it rest overnight, and tonight I started to color it only to discover that it had become sticky. So I started to add a bit more ps, but as I kept kneading (for about 15 min) I saw that it was breaking apart and looking flaky as though it were too dry. icon_confused.gif

Has anyone else had this issue? I just didn't know it was possible for fondant to be both sticky and dry. I usually make MMF and have never had this problem. (And the weather here is cool and dry, so I doubt it's a humidity issue.)

How in the heck do I fix this? icon_cry.gif

Any suggestions are welcome!


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stephbakes Posted 22 Feb 2009 , 2:38am
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I hope someone replies...this was the next recipe on my experiment list, and I'm already planning a cake I thought I'd use it for.

Did you try a bit of crisco to correct the dryness?

tx_cupcake Posted 22 Feb 2009 , 2:42am
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I did try adding shortening to a small piece to see if it would make a difference. I'm going to let it rest a minute then see how it acts.

SMcDonald Posted 22 Feb 2009 , 3:57am
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This is the only fondant I use. I have had a couple times where I added too much powdered sugar and it got flaky. I kneaded some shortening into it and it worked great. I did seem to take a lot more shortening than you would expect, but I just kept working it in until I felt the consistency was good.

Sugarflowers Posted 22 Feb 2009 , 4:35am
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Kneading in small amounts of glycerin will probably help this more than just shortening. It also sounds like there might be just a little too much gelatin. It doesn't take much to change the consistency.

Try warming it very slightly in the microwave to make it easier to knead.



Teekakes Posted 22 Feb 2009 , 4:53am
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txcupcake..............not sure what part of the state you are in but I make Michele's fondant frequently and have never had a problem whatsoever. I live on Galveston Bay and the humidty has been high across much of the Southern part of the state until the cold front came through this afternoon. I know humidity makes it softer and more sticky but I always just add enough ps to get it like it is supposed to be.......never a problem. Maybe you did get to much gelatin, thus the flaking apart.
Let me know if you are able to reclaim the batch..........I have made several different homemade fondants and this one is by far the best! Don't give up on it!! icon_smile.gif

AKA_cupcakeshoppe Posted 22 Feb 2009 , 7:14am
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I also heat it a little bit in the microwave to make it softer. I have made it before where i put too much PS in it and I just kneaded a bit of shortening.

Michelle, how much glycerine? just a dab?

I also LOVE this recipe. It's the only one I'd make but I don't really use fondant much although I plan to. So please don't give up hope. It tastes good and easy to work with.

Sugarflowers Posted 22 Feb 2009 , 5:20pm
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Start with about 1/2 of a tsp. of glycerin and then add a drop or two at a time until the fondant becomes smooth. Too much shortening will cause it to lose some of it's elasticity and to feel greasy.

To find larger and less expensive bottles of glycerin, try looking for it in a health food store. It's usually in the section for making your own hand lotion.



tx_cupcake Posted 22 Feb 2009 , 6:30pm
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Thanks Michele! I added about 2/3 tsp of glycerin and it worked like a charm! I guess next time I won't just add the packets of gelatin without properly measuring first. icon_redface.gif

Anyway, here is the cake that was on the line:

Sugarflowers Posted 22 Feb 2009 , 8:46pm
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The cake looks pretty cool!


Teekakes Posted 23 Feb 2009 , 12:44am
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Txcupcake...........Your cake looks great! Nice recovery on your part! thumbs_up.gif

sjmoral Posted 23 Feb 2009 , 2:32am
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I see that you also use MMF, what is the difference in taste between the two? I want to try this one but I'm afraid I won't like it. How about the ease of working with it? Is one easier than the other?

tx_cupcake Posted 23 Feb 2009 , 1:55pm
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Thanks guys!

@sjmoral - Honestly, I couldn't tell that much of a difference between the two. I think the MMF is slightly sweeter and it tastes a little more artificial just because of the marshmallows. I don't like that you can't control that aspect of MMF, which is why I decided to try Michele Foster's recipe. Also, I think it's probably easier to change the flavor of Michele Foster's just because you're making everything from scratch.

I think you should just try one batch. If you don't like it you could use it on a dummy or to make 3-D decorations!


alecrim Posted 25 Sep 2013 , 8:36pm
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Cake for Friday, two batches of MFF that went wrong. I will try kneading glicerine. I hope I will manage to get it right otherwise will need to skip the fondant! Hope it works! There is no shortening in Sweden.

Thank you for the tips here.


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