How Should I Handle This?

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LisaMaeCakes Posted 18 Feb 2009 , 1:52am
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To start, I'm fairly new in the business.

I received a call from an event planner that I have worked w/once before. She's a real professional and does events all over Georgia. She recommended me to a bride recently. Apparently this bride wants something "not the normal/traditional". This bride lives 2 hours away. The event planner is meeting w/her Tuesday and wants me to go to the meeting also. I do want to tap into this market if I can, but I did express my concern that it's basically an all day thing by the time I make the travel, take tasting cakes, etc. The planner said she understood, but that this girl was originally considering only one bakery until she was told to go to my website and likes my style. The planner told her that I like new fresh ideas, artsey stuff. Anyway, the planner thinks it would be very beneficial for me to talk w/this girl and her mom. My question, should I just do it and hope to goodness she books me or do I say that I will go, but it will be $XX (feel free to fill in the amount if you think this is the way to go) but it will be deducted if she books me.

PS, I am a legal business, but do everything by appt so I don't have to "close up shop" if I do this

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indydebi Posted 18 Feb 2009 , 1:56am
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With the information provided, I would say, yes ... go, and consider it an investment in your biz. Can you ride with the planner? At least you wouldn't be out the cost of gas.

Oh .... any idea how large this wedding may be? A wedding for 300 .... no question about going. Jumping thru these hoops for 50 or 75? Ummmmmmmm .... not sure.

LisaMaeCakes Posted 18 Feb 2009 , 2:04am
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Hi Debbie!!!!! I was soooo hoping I'd hear from you. tee hee

I don't know how many people, I will ask before committing. My gut tells me to do it, but I wanted some good sound advice first.

I can't ride w/the planner. We're about an hour away from each other.

indydebi Posted 18 Feb 2009 , 2:12am
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Unlike working directly with a bride, working with an event planner can really be an open door for you. She'll see that you're willing to go that extra mile (literally!) and if this bride locks onto you and likes you, it could really impress her.

I met a wedding planner at a meeting. we hit it off really well ... her husband ordered her birthday cake from me and we've been working together pretty consistently ever since!

That's pretty much what swayed my opinion on this one. If it was "just a bride" asking you to drive 2 hours, I'm not sure what I'd think. But an event planner? If it works out well .... it could work out WELL! thumbs_up.gif

Ruth0209 Posted 18 Feb 2009 , 2:14am
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I'd definitely do it. If you're trying to break into the market you need to take every opportunity to get yourself out there.

I don't think it's appropriate to charge for a consult. However, I'd make it very clear that if she books with you, your delivery fee will have to reflect the time and distance you'll need to travel.

summernoelle Posted 18 Feb 2009 , 2:24am
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And also, Tuesday most likely isn't too busy for you, is it? Most likely a slow day if you only make cakes.
I would be a little hesitant as well, but I think it's a good idea.
Wow, this bride is getting some awesome treatment, though.

LisaMaeCakes Posted 18 Feb 2009 , 2:29am
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