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sandy1 Posted 14 Feb 2009 , 3:00pm
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Does anyone know if a cake that has been decorated or filled with Sam's Bettercream icing/filling be left out for 1-2 days without refrigeration? I will be icing the cake with buttercream icing but the filling will be made with the Bettercream.

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Curtsmin24 Posted 14 Feb 2009 , 3:17pm
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As long as it's being mixed with a nonperishable. Bettercreme is nondairy. I leave it out and it's covered but that's just becuase i'm really wierd about food products. My potatoes are wrapped in bags! I'm not comfortable with leaving anything out. tjmo.

juledcakes Posted 14 Feb 2009 , 4:52pm
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it is considered a nondairy so it really doesnt need to be in the frig, but it does taste really awful at room temp and has a very weird consitency when you go to eat so i wouldnt recommend it.


sandy1 Posted 14 Feb 2009 , 6:30pm
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Does the Bettercream icing/filling break down when used as a filling between the cake layers if the cake needs to sit out over night without refrigeration?? I would be using regular buttercream to ice the cake and only using the Bettercream for the filling. I don't have an area large enough to refrigerate the cake so it will need to sit out over night. The cake will not be cut into until noon the following day. Sorry for all these questions but I have never used Bettercream before and want to make sure it holds up the way I hope it will. I'd hate to have the cake layers sink down in the center because the whipped filling broke down. This concerns me because I wanted to use the Bettercream icing/filling for wedding cakes and I need to know leaving the cakes out will not affect the consistency or taste of the filling. I thought due to the fact that it is a non-dairy product I was safe using it and leaving it out for a couple of days.
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zoomzone Posted 14 Feb 2009 , 6:52pm
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Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Rich's Bettercreme


You will find that, yes you can leave it out for a few days with no problems. I love to use betttercreme- however, I do like like the taste of it "undoctored".
You will find many here who use it in some form in their wedding cakes. thumbs_up.gif

Not sure what julia means by "it does taste really awful at room temp and has a very weird consitency when you go to eat ".

The only time I have noticed a weird consistency is when it was overwhipped. Overwhipping turns the look to "bird poop".
Maybe the one she had was plain vanilla and overwhipped????
Follow Melvira's instruction and you won't have a problem.

sandy1 Posted 14 Feb 2009 , 8:36pm
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Thank you zoomzone, I was starting to panick! The product I purchased is from Sam's Club bakery, it is prewhipped "Rich's Bettercreme" and comes in a large 15 pound bucket.

JanH Posted 15 Feb 2009 , 7:16am
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Rich's handling instructions:
(For Ready to Use,, but always applies to liquid after whipping.)


When using Rich's Bettercreme as filling, it's still necessary to use a b/c dam to keep the filling in place just as you would with any other filling....

Everything you ever wanted to know to bake, assemble and decorate your first tiered/stacked/layer cake:


Everything you ever wanted to know about Rich's Bettercreme (and Pastry Pride):



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