Fresh Sliced Strawberry Filling With Buttercream/cream?

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springlakecake Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 5:41pm
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Is there a procedure to using fresh strawberries in a cake? I love the look of the slices of strawberry in between this buttercream/cream or whatever it is. (see link)

How long will something like this last? I have put fresh strawberries on top of the cake and it definitely doesnt take long for them to start juicing.

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springlakecake Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 5:43pm
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shoot, the link isnt working.

springlakecake Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 5:45pm
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okay this is the cake example:

terrig007 Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 5:57pm
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I don't know but I would be interested as well. Boy, does that cake look yummy!

chilz822 Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 6:06pm
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I'm making a strawberry cake in the morning. My plan is to use Paula Deen's strawberry cake recipe and a cream cheese frosting. Between the layers I plan to put frosting and sliced berries. The outside will be sort of a 'candy barrel' look with white chocolate strips rather than the kitkats. The top will be fresh white-chocolate dipped whole berries. I don't see any reason the sliced berries can't sit between the layers (if they start to juice, the layers should soak it up and be even more flavorful, right?

(sounds good in theory anyway!)

Redlotusninjagrl Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 6:34pm
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OMG that looks delicious! I think that is whipped cream or maybe that Bettercream, which is a whipped cream kind of icing. I think the actual rinsing of the berry is what causes it to start breaking down. Maybe if you did a glaze of some sort, that would keep them from turning. I don't have an answer, but I hope someone else does. I would LOVE to try that when local strawberries come into season in early summer.

chilz822 Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 6:39pm
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Look how clean those berries are cut against the edge of the cake. I bet it's a frozen dessert...

chefbarbie0513 Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 6:51pm
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If someone has an answer that would be great. I have done 2 cakes for a lady and she always wants fresh strawberries in the middle. The strawberries start to turn quick. On the 2nd cake I made it only hours before she was to eat it. I had a thick, stiff dam of buttercream around the edge. It didnt leak too much but I could tell when she picked it up that it was starting to get moist.

springlakecake Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 7:22pm
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Thanks, hopefully more tips will come in! I see this look a lot in photos, but I just don't know what it is exactly or how to do it. I guess I could just experiment!

shannon100 Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 7:58pm
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I used fresh strawberries in this cake. It was in the summer, so the strawberries were fresh and in season. We washed them and then dried them completely. (You have to make sure there's not even a drop of water left on them!) I put a layer of buttercream down on the bottom layer and then put the strawberry slices on top of the buttercream. I then stacked and iced as normal.

We ate the cake that night, and it took us about 2 or 3 days to finish it, but it never got "leaky" or anything. We did keep it in the fridge, so maybe that's why? This cake was just for my friends and my family. (We were moving, so we were staying with them, and she wanted to see how to do a simple cake. It's not perfect, but it was good enough to show her the basics.)

Juds2323 Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 8:32pm
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I did a fresh strawberry mango filling with a pastry pride cheesecake mousse. I did put a thin layer of buttercream on the inside of the cake in case it got juicy it wouldn't soak the cake too much. I just mixed it up (definitely make sure your berries are dry - I even dried the mango a bit) and spooned it in like a normal filling. It only sat for about a day before serving. But didn't really weep or get soggy at all. There were no leftovers so I can't help with how long it lasted.


springlakecake Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 8:55pm
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that looks yummy shannon!

rockysmommy Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 9:10pm
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That cake looks wonderful!

rockytop Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 9:21pm
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I agree with Shannon100. I made a Pina colada cake with a canned pineapple filling . MAKE SURE THERE IS NO LIQIUD OF ANY KIND ON THE FRUIT or it may make the cake soggy. i would ice the top of the bottom and bottom of the top to prevent any liquid from soaking in to the cake. hope this helps


misabel99 Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 9:30pm
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Most of the cakes that I make are 3 leches with fresh strawberry filling I just whipped Pastry Pride and put the strawberry slices; and the cakes still good for up to 2 days. it tastes yummy.

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