Making My Own Birthday Cake. Is That Sad?

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homemaluhia Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 8:16pm
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I love making my own cake!! It's exactly the flavor I want and the design I want. Plus, if I want to try a new flavor or a new technique it's a great opportunity. Once a few years ago my sisters thought they'd "save me the hassle" and told me not to make a cake. They bought on at Safeway!!!

Have a great time making your cake. Have a Happy Birthday!!!

tarheelgirl Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 8:19pm
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I am making mine this year! I don't think of it as being sad but as getting to do any design, colors I want to do! YAY!! icon_biggrin.gif

something_sweet Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 8:24pm
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I will be 30 this year too (eek!) icon_eek.gif
But luckily, my sister is as good of a baker as I am, and she usually makes my birthday cakes. If she didn't, I would absolutely do it myself! I won't eat store-bought cakes anymore. I think you made a good choice!
Have a nice birthday!

MahalKita Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 8:30pm
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No not at all. It means you have control issues like me icon_smile.gif Hahahaha If I actually could handle having a birthday party I would probably end up alienating everyone & throwing it for myself. I am so bad, it HAS to be my way.

I think when we make ourselves things we figure "why don't we deserve the love, time & effort that everyone else gets on their special day" if we don't do it who will. icon_smile.gif

Sweetlepea Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 8:36pm
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Nothing wrong with it! I would, but every year since I was like, 8 (I'll be 26 V-Day) I've gotten a Cathys strawberry rum cake, each year. I gotta be honest. I LOVE my cakes, and know I can have exactly what I want.. But theres no way I can make something that could be in comparison to a Cathys strawberry rum! YUMMY icon_lol.gif

twooten173 Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 8:38pm
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I know you busters aren't concerned over a 30th birthday. 30's the new 20 icon_biggrin.gif

When I first started decorating cakes DH bought me an undecorated cake - just iced - from the store for me to "play" with for my birthday. I loved it! I rarely eat cake anymore tapedshut.gif so it was perfect. He normally gets me a piece of carrot cake from the Cheesecake Factory but I think I will skip that this year because they started skimping on the icing - yum.

teswade Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 8:59pm
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I wish I would have gotten into cake decorating sooner because I turned 21 last year and I looked everywhere for the perfect cake but nothing seemed right. My parents were not going to spend a fortune on my cake so I settled for a grocery store cake that looked like a monster. I asked for it pink but I had no idea it would be hot pink. They put so much coloring in it that we could not eat it. It tasted terrible. My birthday is in June and I am already thinking about what I am going to do for my 22nd birthday cake!

zamku Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 9:03pm
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Originally Posted by Ayanami

I don't think I could let anyone else make my cake! icon_razz.gif When I started making cakes, that was the first thing people said, was "well, who's gonna make your cake?" and I was like "duh, me!" Although I did let my 4 yo nephew make my last b-day cake. It wasn't pretty (though not too bad really) but it sure tasted good! My SIL said the only thing she did was measure out the ingredients, help hold the bowl while he poured & then she put it in & out of the oven. otherwise, it was all him! So sweet. icon_smile.gif

And this year my daughter wants to make me one.

hammer1 Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 9:08pm
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last year was my 50th bithday, so my work partner contacted my cake partner and they planned a birthday party . my cake partner usually only bakes and makes the icing (which she does fabulously)....this cake put her out of her comfort zone, but it was great for somone else to do the cake for this big day....if i can't have my cakes, i want a Cold Stone Creamery birthday ice cream cake....yum sweet cream ice cream.

grams Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 9:23pm
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A couple years ago I made the grapevine wreath cake in my gallery for my birthday. Coconut cake with chocolate bc icing. I took it with me when we went to visit my daughter and her boyfriend. They ooed and aahed over it and took pictures of it with their camera phones so they could show others and then she put it in the refrig. (I thought it was so the dogs wouldn't get into it while we visited) We never did get served any of the cake. I guess she assumed I'd made it just for them. Guess next time I'll have to come right out and say this is for all of us to eat tonight and you can keep what's left. The kicker was that I found out later the boyfriend doesn't really care for coconut.

VannaD Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 9:25pm
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I never bake my own cake, if i was having a big party i would, i just dont ever have a big party so DH and our DDs make me a little cake. This year i got real lucky, my dad made me a cake and brought it over, my mom made me a cake and brought it over, and my hubby and girls made me a cake. Yes, i was totally sick of cake but appreciated each one. Another reason i never make my cake is B/C my Bday is the same as my moms, so she makes me a cake and i make her a cake. Sweet, right? Happy Birthday. Sweetlayers your story was great!

pkinkema Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 9:34pm
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Wonderful b'day cakes--and no, it's not sad! But I think if we bake our own b'day cakes, we should put "Happy Birthday to ME!" on it! icon_biggrin.gif

mpaigew Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 9:40pm
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My birthday is coming up, and I am SO making my own cake! It's not sad...I'm excited to be able to do something creative for ME!

SpringFlour Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 9:44pm
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I'm in the "make my own" club, too. If I didn't make it, my mom would bake me a cake straight from the box, with canned icing, and serve it all in the 9x13 pan she baked it in. She's a sweet person, but I want a good cake, not the kind she bakes. icon_biggrin.gif She knows this, too. Plus, my husband feels like he's off the hook in the cake department. If I make my own cake, everyone is happy.

momvarden Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 9:45pm
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i always make my one ever even try's to purchase one for me.

FullHouse Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 10:05pm
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I WISH I could make my own, my DH would be insulted and wants to treat me to a grocery store cake. He means well, so I don't have the heart to tell him I'd prefer otherwise icon_smile.gif. Maybe this year I can get the kids to tell him they really want to help decorate a cake with me for my bday, they really do love playing around with fondant and it would be special if they designed it. I, of course, would have to bake it so the flavor and quality will be exactly what I want (my DH can only boil water or place meat on the grill).

indydebi Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 10:29pm
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Originally Posted by NCmomof3boys

I WISH I could make my own, my DH would be insulted and wants to treat me to a grocery store cake.

I pretty much have no tolerance for this kind of stuff. Husbands like this are pretty much saying "I dont' care what you WANT ... I'm going to do something that makes ME feel like the big man, whether you like it or not." And 9 times out of 10, we don't.

Been there ... finally got him trained! thumbs_up.gif

homemaluhia Posted 27 Jan 2009 , 10:37pm
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Originally Posted by pkinkema

But I think if we bake our own b'day cakes, we should put "Happy Birthday to ME!" on it! icon_biggrin.gif

What a fun idea!!

doughdough Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 6:43pm
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Here is my cake:

Pretty good for an afternoon's worth of work! Happy Birthday to ME!! icon_biggrin.gif

pkinkema Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 7:24pm
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Cute cake. Bet it was the best tasting b'day cake you've ever had!!!!

What did you use to paint the gold on the lipstick with? Looks great.

doughdough Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 7:31pm
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It's gold sparkle dust (from Global Sugar Art). I just added a little bit of vodka, and painted it on. I used some silver sparkle dust on the pearls too.

I haven't eaten it yet, but I will be tonight and I can't wait! Yummers!

pkinkema Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 7:36pm
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The pearls look great, too!

tripleD Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 7:44pm
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Bakerbear, Happy Birthday!
I do cake for a local town restaurant. they called me and ordered a cake the same day as my birthday. My husband told me to turn cakes down because he wanted to take me out.Needless to say i made the cake and delivered it to them. To find out about 3 hours later that is where my husband took me for dinner. It was a suprise party at the same restaurant. Yes the cake i made was for me! they all laugh and said no other cake would have satisfied me...

Dizzymaiden Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 7:52pm
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When I hand over my sponge cake with fresh fruit and real whipped cream I am always thinking...why can't I get a cake like that for my Birthday??! I am making a stand-to make my own cake!

I don't have to wait for my B Day do I? icon_wink.gif

lindambc Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 7:55pm
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I always make my own cakes! Its a way for me to practice something I have wanted to try and get the flavor I want!!! Heck, I am do any day and just made my own shower cake and cookies! Cuz I got what I wanted!

Nothing sad about it.

indydebi Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 7:59pm
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tripleD, what would hubby have done if you HAD turned it down? icon_lol.gif

Dizzymaiden Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 8:00pm
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[quote="lindambc"]I always make my own cakes! Its a way for me to practice something I have wanted to try and get the flavor I want!!! Heck, I am do any day and just made my own shower cake and cookies! Cuz I got what I wanted!

What is your favorite cake to make for yourself?

sheeza Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 8:30pm
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i have never made my own birthday cake. thats because i didnt know how to decorate till now . this year i am looking forward to making my own cake icon_biggrin.gif after all when i get to pick my own presents and even my own bday cards on behalf of my parents and my hubby (now thats sad ) i should make my own cake !!!

Cake4ever Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 9:10pm
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No, what is really sad is that I won't even make my own cake. Who wants to clean up the mess on your own special day? And I am such a cake snob (don't care for anything but my own), I won't let hubby buy one from the grocery store, but he sometimes does it anyway because the kids would be disappointed if I didn't have one...

Oh well, maybe I will make my own cake this year. We'll see about the mess! LOL.

Shasha2727 Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 6:54pm
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My birthday is New Year's Day, and every year I cook all day for a traditional southern New Years feast (pork & black beans = health  collards = money   rice=fertility) and I ALWAYS make my own cake.  This takes more than a day,usually. We have an open house and feed 20-25 people each year & I enjoy pretty much every minute of it, until it's time to clean up, and then I solicit help. If anyone were insensitive & silly enough to say "oh you poor thing" I'd tell them I do it because no one else could make the cake I want!  Last year it was a Hungarian Nut Torte with Whipped Cream & Caramel filling, year before I decorated a bigger cake to share with another birthday girl, this one with one tier of my all time favorite Amaretto Cake with Raspberry Mousse & Cream Cheese Icing.  My friends know I am very choosy about food, and understand that if they eat with me, the food they eat will be made with love.  Beside, who really likes grocery store cakes? YUCK!

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