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michellenj Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 1:51am
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Oh yeah! It starts tomorrow night. I can't wait to see how it works out with the new lady judge. What hapens if there is a tie? Ryan Seacrest gets to say whether they proceed? icon_lol.gif

The Reality Channel has been running reruns of the previous seasons lately. I am so surprised some of them didn't win or go on to serious fame.

I wonder if I'm the only one who cares about AI any more. icon_redface.gif I'm a goober, I know.

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Ohara Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 2:04am
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Nope, not the only one who cares! I hope it's a good season. I'm not sure what I think of the 4th judge. I guess we'll know more tomorrow.

jammjenks Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 3:43am
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Count me in. I LOVE American much so that my DH just rolls his eyes this time of year when all the commercials start. I am so excited to see how it all goes this year.

FlourPots Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 10:09am
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I've watched every season from beginning to end, so I would love the chance to discuss it here icon_biggrin.gif .

michellenj Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 11:03pm
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I just read that they released the ep today to reviewers, and on the very first ep they have a 2-2 tie. It's for a girl who shows up in a bikini, supposedly looking rather hot, and Simon and Randy like her, big shocker.

Less than 2 hours to go!

cakesdivine Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 2:23am
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It is hilarious so far...but some really good talent. The girl in the bikini really can sing, she didn't need to wear that to get through.

jammjenks Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 3:25am
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Ok-I watche every last one of them. Who did you think was the best/worst?

michellenj Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 5:04am
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I really felt sorry for the first guy, the one with the big afro. He was so happy to be there, and his face just fell. Poor guy, he wore the tap shoes, right? (Note to self, do not give my son tap lessons. icon_lol.gif )

Bikini girl was good and I agree that she didn't have to wear the bikini to get through.

The blind guy was good.

I'm going to have to watch it again before I can comment on others.

FlourPots Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 5:50am
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It was an awesome first show...I really like the new judge, I think she blended in well, it didn't seem awkward at all. It's great that she has real credentials too. She also sounded better than bikini girl, I thought.

I was very happy that Paula was completely lucid through the entire program, I swear last season she fell asleep (it looked like) while sipping her Coke (at the auditions) more than a few times.

I loved the blind guy, his voice was beautiful...I also like the kid who makes horror movies, and the girl who started the grandparent program.

The worst was the guy with the REALLY, REALLY deep voice, and the guy who mumbled so bad you couldn't tell what he was singing. Someone mentioned he was doing a Carrie Underwood song, I had no idea.

michellenj Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 2:31pm
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I liked the grandparent program girl, too. Was she the one that Paula said she thought would be top 5?

The guy with the DEEP voice reminded me of the one from last year. He was a tour guide in Philly, and his co-workers told him he was really good and should try out.

Ryan looked so uncomfortable when bikini girl kissed him. icon_lol.gif

michellenj Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 5:05pm
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Speaking of Ryan, did you notice how he tried ti "high-five" the blind guy?

VannaD Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 5:23pm
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I saw him try to high 5, poor guy, he realized after a second and told him he was high fiving him. You could tell it made him (ryan)feel a little awkward. I didnt really like bikini grl, mostly b/c she wore a bikini. i wonder if anyone will take her seriously, and how far she'll get in with her clothes on? icon_rolleyes.gif I liked the new judge, she could definatly hold her own. Cant wait to see what happens tonight.

michellenj Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 8:00pm
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Oh, I forgot so say that the new judge is really good. I love her. And she's a good singer. Did you hear her call bikini girl a bitch? Too funny. Kara is spunky!

That kid with the mold in his closet was good, but reminds me of Clay Aiken. He even made those weird faces that Clay made.

FlourPots Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 8:41pm
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Ooh...I didn't hear Kara call her a bitch, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Yes, the mold guy, LOL...was not so bad. Also, the girl in the pink cowboy hat, who was carrying her binder with songs she had written...I thought she did fine and didn't expect all 4 judges to say No.

michellenj Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 9:02pm
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The pink cowboy hat girl reminded me so much of Reese Witherspoon in the movie "Election".

Ohara Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 9:05pm
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I really enjoyed last night as well. Liked Kara. I wasn't sure what I would think about her. Wow...she can sing. I would have liked to have slapped bikini girl. How rude she was to the lady judges.
I couldn't believe that Ryan hi fived the blind guy. And he looked like bikini girl had cooties when she kissed him. Ha!
A couple of good singers last night! Looking forward to more.

FlourPots Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 9:09pm
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I hope she comes back next year, like she said she would...I think there was something there.

Did you all see the video clip (at the beginning) of the hysterical girls hearing that David Cook had won? Here's the entire video for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, it's been pretty popular for months.

I think they're adorable and dramatic, and it's just like girls that age to feel so intensely about their favorite singer.

michellenj Posted 15 Jan 2009 , 12:30am
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Oh yes, Flourpots, that clip of the girls was a hoot. I remember being 12 and swooning over Rick Springfield dripping sweat on me at a concert. icon_redface.gif

I was thinking that there might be a little animosity between Paula and Kara, but they seem to play off each other pretty well. A while back, I heard that Paula was being interviewed on a radio show and the subject of Kara came up, and Paula went off about her, and that they were trying to get her off the show.

FlourPots Posted 15 Jan 2009 , 1:06am
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Rick Springfield, LOL...I had a crush on him when he was on General Hospital! He was beautiful!

I heard Paula and Kara were roommates years ago and are great friends, they seemed like it last night.

michellenj Posted 15 Jan 2009 , 1:49pm
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From what I understand, Paula is the one who actually discovered Kara-Kara handed her a demo tape and Paula said that this girl's got talkent.

I think this year's shows are much better than other seasons. The editing is bettter, and I think they are spending less time on the weirdos and doofuses, and more time on the interesting stuff.

That last girl was good.

I'm kind of surprised they let Jason Castro's brother through. There is no way he is making very far.

How about Banana Guy? Strange.

And the opera singer guy? LMAO

I think the 19 yr old girl who takes care of her grandmother will go far.

FlourPots Posted 15 Jan 2009 , 4:39pm
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I agree...I really liked the last girl who lost her house in a tornado, and I REALLY liked the guy who's wife recently passed, I think he was way better than his best friend, who also made it through.

The girl who cares for her grandmother is also very good.

Two others that stood out for me...the girl with bangs who sang the Leona Lewis song that Simon co-wrote, and the big welder guy with the 3 yr. old son.

The guy who begged his way through (Randy made him say "very" five times), stunk...he won't make it pass Hollywood week, nor will Jason Castro's brother, you're right...I think they liked his non-chalant attitude more than his voice.

Banana guy w/ the matching banana colored jacket, LOL!

michellenj Posted 15 Jan 2009 , 7:09pm
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The guy who begged was just pitiful. He shouldn't have made it through.

FlourPots Posted 21 Jan 2009 , 3:34pm
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Well the guy who takes care of his mom got my vote, LOL. I was really touched and hoped he had a good voice...he did, I thought.

I wish they'd get to Hollywood week already!

michellenj Posted 21 Jan 2009 , 7:28pm
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This season seems to have a lot more "likeable" people. Maybe it just seems that way because they are spending less time on the freaks. I think the kid who was in the production of "Wicked" is going to go far. He has that weird David Cook hair style, though.

I was worried that the inauguration stuff was going to mess up Idol!

FlourPots Posted 21 Jan 2009 , 7:38pm
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Yes! That guy reminded me of David Cook too...he had the hair and the really pointy boots that David wore all through the top 12 countdown.

michellenj Posted 21 Jan 2009 , 8:41pm
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I just remembered a couple of things that I didn't mention. WTH were they thinking, wasting and entire segment on the medical folder girl? She was funny, but jeez, they spent so much time on her.

And that Tatiana girl? Was she that great to you? I thought she was good, but wasn't blown away. Her laugh was really annoying, and was her dress homemade? She could have used a good bra and some spanx. Meeeow! icon_lol.gif DH thought she was sexy but couldn't believe they let her through.

And what, if you're pleasant and bring your kids, they'll let you through to Hollywood? His kids were darling, and he was better than Jason Castro's little brother, but i really don't think he's the next American Idol.

FlourPots Posted 21 Jan 2009 , 8:56pm
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LOL...that chick with the folder was nuts...she mispronounced almost every body part.

Tatiana's voice wasn't terrible, but the tulle attached to the bottom of her dress was, and her eyeliner reminded me of when I was a teen...all my friends and I wore the Cleopatra points at the corner of our eyes....we thought we looked so good!

I'm glad they let the dad through...he won't get far, but he was very nice, and his boys were cute with their giant signs.

jammjenks Posted 22 Jan 2009 , 5:02am
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Gotta tell you this about "laughing girl". My 6yo DD pointed at the TV and said, "Good thing this isn't a laughing competition 'cause she would NOT go to Hollywood." Cracked me up.

FlourPots Posted 22 Jan 2009 , 5:17am
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FlourPots Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 1:46pm
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I was a little shocked that on the last show, when they were in Louisville, KY, 10 contestants made it through and we only got to see 3 of them!!

One was the pretty girl with black hair who had a record contract at one time. On the radio this morning, they were discussing her...they said she had recorded a song for a movie a few years ago, and that Britney Spears had re-recorded it for her new album...they played a piece of both, and were laughing and saying how the Idol girl is "a thousand times better, and who's the real pop star here"...stuff like that...she did sound amazing. I bet she'll be in the top 10.

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