Doing A Tv Spot Next Week, Need Ideas

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Chef_Stef Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 1:12am
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Ok, so it's only 90 seconds. I'm doing it with my favorite event planner, who does a weekly segment and wanted to have me on.

I'm taking one or two display cakes (one will be my asian cake, plus something new), plus a 6" sample to cut and serve.

She wants me to do something pretty in terms of contrasting colors and "unusual" in terms of flavor, for the sample that we'll cut up.

Any ideas? So far I've considered

White cake brushed with almond syrup and filled with orange mousse?
White chocolate cake with pistachio BC?
Vanilla caramel cake with caramel espresso or chocolate filling?
Lemon cake with pomegranate BC?

Anything else you can think of that will be pretty in contrast, but not the usual white with raspberry?

I'm nervous but excited. Now, if I can just figure out how to tape on my VCR...!

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snarkybaker Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 1:59am
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Fun: Neopolitan cake - Bake three 1 inch layers, one choc, one vanilla, one stawberry

Dramatic - Seven layer Pina Colada cake- three 1.5 inch layers of coconut cake split, soaked with Malibu and layered with of coconut pastry cream and fresh pineapple filling.

European- Chiffon cake soaked with Frangelico, alternated with layers of hazelnut dacquoise, hazelnut buttercream and ganache. ( I make this cake , cover it with ganache and sprinkle it with gold leaf for special occasions.)

Chef_Stef Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 4:55am
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Mmm, oh those sound wonderful!

She mostly said make it something where the colors would show well on camera, which is why I'm leaning towards a red/white combo, but these sound awsome.

this-mama-rocks Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 5:09am
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I recently glanced through a bridal mag, and I noticed a lot of navy/white bridesmaid dresses. That combo would show up well on camera.

txkat, my mouth is watering!

Chef_Stef Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 5:38am
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Ooohh that reminds me; I have a great pineapple curd that I make, and a great coconut cake, and some rum...HMM!

I also just saw a Sylvia Weinstock idea for white cake with 3 fillings, two of apricot, middle of pistachio; it looked pretty.

Also like the idea of my "Italian Wedding Cake"--vanilla sponge cake soaked with rum and filled with a marsala zabayon, but that's going to look pretty boring (even though it tastes amazing).

Maybe I need more than one sample, heh heh. Wonder how many people are at the tv station...

this-mama-rocks Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 5:43am
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maybe pale lemon cake with blueberry filling...

MaisieBake Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 6:52am
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Use something that the viewing audience will all know what it is. You probably do not want to waste part of your 90 seconds explaining what a zabayon (or a dacquoise) is.

Chef_Stef Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 3:58pm
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I agree MaisieBake; it needs to be something yummy but recognizable.

I couldn't sleep last night until I figured it out, so I'm probably going to go with

Chocolate cake filled with caramel espresso buttercream, and/or
lemon cake filled maybe brushed with a bit of ginger syrup and filled with lemon mousse and fresh raspberries (which is a twist on the standby white with lemon or white with raspberry, but a little creative, which is what she asked me to come up with). It's a 7 a.m. tv spot, so it's cake for breakfast, so I figured something chocolate and espresso would go with coffee in the a.m....icon_smile.gif

For a display I think I'll do a copy of that pretty white Buddy Valastro cake that I've seen on here and I think it was on that 50 Best Wedding cakes on Brides website. Gotta start on that today, so I'll post a pic when it's done.

pianocat Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 4:19pm
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The Lemon with pomegranate you mentioned would be a beautiful combo. Sounds yummy too! Especially if it is torted. Good luck!

mcdonald Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 4:35pm
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wow!!! all these combos sound wonderul!!! I never thought about making a choice to stand out on TV.....

tonedna Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 4:44pm
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Im getting hungry now!
Edna icon_biggrin.gif

tinygoose Posted 13 Jan 2009 , 5:00pm
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I agree, white and red would look best on TV. How about mexican key lime and pomegranate BC? Congrats, that sounds like so much fun.

kellertur Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 3:57am
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I love these exotic combinations. What is "brushing" a cake? I've never heard of that.

congratulations on the tv spot. icon_smile.gif

Chef_Stef Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 5:00am
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Brushing the cake with a simple syrup--you just mix about half and half sugar and water and heat til the sugar melts, then add flavor (whatever you like), let it cool, and brush it on the cake layers for extra flavor and a bit of moisture. YUM

cakelady99 Posted 16 Jan 2009 , 3:12am
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They should provide you with a DVD once it's complete. Can you get a release to use it in your own marketing?

Chef_Stef Posted 17 Jan 2009 , 5:40pm
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Change of plan...

I was supposed to go in next Monday to record, but they decided to put us off til after the inauguration. I was disappointed, but they also said they want to do not just a 90-second blip but an actual in-the-field "day in the life" SEGMENT, where they follow my wedding planner around, so part of that would be her doing a cake tasting with me, maybe a dress fitting, etc. So that's even better, but we don't have a date yet. Let's see if it actually happens...

onebigdogmama Posted 19 Jan 2009 , 7:08pm
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Hey Stef, What channel? I"ll record on my dvr if in the early morn so I can watch later. Hey Good Luck and have fun with that! thumbs_up.gif

Chef_Stef Posted 20 Jan 2009 , 6:02am
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I haven't heard *when* we might do it who knows...I just said whenever they want to do it, I'm game.

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