Live Lobster Is Only $5 A Pound Here

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punkinpie Posted 4 Jan 2009 , 2:11am
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The price of lobster here has dropped considerably. It is only $5 a pound. Fishermen are selling it from trucks in parking lots and sides of the road as they are getting so little from the markets that they make more money this way.

It is usually between $10 and $13 a pound. We live so close to where they fish the high price always seemed so unfair. Now people are buying it like crazy. Some trucks have waits of 45 minutes.

We had some tonight YUMMY!!!! Hot out of the boil pot messy and delicious. I dip my lobster in vinegar. Sounds weird but amazing. I have one left in the fridge and will make a yummy sandwich tomorrow.

Guess you would call this a gloat post icon_lol.gif

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Deb_ Posted 4 Jan 2009 , 2:31am
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Yum......enjoy that last one!
Here in Massachusetts it's been at 4.99lb since around September, it's been awesome. I mean ground sirloin is 4.99lb that's amazing that we can get lobster for the same price as hamburg. thumbs_up.gif

TheCakerator Posted 4 Jan 2009 , 9:12pm
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I have never had lobster and I'm not sure if I would like it or not, I'm not a big seafood fan myself, but every time a Red Lobster commercial comes on the tv, I tell my dh just the butter flying up out of the serving dish looks amazing to me! Is that what it is anyways? Butter? mmmmmmmmm butter ....

stephaniescakenj Posted 4 Jan 2009 , 9:44pm
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I'm in NJ and it's at 4.99 per/lb here. so we bought some last weekend.... an 8lb er to be exact, leave it to my hubby to say "give me your biggest". It was enormous. My kids thought it was kind of cool to look at for a bit but I was completely traumitized by its method of execution. My first and likely last experience with cooking it. YUCK.

sparklepopz Posted 4 Jan 2009 , 10:15pm
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Steph, did your hubby put the lobster in the freezer to slow its metabolism into a coma? I think that's a pretty humane way to euthanize them before putting them in the boil pot.

Down here in south Texas, there is a family-owned chain of seafood restaurants where they have all-u-can-eat lobster for several months of the year. They tend to be one-pound beauties and are always amazing. We tend to eat a ton of lobster when they are offering it. They also have all-u-can-eat snow crab legs, which are also freaking wonderful.

Enjoy your cheap lobster!! I am jealous! icon_biggrin.gif

punkinpie Posted 5 Jan 2009 , 12:13am
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ohhh...Red Lobster. I have always wanted to go to one. There are none even remotely near here (more like a 20 hour drive).

sparklepopz Posted 5 Jan 2009 , 2:12am
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Don't feel badly about not having Red Lobster where you are. Down here Red Lobster is the "poor man's seafood restaurant" -- blech.

sparklepopz Posted 5 Jan 2009 , 2:15am
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Don't feel badly about not having Red Lobster where you are. Down here Red Lobster is the "poor man's seafood restaurant" -- blech.

stephaniescakenj Posted 5 Jan 2009 , 2:13pm
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Yea, don't feel bad about not having red lobster, its one step up from long john silvers which is a fast food seafood place, both make me want to barf!!!!

sparkle, I read your post last night but then CC went down again before I could post. My hubby and his friend were over when we cooked the lobster and they were hanging out again last night when I read your post. Out of the blue, I blurted out during their conversation, OH so that's what you're supposed to do. We were supposed to freeze the lobsters first guys! They looked at me like I had a third head but the guy at the seafood shop did say to put them in the fridge, we didn't really know why though.
It's actually a really funny story, his friend has a new g/f. we invited her over for dinner to meet her for the first time and her first encounter with us, was the three of us trying to boil a lobster. We couldn't get him to sit still long enough to fit into the pot, hubby finally gets him over the pot and then accidentally drops him in the water head first. I'm yelling at him, the two guys are laughing hysterically. I threw the lid on because I didn't want to see the carnage. We pull the lid off a minute later to make sure he's dead, his tail was sticking out of the water still, so then they're trying to mash his tail into the pot, all the while I'm insisting he's still alive and moving though they said that was just spasms. We never contemplated how long we were supposed to cook it, so after it's in the pot, we're frantically searching online for cooking times. It was horrible. Then when they dismembered him, they got lobster guts all over them. They both had to change shirts, I'm ready to throw up in the corner and all the while, I'm thinking to myself, this poor girl, She's going to hate us!

barbaranoel Posted 5 Jan 2009 , 2:38pm
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My mom's family were Lobstermen in Maine so we grew up catching, cooking and eating the nasty little sea roaches. Can you tell I don't like them?

Every year we still have a Steak and Lobster feed in the fall and my parents drive to Maine to get 50+ lb of lobster and we have all of them in the refrig and they stay there for a day or two before we boil them.

I've never heard of putting them in the freezer before cooking. But then ours have always been refridgerated.


mixinvixen Posted 5 Jan 2009 , 4:38pm
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i'm not a fan of "red slobster" as we lovingly call it, but i'm also not a seafood person. my husband enjoys red lobster during the lobsterfest in february. other than that, we really don't go, cause he eats lobster all the time with business dinners at 5 star restaurants. i, on the other hand, lovelovelove long john silvers, but i only get their chicken fingers!!!!!! they're awesomely greasy and crunchy! hehehe

my husband's favorite food is lobster, and he can never resist if it's on the menu. his co-workers always tease him cause you can bet that if lobsters on the menu, he'll get the biggest one!! he'd pass out if i told him lobsters going for that cheap!! we're in dreary landlocked tennessee, so prices are still way up there! although i'm not really a seafood person, i did try his lobster last time we went to ruths chris, and actually enjoyed 5 yr old daughter had a blast hanging out at the lobster tank and choosing daddy's lobster, which she then got to help catch! it was a big ole sucker!!

Auryn Posted 5 Jan 2009 , 5:49pm
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wow $5 a pound
that would be awesome
im totally jealous.
You would think I would just go catch my own being that its florida and lobster season started in september

punkinpie Posted 6 Jan 2009 , 1:37am
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Originally Posted by Auryn

wow $5 a pound
that would be awesome
im totally jealous.
You would think I would just go catch my own being that its florida and lobster season started in september

I wish we could get our own here but it is very much against the law. Even if you have water front property you are not allowed to trap lobster without a special license (and of course they are hard to get and expensive). They will seize your house, car, boat etc if they catch someone.

barbaranoel Posted 6 Jan 2009 , 9:02pm
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By law, Lobstermen have to catch only certain sizes, too big or too small and they have to throw them back. Also if they are female and have eggs they need to be "notched" on the tail and thrown back so if another catches them when they aren't breeding then they are known to hatch eggs and are thrown back.

Plus, each lobsterman has to "mark" where they put there traps and if there are unlicensed fishers out there, pretty much it's like stealing from them.


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