Cookie Sheet Pans?

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SassySweetz Posted 1 Jan 2009 , 10:04pm
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What is the best kind of cookie sheet pan to use?


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MaisieBake Posted 1 Jan 2009 , 10:24pm
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Look for heavy weight and silver colored rather than black. Brand doesn't matter.

sayhellojana Posted 1 Jan 2009 , 10:33pm
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Cookie pans aren't very expensive, which is nice. Look for ones that are good, stolid aluminum. Look for light color in your pans and when you get them, line them with parchment paper every time.

SassySweetz Posted 1 Jan 2009 , 10:58pm
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So, could I get away with using Wilton cookie sheets lined with a silpat?

Kitagrl Posted 1 Jan 2009 , 11:29pm
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I just went to a local restaurant supply store and bought some half sheets for like $4.50 each and then a pack of 100 parchment half sheets for like $3.50 and I did a batch of cookies yesterday and they turned out awesome.

indydebi Posted 1 Jan 2009 , 11:52pm
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Heavy duty .... yes.
Silver colored .... yes.
Parchment paper ... ALWAYS!!
the kind with air between the layers .... NEVER!!

CakeDiva73 Posted 1 Jan 2009 , 11:55pm
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I am addicted to using plain ole' silver jelly roll pans lines with parchment. Costco used to sell 3 plus lids or cooling racks for under $15. I have about 7 or 8 and always seem to run out of them, lol.

The parchment I get from Smart and Final - 2000 sheets and they are 2 cents a piece so I use them for EVERYTHING!!! I even sell some of the rolls on ebay since 2000 is a lot to store. Anyway, this elminates using spray Pam or washing the sheets, etc. The cookies never stick and only burn if I leave them in too long.

Anytime I see these sheets, I buy them since they no longer sell them at Costco and they are like $10 for just one at S & F...

bakinccc Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 1:15am
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I'm always amazed at the different answers given when you ask a question here on cc. When I first started doing cookies I thought there must be "one right way" to do everything. Since being on here I've found there's many different ways to do each step. What works for one doesn't work as well for another.

For cookie sheets I use all airbake...I have a bunch of them. I do "scuff" them up good with a green scrub pad before the first use. The slick surface of brand new ones causes cookies to spread. But I never use parchment or silpat mats with them, never have a problem with cookies sticking and they turn out beautiful every single time. Thousands of cookies over two years and not a burned one yet!! (Knock on wood!!!) I roll mine 1/2 inch thick and use a convection oven though. Not sure if that's makes a diff but for me this combo works well. Good luck with whatever you choose and welcome to CC!!

SassySweetz Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 2:16am
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Thank you all for the varitey of answers. I know when my grandma tought me to bake pies she had what she considered the "best" tools, pans, etc for making her pies.

I was just curious if their were better, best, etc. for baking cookies.

Thanks again for all the great info. Helps me not be so overwhelmed when I go shopping next week!


Peeverly Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 2:25am
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The cookie sheets that I use all the time are the Wilton stainless steel ones. They are very large and are open on 3 sides with a lip on one side. I got them (I have 3) at Michaels using my 40% coupon. I think the price before the coupon is about 15 or 16 dollars. I love them because they are really large and can hold a lot of cookies. I usually line them with parchment paper but you don't have to.

SweetDreamsAT Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 3:08pm
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I read somewhere that aluminum is the best and most even conductor of heat. I've been using the large Wilton brand ones sold at Michael's. One edge is folded up for grabbing it, but otherwise its flat. I like flat better so I can slide the parchment paper, cookies and all, on and off easily.
I think they might be the same ones Peeverly described... but aluminum, not stainless steel. And I bought all of mine with 40% off coupons too thumbs_up.gif

Win Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 3:28pm
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I'm always amazed at the different answers given when you ask a question here on cc. When I first started doing cookies I thought there must be "one right way" to do everything. Since being on here I've found there's many different ways to do each step. What works for one doesn't work as well for another.

Yes!!!! Well said.

A few years ago, I found "Pebbleware." It is made by Doughmakers.
www. doughmakers .com (take out the spaces.) It is the most amazing bake ware! I use it for as many projects as possible. They don't make varying sizes in cake pans (just the standards,) but things bake so incredibly even in and on them! My bread loaves come out looking like they came from a bakery. Cookies bake beautifully. Pies --always flakey. They require no grease or parchment (but you can use those if you want.) They never clean in the diswasher, but nothing sticks so a quick sudsy rinse is all they need. They are truly worth the investment.

cookiemookie Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 3:28pm
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I also use airbake exclusively. Have ever since they came out! Love them!

I also love my OXO spatula's. They are thin and very flexible.

This team can't be beat!

Crate&Barrel had them with red handles this year, so I stocked up after Christmas! icon_biggrin.gif

Peeverly Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 4:11pm
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Ok, my 11 year old son said they are aluminum - oops! Sorry! You are right Sweetdreams. Don't you just love this cookie sheet????

BakerzJoy Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 4:16pm
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If you go to the home shopping network( and check out cookie sheets from Green pan/Green wear, they are the best!! You will never have anything stick and the pans will never rust! They will be the last pans you'll have to purchase. Good luck!!

yellobutterfly Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 4:24pm
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Mine are the heavy duty jelly roll type - I buy them at Sam's club in a 2-pack for $10.97!! That's the best price for that quality - I love 'em! I also bake w/parchment sheets always

Narie Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 4:47pm
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Parchment paper + whatever cookie sheets you have. Although I prefer sturdy silver ones. I also use my grandmother's well worn cookie sheets, I'm 63 so those puppies are OLD- badly discolored tinned ones from who knows when. As long as I use parchment paper the cookies turn out perfect- besides I'm lazy- who wants to wash cookies sheets or a silpat for that matter. Plus the turn around on your sheets is much faster. Slide the parchment paper off the baking sheet on to a cooling rack and slap on a new/used-once parchment sheet and load up the cookie sheet again. If I have someone helping me, my home oven never waits for the next batch.

lchristi27 Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 5:22pm
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I'm so glad someone started this post. I had the WORST time with my NFSC this year. I tried the airbake ones with parchment=disaster. Tried a pampered chef brand with parchment=disaster #2. Went back to my old wilton ones with silpat's. Much better. I prefer Parchment because it is so much easier to clean up, but my cookies spread with with the them. I also learned NOT to use my KA when mixing the dough, it added to much air, then I used cake flour instead of regular flower and WALAH! it worked. See the snowflakes in my pictures. What a huge difference.

I'm not a huge advocate for Wilton, but these did work much better than any others that I used. They arent heavy and they are the ones with four sides to them. I found the flat one with just one side didnt bake as evenly as the ones with all sides up. Oh, I'm off to get another one today because my hubby made chicken wings on one of them and burned the living daylights out of it. I mean that puppy was black and set off the smoke alarm.

MaisieBake Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 6:50pm
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Bake on cold sheets to prevent spreading. (Hint: Five seconds under cold water takes an oven-hot baking sheet from hot to cold enough.)

BakerzJoy Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 10:18pm
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Hey, I found the link to the green pans I was telling you about earlier on in this post. Just check it out and I assure you it will be an awesome product.!4808&ccm=qc|4808

If this won't open, go to green pans in the search engine...look at the pictures of all the green pans and you'll see the bakeware. It's a little pricey, but you will never buy again and you can split your payments in three.
I hope this helps you in your decision to find the best cookie sheet.

SassySweetz Posted 3 Jan 2009 , 1:20am
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LOL, wow! Now I have information overload! What to use? What to use? So many great advice replys.......


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