Wanna Lose Weight? Calling All Chunky Monkeys!

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TexasSugar Posted 29 Dec 2008 , 4:18am
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In July Mencked started a thread titled Chunky Monkeys. The basic idea of it was to band together to lose weight. With the hussle bussle of the holidays, not to mention the cookies, fudge, and all the great food there, alot of us have had trouble sticking to our diet plans. With the new year approaching hopefully we can all work on getting back on track.

I thought maybe a new thread for us would help us get back to our motivation, plus pick up some other Chunky Monkeys (we mean that in the nicest way) that are ready for the fun, exciting world of trying to shed pounds.

The idea behind the thread(s) is to share information, what is working or not working for us, and to give each other the pick me up we need on bad days. We are here to motivate each other to keep going, start over, or pick up where we left off the day before. Plus feel free to share any information on healthy eating, exercies, or other 'diet' information you have.

To get this thread started I dare you...hehe... to tell us a little something about yourself and about why you want to lose weight. icon_smile.gif

Several years ago I made up my mind to lose weight, and lost 25 pounds then lost focus, so I didn't lose any more weight but some how kept it off 20lbs for about two years. At the beginning of 2008 I started gaining and before I knew it I was creeping closer and closer to the weight I had previously been. When my clothes starting getting too tight I thought about my three options. Lose weight, buy new bigger clothes, or pull out the old big clothes I boxed up. I so did not want to pull out those boxed up clothes out so I started walking and trying to eat better.

I was down 13 pounds before I slipped up again. Not sure where I stand at the moment since I have avoided the scale since the holidays started. I won't be stepping back on the scale until after I get back home and officially get started. Until then I am going to work on preparing myself mentally. And working on my game plan for losing weight.

I'm 30, 5' and weight 160ish. My goal weight wish is 127. I'm a WMI, so I work late in the evenings which screws with my eating times. I also have been babysitting my friend's daughter during the day. Though I probably need to look for a 'real' job with all the pluses that come with it, maybe another goal for the new year.

In the previous post I had mentioned I had picked up a couple more 'diet' books. Nothing hard core or out there, just more of the realistic, hopefully, stuff. I don't believe in the fad diets, I'm more for the healthy life style changes.

Butternut, the two books I got were Leslie Sansone's Eat Smart, Walk Strong and Denise Austin's Eat Carbs, Lose Weight. I figure if I pick up a new tip or two from the books they will be worth it.

I had also recently bought another book, titled Skinny Bitch, but I didn't get very far in it. After them pushing all organic, suggesting you shouldn't take chemicals (aka Adivl, Mydol) for headaches and cramps, then taking about 'meat eaters' in a negative way, I decided there probably wasn't any good tips I would find in it. I passed it on to my future SIL for a laugh.

BTW, Butternut, I'm still curious about the DVD you got. icon_wink.gif

Okay so now it is your turn....

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EnjoyTheCake Posted 29 Dec 2008 , 4:52pm
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Oh the pain of introduction. Really it's not painful, but it does cause some pain. =)

I'm 33, married for 13 years and I weigh a whopping 285ish pounds. I had lap band surgery April 25, 2008. I weighed 369 the day before surgery. I can feel the difference in energy and confidence.

I love the chunky monkey support group and I hope to continue to share with you all for a long time to come.

My biggest reason for losing weight is to be healthier. My husband and I aren't getting younger and we have no children yet. The weight loss will hopefully encourage biology to work and pregnancy to occur.

TexasSugar Posted 29 Dec 2008 , 7:10pm
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HeHe! Sorry. Figured we would get that out of the way first. I was going to suggest everyone list three goals, but I was afraid it would scare people off. icon_wink.gif

emrldsky Posted 30 Dec 2008 , 3:59am
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I started gaining weight at a faster pace than I've ever done before, so I went to see my doctor because I was concerned about hypothyroidism. My mom and grandmother both have it, and it can cause weight gain when you're not treated (or, in my mom's case, when you're not treated RIGHT). Sure enough, I do have hypothyroidism. I wanted to give up. I knew that losing weight when my thyroid was out of control just wasn't going to happen.

I started doing research, found a great holistic doctor, who has treated my condition so well that my symptoms started going away. He also told me that I needed to be on a low-carb diet for life. So I started it. I'm down TWENTY pounds since October.

Then the Holidays hit and I started to get really bored with my choices. I mean, how long can one eat tuna, eggs, and ham? Thank GOD for Christmas, because I placed a low-carb cookbook on my wishlist and my in-laws bought it for me.

I tried a yummy new recipe today, and can't wait until I can try more. icon_smile.gif Now that I have 500 new recipes to choose from, I shouldn't get bored too soon.

As you can see from my signature, I'm 10lbs from my first goal. I can also fit into jeans I wore 2 years ago. I LOVE my doctor. icon_biggrin.gif

Monkess Posted 30 Dec 2008 , 3:07pm
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Okay gals...you officially have a genuine monkey on board-Monkess!!
I have been on a low carbish diet for 4 months now, lost 22 pounds down to a scary 240lbs. My goal is another 75lbs.
Recently I have hit a plateau(damn those things!!) and just can not get the scale moving, which then leads to disillusionment and that triggers the cheating-with massive guilt! I have been rather good actually, with the exception of a square of choclate of 3!
Deb G.-I am curious about the lap band. I had gallstone problems last month which my hompeopathic doctor seems to have cured completely, nonetheless we went to see the reccomended surgeon and in trying to convince me to go in for surgery to have my gall bladder removed he threw me a bait- lap band surgery since they were "in the area anyways!"
I will probably get to an initial consult by the end of Jan, but was hoping to getmy weight loss happening naturally by then, so that I wont be tempted to opt for it. My question to you, are the horror stories on the internet true? Do you have problems eating normally-you know all those gaggin stories? Any regrets? What are the side effects you faced?
Other than that...I got a new IPOD for christmas and am putting it to good use when I go to Curves 3x a week to workout...it keeps me motivated and I can listen to the kind of music that pumps me up...what a difference!
Glad to be onboard gals...I am confident we will nail it...yeah!!!

EnjoyTheCake Posted 31 Dec 2008 , 5:40am
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Originally Posted by Monkess

I will probably get to an initial consult by the end of Jan, but was hoping to getmy weight loss happening naturally by then, so that I wont be tempted to opt for it. My question to you, are the horror stories on the internet true? Do you have problems eating normally-you know all those gaggin stories? Any regrets? What are the side effects you faced?
Other than that...I got a new IPOD for christmas and am putting it to good use when I go to Curves 3x a week to workout...it keeps me motivated and I can listen to the kind of music that pumps me up...what a difference!
Glad to be onboard gals...I am confident we will nail it...yeah!!!

I'm more than happy to talk about the Lap Band. I love it. I've lost about 90 lbs since the surgery. I haven't started exercising regularly yet. But I've jogged a few times from my car to the store front which is something I could not have done a year ago. I helped paint our house. I climbed up and down the 16ft ladder and painted the eaves. Something else I could not have done a year ago.

I have good days and bad days as far as eating. Most days I can not eat soft bread, flour or corn tortillas that aren't crispy, or any other grain food that isn't toasted to near death or crispy. The exception of course is cake. I seem to have no problem eating cake. Bagels, muffins, bread, tortillas, pizza crust, things like that are attempted with extreme caution. I have to be very very careful about chewing. If I eat too fast or don't chew well enough I am likely to be very uncomfortable. The truth is that if we all ate slower and chewed better we'd all have better health. So I'm still relearning what I spent 30 years learning. And it's been less than a year so I don't expect to change these habits over night.

My only regret is that I did not do it sooner. Although, I could not have done it sooner because of insurance. I absolutely did not want to get gastric bypass.

I will warn you that the minor gas pains they warn you about are more like death warmed over pains. You will have gas settling into parts of your body you didn't know could have gas. However, this is the same kind of gas you get no matter the kind of abdominal laproscopic surgery they do. It's the gas they pump into your cavity so they can operate. It has to settle and be absorbed.

There is what is called the lab band hell. The first few weeks after surgery where you're hungry but have to limit your food intake. This lasts until you get your band adjusted to the right place. There is a lot of will power involved before you get your band "perfect". But honestly, it's changing my life and I love that I was able to have this option. My preferred option would have been a personal trainer and personal chef. But insurance doesn't cover that, so this was a great option.

Just remember, it's only a tool. If you don't use it, it won't work. You have to follow doctor orders. Visit your nutritionist and use the tool. And when you're on your liquid diet, it's possible to gain weight if you make bad choices. The liquid diet part for me was only a couple of weeks. Milk Shakes and Frappucinos are technially liquid. But they are also empty fatening calories. So choose wisely.

Welcome to the monkeys and ask your questions. I love to share my story.

jammjenks Posted 31 Dec 2008 , 3:41pm
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I was just lying in bed last night thinking about how I need to lose weight. Since I need to lose a substantial amount, it seems like an unreachable goal. I was on weight watchers several years ago and lost about 20 lbs then just gained it back 5 lbs at a time. I am 5'10" (thank goodness I'm tall) and weigh about 220. I would love to see 150 again. DH and I were on an exercise program earlier in 2008 then I fell in August and sprained my ankle. It really hasn't been back to normal until recently, but we knew better than to start anything until after Christmas. OK - it's after Christmas now and NO MORE EXCUSES! Maybe if I band together with you guys, it will help keep me motivated. My two real hindrances: I don't enjoy exercise and I LOVE food. I have a happy marriage and even a good self-esteem, so food is not comfort....it just tastes really good.

TexasSugar Posted 31 Dec 2008 , 7:48pm
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Emrldsky, isn't it always great to fit into the smaller jeans? I think that gives more of an accomplished feeling than the numbers on the scale.

Welcome Monkess. Congrats for losing 22 pounds! Personally I think I'd try to see if you can lose any more on your own before you do the lap band. As much as it sucks a plateau is very natural in weight lose. It may be time to adjust your eating agian, or add in a little more exercise.

Jammjenks, I think 3/4 of the nation has been thinking they need to lose weight this last week. If you watch for the next few weeks on tv you will see even more weight loss commercials. I think it is on 9 out of ever 10 New Year's Resolutions.

"Since I need to lose a substantial amount, it seems like an unreachable goal."

Don't look at the big numbers. Instead of thinking you need to lose 70lbs. Think about the first 20, then the 20 after that. Break it down in to smaller groups, and reward yourself when you hit those mile stones. I started off a few years ago needing to lose 50lbs. That just seems like and overwhelming number and it is easy to sike yourself out and not do it. 10 and 20 pound groupings make us see the 'end' much easier.

Have you tried different types of exercises? It is not my favorite by any means but I can talk myself in to walking and I feel better after it. Try out different things until you find one that works. My SIL was telling me about walking video, from one of the same people that I got a book by. I'm gonna try it out and see if I feel less goofy doing it than I have with other videos. Plus I'm waiting for Butternut to try out the dance work out videos she got. icon_wink.gif

How about we list three goals for the month of January? Three things that will help us reach our goals?

Mine would be...
1. Get back to eating three meals and small snacks during the day. Plus trying out more healthy recipes.
2. Get back to walking every day.
3. Finding a 'work out routine' that will work for me.

Who is next?

sweettreats36 Posted 1 Jan 2009 , 6:01pm
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WOW! Where do I begin? I'm 36 and 5'5 weighing in at 205lbs. I too have hypothiroidism and since my last child, the weight has just been coming. I did do low carb about 2 years ago and lost 20lbs. As soon I went back to eating carbs I gained it all back along with about 15 more lbs. I also have a cervical issue that keeps me from exercising so sometimes I get depressed from always hurting and bing on food icon_redface.gif I decided that this year I would not diet but eat healthier but the question is how? With work, lazy kids and husband, I have to do it all and sometimes by the time I get to fix dinner I'm tired and hurting and it is around 9 pm. So we turn to fast food thumbsdown.gif Help fello Chunky Monkeys icon_cry.gif

TexasSugar Posted 1 Jan 2009 , 7:37pm
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Sweettreats36, that is one of the things about diets. You have to follow them strictly to lose and keep the weight off.

I don't look at losing weight as going on a diet. I have to do a life style change. We all have our issues with food, or we wouldn't be chunky monkeys. The key is to find out what your issues are and what you have to do to change it.

Have you tired planning meals on the weekend if you have more free time then? Or even doing prep work for meals at the beginning of the week so you an just dump and go and not have to spend alot of time cutting and chopping? You can also do double duty with some foods. Have grilled chicken and veggies one night and a grill chicken salad later in the week. Grill all the chicken the first night and put away half of it before dinner gets started.

While exercise helps, just watching your eating can work as well, just usually at a slower pace. Pay attention to serving sizes and calories per serving. Serve dinner buffet style when you cook. Having the food sitting infront of you while you eat makes it easier to get another serving. Also, cut back on how much you cook. Cook less meat but more veggies. If it is not there you can't eat it.

Also make time for yourself in your day. Yes, kids need your help (depending on age) and hubby probably depends on you to do stuff he could do himself. But if you don't fight for yourself, for time to help make you feel better, they aren't just gonna hand it over. I'd start with talking to hubby first. Let him know how you feel and what you need for you and from him.

Sarah1952 Posted 1 Jan 2009 , 8:36pm
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Hi All..
I just found this site last night. I saw this post and thought you all sound friendly enough, so count me in with the chunky monkey group.
I am 56 years old and weigh in at 227. I am a diabetic and have RA.
My reasons for losing weight is my health, but I have two young children also. I adopted my hubbys grandchildren. The first one is Braxton, age 8. He has Shaken baby Syndrome from his bios and therefore from the damage , also has Autism. The dr thought he would never walk. I met Braxton when he was 5 months old. He does walk and did not utter his first word till after he turned 7. We still have a long ways to go. I want to amke sure I stay around to see him go to college. Then in Jan. 2005, Sarita was born and the state asked if we would take her. So, we adopted her also. These kids are my life.
Over the past year, I have taken almost 25 pounds off by cutting out a lot of white flour products. I also have been doing WII Fit which I love..Not to mention, my kids keep me running.
So, I will see what you all are doing and let's just say DO IT..


Sarah1952 Posted 2 Jan 2009 , 1:42am
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Hi All..
I just found this site last night. I saw this post and thought you all sound friendly enough, so count me in with the chunky monkey group.
I am 56 years old and weigh in at 227. I am a diabetic and have RA.
My reasons for losing weight is my health, but I have two young children also. I adopted my hubbys grandchildren. The first one is Braxton, age 8. He has Shaken baby Syndrome from his bios and therefore from the damage , also has Autism. The dr thought he would never walk. I met Braxton when he was 5 months old. He does walk and did not utter his first word till after he turned 7. We still have a long ways to go. I want to amke sure I stay around to see him go to college. Then in Jan. 2005, Sarita was born and the state asked if we would take her. So, we adopted her also. These kids are my life.
Over the past year, I have taken almost 25 pounds off by cutting out a lot of white flour products. I also have been doing WII Fit which I love..Not to mention, my kids keep me running.
So, I will see what you all are doing and let's just say DO IT..


jbart Posted 3 Jan 2009 , 2:40am
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Hi, My name is Karla
I am 4' 10" and 185lbs I have gained so much weight this last year. I just can't get motivated to start trying to loose weight. Every time I think I will start a diet my family wants a cake or something sweet. I am such a juck food junkie. I would love to be back to 125 lbs. It helps to know I am not alone.

EnjoyTheCake Posted 3 Jan 2009 , 3:04am
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Welcome Sarah, Karla and others.

The ladies who have found their way to the original Chunky Monkey thread and now this thread are great support system.

Sarah, what type of diabetes do you have? I'm a type 1 diabetic. I use the insulin pump. Since having the weight loss surgery my insulin needs have reduced by 1/3. Mostly due to simply eating fewer carbs.

What a huge heart you and your husband have to adopt those babies. I'm sure they reward you daily with their love and affection.

Karla, You are never alone. And who cares if your family wants cake. I love decorating. I just try not to keep at home. It's great to make a cake and send it away. However, the holidays brought 3 gingerbread houses into the home. Gingerbread is EVIL. =)

But all in all, after the holidays I'm only up about 3 lbs. So I'm very happy to say that I'm still about 90 lbs lost since February and Love having my monkey sisters for support.

-K8memphis Posted 3 Jan 2009 , 3:12am
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Hi I'm 57 and 5'8" and I started back on South Beach phase 1 yesterday. I probably weigh just under 180 right now. Four years ago I lost 50 # in nothing flat and I was amazed--got down to under 150. I'm slim at that weight, well under my bmi. I have hyperthyroidism and I have always had a very slow/low metabolism.

In my 20's I fasted one day a week just for health--because I was a baker--I needed a day off from eating. Now I have fibromaylgia and ibs and the thyroid thing. So I was in shock that I lost the weight so easily.

But I've gained 20# back several times --grr--I mean I'm eating better than I ever have in my life and I was still gaining-- grr--eating rabbit food and with the tiniest bit of sugar or carbs over an extended period of time and I gain. So I got pissed off and told myself if I was gonna gain weight anyway even eating that good I was freaking gonna eat chips and chocolate so this time I gotta loose about 30 pounds.

So I am going on phase 1 for the two weeks, phase 2 until I can get back in my most favorite pair of jeans again. Then I will go on phase three for the rest of my life. <<<That's the hard part!

I came on here to tell you this fabulous recipe. Just steam some cauliflower till it's soft. Put it in the blender with salt, pepper, a tablespoon of Smart Balance or whatever butter spread you use and a coupla tablespoons of non-fat milk. It's very much like mashed potaotes--wonderful wonderful wonderful.

I'm scared to drink diet coke even though it's zero calories and all--so I'm drinking a bottled water with a huge coupla squirts of lime and/or lemon juice and two Splendas. I'm gonna try Stevia next time.

I'm really fortunate that I can ride my bike & exercise. I just need to incorporate more but be careful of injury.

So hope you like the cauliflower 'mashed potatoes' if you try it. It's straight out of the South Beach cookbook.

-K8memphis Posted 3 Jan 2009 , 3:26am
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Oh, and I make a pot of green tea every morning with lemon juice and Splenda so I have several cups of that a day too. Green tea is great to curb your appetite.

You can already tell my eyelids are no longer sagging. My skin still looks like sh*t but my body responds like crazy to diet and exercise.


Sarah1952 Posted 3 Jan 2009 , 4:02pm
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Hi k8...Good luck on South Beach. As far as your potato recipe, I used that on Atkins and it is wonderful. I also use cauliflower for my potato salad. Just get the frozen florettes and bake them slow to dry out the moisture and use for potatos. I go easy on the dill though.
Drinking water is good for you. I do very little carbonated drinks anymore and do drink a lot of water. I also put lemon in my water..I don't know if you know it, but by doing that, you are also cleansing your liver icon_smile.gif


-K8memphis Posted 3 Jan 2009 , 9:10pm
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Thank you, Sarah.

Yes you're right about the lemon and the liver thing. Thanks for reminding me.

My husband got me these adrenal pills call cylapril--I can't take anything that's a stimulant so these I'm pretty sure are not a stimulant. They really help. Just taking the pills smoothed out some cellulite. So in conclusion I think several of my hormones besides the thyroid are whacked out and my liver definitely needs some help.

But that cylapril is one of the companies that sign you up without your knowledge and bill your credit card again (except they never sent the stuff, the crooks--I mean not that we ordered it but still) for you so he had to cancel his credit card and get it charged back and all that stuff.

I get super tired on phase 1--that's why I'm always looking for a sugar boost too. So it's a good tired.

Get this--the day after I get off phase one, my pastry chef son comes home for a visit. I can NOT indulge--he will understand.

Monkess Posted 4 Jan 2009 , 2:51pm
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Deb G.-Thank you for all that info...sorry been away and witht he holidays my life just got back on track..I missed CC and all of you!!
TexasSugar-Thanks. Yes I agree about trying it out a bit more before going in for the lapband...As Deb said, you have to be careful about certain foods..I am very easillly nauseaos and would hate to be in a constant"might-throw-up-zone"..so lets see..
The damn plateau-I ordered a liquid green tea extract and a liquid hoodia extract...should be coming next week..this I am hoping will break the plateau...Apparently one dropper of the green tea has enough extract equivalent to 10 cups..which is alot!

Sarah1952 Posted 4 Jan 2009 , 4:07pm
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icon_biggrin.gif k8...You gave me an idea! I am thinking that I should make a pot of green tea in the mornings, instead of my coffee. oh gosh, I am so addicted to coffee. I have a sign that says :" Instant Human: Just add coffee! " Or at least, I can do green tea throughout the day. I can do hot or iced I bet. Come to think of it, I was taking green tea pills and I remember how much more energy I had and they do curb the appetite. OK! That does it, I am puitting that back to work again. Lemon and green tea, here I come!


-K8memphis Posted 4 Jan 2009 , 5:17pm
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Wow Cool, Sarah!

That really works for me to have things already set up to be able to go to through out the day. I used to have a tea-room so I have a ton of tea pots.

So, Cool!

butternut Posted 5 Jan 2009 , 2:35pm
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Hello fellow chunky monkees. Well, Christmas is over, New Year's is over and company is gone. Now I am left to deal with my weight gain since we went on vacation on the 7th of Dec. My oh My!!! You know how we all say that we are our own worst enemies? Well, that is an understatement as far as I am concerned. I jumped on the scale this morning (after MUCH hesitation) and all I could say was: Say it ain't so, Say it ain't so...... icon_cry.gif But can't blame anyone but myself. Once we went on vacation, it was like a green light went off and I just ate whatever I wanted and it continued through the holidays and up until TODAY!! Today it stops and I get back on track. It was such a stupid thing to eat like I did and I'm upset with myself but it's time now to get back into the right mindframe and go from here. Gotta forgive myself and try to figure out why I let it happen and then try not to let it happen again. I know I can do this, I have no doubt that I will reach my goal. I guess I just decided to make weight loss a little more of a challenge icon_rolleyes.gif I am now reminding myself of something that Bob from The Biggest Loser said on the last show. He said: Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. How true!!!!
So, how bout you guys, how is everyone doing? Looks like we have several new Chunky Monkees in our group. Welcome to each of you. Can't wait to get to know each of you better.
TS, now that my company has gone, I do hope to view that exercise video this week and I'll let ya know how it is. I've neglected my exercise over the last month and I'm getting back to that today as well. Matter of fact, I think I'll hit the treadmill right now. Today is a brand new day and it's time to take responsibility for my well being. After all, I'm the only one that can make myself healthy, no one can do it for me....I CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!!!!!!!

TexasSugar Posted 5 Jan 2009 , 11:56pm
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Butternut, I am soooo with you! I haven't decided on my official weigh in day/time. This isn't the great week to weigh so I just stepped on the scale today to get an idea. It wasn't good. Feel like I keep losing the same weight over and over. Maybe if I can really get into the 150s I can avoid the 160s again.

I finally did the walking video today, and it wasn't too bad. I did start with the one mile version. The one mile only took 20 mins to do. So for those that don't have alot of time to devot to exercise or have little ones at home, it may be something to look into.

The name of it is The Walk Diet, from Leslie Sansone. I got it at Walmart for $10 for the 1&2 mile. You can also get the 3&4 mile for $10 as well. If you go to LeslieSansone.com she has alot of different versions of the walking DVDs.

I'm going to try this week to plan out meals and snacks, so there is no standing there and wondering what I am eating. Which becomes I big issue for me, cause if I don't know what I want to eat, I keep putting it off and keep getting hungrier, until nothing sounds good and I try several things to see if that is what I wanted.

It is a new year and we can use it to make that new us, right?

butternut Posted 6 Jan 2009 , 3:36pm
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TS - I find that planning out meals is the way to go for me. That way 9 out of 10 times I will stick to that plan and not stray in an area that I shouldn't. I need to sit down tonight and plan for the next week or so before I go grocery shopping. I find that if I am organized and have a written plan, I do a whole lot better. I also cleaned out the kitchen of all "evil" foods and that will help out alot too. I also find that if I eat "simple" I lose weight at a faster pace. By simple I mean, for example: fruit for breakfast, chicken breast and salad for lunch and salmon, brown rice and greens for dinner. Then fruit for an in between snack and 100 calorie popcorn to snack on while watching tv at night. It's when I get into pastas and chili's and things where you have to actually put together a recipe that takes me off course. It does get a bit boring though when you eat the same things over and over. I really need to work on putting other types of dishes together that still have the calorie content that is acceptable. I try for 1200 calories a day. If I go less, I don't lose weight plus I don't think that is real healthy to go lower. If anyone has some great low cal, low fat recipes, please do share. I've also just purchased a couple new cook books that I hope to look over this week. I'll post anything that sounds really good. Ok, everyone have a great day. Time to go step on the treadmill and burn off some more of those holiday goodies icon_rolleyes.gif

Sarah1952 Posted 6 Jan 2009 , 4:49pm
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TS, The walk diet sounds good. I think I'll pick one up at Walmart and use it along with WIIFit.
Leslie is going to be on the show Live With Regis & Kelley on Thursday, Jan. 8th.
I was a failure yesterday, trying to stick to anything. My DH shoved me out the door early and off we went. By the time we got home, my sugar was low and I was ravenous..
I thought about trying to plan my menues and find the idea appealing, but no so easy to do. My family all eat so different. This is especially true with my Autistic son. Sometimes I feel like cooking my style and telling them all "Tough! You don't like it, eat cereal. There have been nights when I bought us all the $1.00 tv dinner and added a salad to it. At least, I was limited in what I ate.
I do alright as long as it is not pasta. That is my downfall. I did start using whole wheat and I also have a small yogurt container that I put my portion in to limit myself.
I am hoping to be able to accomplish weight loss this year..


TexasSugar Posted 6 Jan 2009 , 6:36pm
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Sarah, please don't ever think of yourself or your day as a failure. We all have bad days, we all have that day where the bag of M&M's disappear before we realise it. It took longer than one day to reach the weight we are at, and the actions of one day shouldn't keep you from reaching your goal.

Having to feed a family and picky eaters does add in some extra difficulties for ya. But remember, there is nothing wrong with your family eating good for them foods as well. Maybe you can make a night once a week, where you take a little break and they get something 'bad' to eat.

One thing I have read alot that makes since is that if you are making two seperate meals you aren't going to really stick with it because of the time and trouble it takes. Because you will eventually revert back to cooking one meal. My friend's son is austic, so I totally understand the eating issues there, and the textures of food for them. Keep what works for him on hand, so if you can't convience him to try something new you do have a back up. As my friend's son has gotten older he has been trying and liking more foods.

Don't give up yet. It takes time to fall into a new routine. You can do it!

Butternut, I totally understand the simple eating. I use that for breakfast and lunch. My breakfast choices are omelet with lots of veggies or yorgurt and fruit. Lunch is usually some combination for soup/salad/sandwich. Dinner is the biggest issue for me, since I often eat late, and often at my mom's. She wants to lose weight after they get back from a cruise this next week, so maybe that will help me out.

Right now I'm aiming for 1400 calories since that is what I need to support my body at the weight I want to be at. I figure if I work on eating that number now I will get use to it. Plus it helps my body burn the extra calories now. icon_smile.gif

butternut Posted 6 Jan 2009 , 7:19pm
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If it's one thing that I have learned in my years it's that you will not be successful at anthing unless you make a total committment. We will have good days and we will have bad days. There will be days where it's easy to count calories and eat healthy and others where you feel like your efforts aren't getting you anywhere so why bother. But it is those times that we really need to remind ourselves why we wanted to lose weight and continue with our efforts. Totally changing your eating habits is not always easy. It can be downright challenging. That's the time you need to buckle down and not give in. We are all strong and each of us can reach our goals but we have to want it badly enough. We can't "hope" that we will lose weight. We have to go into it with the thought that we WILL do what we have to do, even make some sacrifices in order to acheive our goals. Each of us has to educate ourselves on how to make better choices and become the person we so desperately want to be. It won't just happen because we want it to. We have to work for it and when we falter, (and we all will from time to time), we need to pick ourselves back up and re focus on our goals. I want to be healthy for as long as I can. I want to live long enough to see my grandkids grow up and if that means that I can only have an occasional cupcake or candy bar, well, then so be it. Living longer and healthier is without a doubt worth the effort it takes to learn to live a healthier lifestyle. You CAN do it, I CAN do it, sooooooo LET'S DO IT!!!
GOOOOOOOOOO Chunky Monkeys

Monkess Posted 6 Jan 2009 , 9:16pm
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I always believed that writting a food diary was pushing it too far and it looks good in the diet books yada yada yada...but it WORKS! You are subconsciously more aware of anything you put in your mouth since you know it will have to go in print it is almost as if the diary is an instructor of sorts...so that does help during those weeks when I find myself tending to cheat, if only even a little, everyday...the diary gets me of that cheating binge.
planning- I have an excel spreadhseet with my diet that took forever to put together. It lists bfast,luch,dinner and one snack for one week. I usually repeat it for a month by when I get bored and then change or shuffle around a few things, incorporating the weather and general likes...
I aim for 1200 cals...90-94 carbs...30-40grms fat....70-90grms protein....This helps me realize the futility of getting a slice of pizza or snacking on a couple of cookies because that truly throws the equation totally off...nonetheless when I get upset, pms or just stressed life happens and I give myself a break and not feel too too gulty.
As mentioned earlier, I ordered the hoodia and green tea and am hoping those will help me stay more on track and follow the diet strictly. Have lost the 22lbs that way so I know it works...Lets be motivated and think of looking greater in the summer!!!!

Sarah1952 Posted 6 Jan 2009 , 11:32pm
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Alright you guys, I am feeling so encouraged. The wonderful thing is that to be able to speak our feelings and have support from one another is so wonderful. TS and BN, I appreciate your comments also. I actually think I will do better just sticking to my tv dinners and cooking for my family. I usually do soups also that none of the rest will do. Sometimes, I am afraid of getting carried away as 15 years ago, I was treated for serious anorexia. Now, I went the other way. Over the past couple years I had been changing my eating habits and have lost some weight. Weight loss on insulin is very difficult. I am going to take baby steps and I think the most important thing for me is to get back into my exercise routine.
Hmmm Monkess..your statement of "Lets be motivated and think of looking greater in the summer!!!!" sounds wonderful. Maybe I will be able to get into my motorcycle leathers again.. my poor mom..when I start riding my bike again icon_smile.gif
Let's do it girls. WOOHOO!!!

-K8memphis Posted 7 Jan 2009 , 3:55am
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Upthread I said my goal was to get in my favorite jeans again. But it's not really. My goal is to stay off sugar. Sugar is a poison to my system. It starts me craving more and away I go. I have a slow low metabolism anyway so all the harder to only have 'a little sugar' icon_lol.gif .

What does, eat one cookie mean? Is that a foreign language? Yeah!!

And remember this is a cake board. I'm a freakin' baker.

But all that to say this recipe is awesome.

Cabbage. I mean you can do a multitude of things with cabbage. But this is what I had for dinner with two chicken tenders, grilled.

I took off outer icky leaves, washed it, sliced off a section to expose the core, cut it in half from the core down. Then with one half, remove core, cut thin. Store the other half--or cook it if you have to serve more people than I do.

So I've got half a head of cabbage sliced thin so they look like curly noodles.
Got the iron skillet hot
Put in two tablespoons of oil, the cabbage & some salt
Mix it up a bit
Turn the flame down semi-low
Let it cook, leave it alone for about 7-10 minutes so it starts to carmelize and look burned
Don't worry it takes a while to cook out the water
Don't worry about it looking burnt
Give it a stir and another 7 minute cook leaving it alone then stir and do this as many times as you want
Until it gets as carmelizely as you like (probably 3-4 more times.)
Slap on the lid, turn off the fire wait 10 minutes.

Killer! Freakin' awesome.

So but as far as my diet, I've stayed faithful on phase one for 6 days, 8 to go icon_biggrin.gif I'm not even weighing myself 'cause it doesn't matter, I just have to keep away from sugar and limit my carbs forever or I gain weight.
(then phase 2 Southbeach)

Hope you enjoy the cabbage if you try it. I got the recipe from somewhere--can't remember. It's so simple you think what? But it's really good.

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