My Business Account Got Hacked- Long

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jillmakescakes Posted 16 Dec 2008 , 3:18am
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So I got a package in the mail today that I didn't order. I went online to look up the company phone number so that I can call them. When I type in the company name the first thing that comes up is a site that talks about how this company defrauds people. So I went onto my bank's website to check my accounts. Personal account was fine, but my business account had about 15 unauthorized charges over the last two weeks icon_mad.gif

Fortunately, my bank is great. I went down there right away, closed the account, cancelled the card and filed disputes on all the charges. They said it would take about 2-3 weeks to get all the money back.

On the plus side, they didn't drain the account or cause any checks to bounce.

I've got no idea how they got my info. The lady at the bank said it could be something complicated, or just that a cashier copied the info. icon_evil.gif

The weirdest thing though, they set up an AARP membership with my name and my address!!! How weird and random is that? icon_confused.gif

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-K8memphis Posted 16 Dec 2008 , 5:48am
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Very strange.

Every time we order something that's an introductory price or some vitamin that's gonna cure world peace or something they sign you up for more stuff that quietly gets charged automatically.

It's a real racket. But if you never signed up for anything...hmm are you shredding your mail? Aarp is always sending out stuff to sign up for.

loriemoms Posted 16 Dec 2008 , 7:27am
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Do you order a lot of stuff online? Is your computer on wireless?

The reason I am asking is my sister in law had her computer hacked into where they grabbed all her account information from her quicken account. Right there in her home. My brother in law didnt know about incrimption codes and even password protecting his router. Did you know that most routers have the same internal IP address and the same password? I am amazed how many people also do not password protect their computers or their files. I have wireless and I went over to my neighbor and gave him a few lessons on password protecting his stuff after I pulled up a shared folder on my network that I didnt reconize and it was his vacation pictures on his computer! I used to have fun with another neighbor of mine and would print "HI!" On his shared printer.

So do be careful! If you order something online and use your CC, it is very easy for someone to find that number on your PC. Did you know some theives actually drive around neighbhorhoods and find open networks and hack CC Numbers?

jillmakescakes Posted 16 Dec 2008 , 2:29pm
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It's actually pretty strange because we cross shred everything, even junk mail. My hubby actually spreads the shreds around to the different trash cans in the house. He says that if someone wants to go through all of our trash, open every bag and then try to piece the stuff together, they probably deserve it at that point icon_rolleyes.gif

I do have a laptop, but it is password protected. We have several firewalls and encription. My hubby is very security oriented.

That's one of the reasons that we think it had to be a "low tech" thief. It might have been from something online too, but it seems less likely.

-K8memphis Posted 16 Dec 2008 , 2:36pm
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But I found out that there is now a 45 day window unless it is a 30 day window to get bad transactions removed from your debit card account. At least in Tennessee at least at my bank. Can't remember if it was 45 days or 30 but I mean I thought there was months & months to take action. But not.

So we need to be vigilant with our accounts.

ChefAngie Posted 16 Dec 2008 , 2:55pm
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I know longer do any money transactions on line - BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS ABOUT EASE AND CONVENIENCE- COSTLY$$$$$$.
There is always some fee charge somewhere.

kakeladi Posted 16 Dec 2008 , 2:56pm
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..hubby actually spreads the shreds around to the different trash cans in the house. He says that if someone wants to go through all of our trash, open every bag and then try to piece the stuff together, they probably deserve it at that point .......

I too do thisicon_smile.gif Seldom do all the waste baskets get emptied in the same trash collection so only part of my trash mail is in any one collection.

costumeczar Posted 16 Dec 2008 , 3:05pm
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I had my credit card number stolen twice, once was something that must have been from an online transaction somewhere, but the other was from a department store transaction, so it can happen anytime. Just watch your statements carefully...

The funny thing is that the person who stole the number at the departmetn store went to buy some cd's, then went to the nail salon, then one other place, and as the piece de resistance, signed me up for an online transsexual website subscription! When I started getting mail from them I figured out that something was going on! At least they just signed you up for AARP. I thought it was kind of a creative ha-ha on their part, anyway.

loriemoms Posted 19 Dec 2008 , 3:15pm
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Did you guys see the today show yesterday? They had a security person on there. He showed how you when you pay at a restaurant, you never know where your credit card is going. He had a little device that he swipped the card on which captured all the information in a matter of seconds off the CC card and then gave it back to the customer. That is how he stold the number. It is scary when you think about it, they do really just whisk your card away!!! He suggested getting a credit card with a low balance and not use a debit card. Me, I am going to use cash for now on at restaurants!

DesignerCakes Posted 21 Dec 2008 , 4:43am
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Last month my Amex business card was fraudulently used. I was notified via email by Amex the following day. I have no idea how that happens.

Only one charge went through. Someone bought some DVDs from an online ocmpany and the stuff was shipped to an address in another state. There were also charges from an Indian airline. Someone was trying to purchase tickets in Mumbai, India. There were many other attempts to charge things online, but they were all declined after Amex contacted me. Very scarey.

Luckily, Amex is wonderful and took care of everything for me. But it's still frightening that someone can get your info this way. Once they get their hands on your account number, they share it with others. I personally think that they hack into websites where this information is stored, like smaller companies who we make online purchases from. Just my guess.

jillmakescakes Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 6:25pm
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So I have now received a subscrition to Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, Columbia House movies and the Disney Movie club, all courtesy of stooge-who-stole-my-info.

Its so ridiculous. So far, nothing has been sent to a different address. My bank has been great and has done all of the dispute stuff, but I am stuck with calling these places when packages arrive, explaining the story, cancelling whatever trial account was set up and waiting for a return label to send the stuff back.

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