Cake Balls

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lifonahil Posted 8 Dec 2008 , 8:48pm
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Today i made cake balls. And then i put in the fridge to get them solid. I was wondering if they are supposed to get hard before you put them in chocolate. I tried and they were just to soft. So when you are done and you bite into them are they supposed to be soft in side or solid like cake. Please help i am so excited about making these.

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SILVERCAT Posted 8 Dec 2008 , 10:17pm
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I freeze mine for at least over night! Good Luck bc they are time consuming and can be a pain in the ARSE!

lifonahil Posted 9 Dec 2008 , 12:12am
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thank you. When you eat them are they supposed to be soft like cake in the middle or are they supposed to be mushy. I think i might have added to much BC to mine and they seem mushy in the middle.

lifonahil Posted 9 Dec 2008 , 4:10am
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Help i still need to know if they are supposed to be mushy inside.

BlondiezBakery Posted 9 Dec 2008 , 4:23am
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I thought they were supposed to be a little softer than cake, but not mushy. I haven't made them yet...but will be next week. That is what I thought...?

lifonahil Posted 9 Dec 2008 , 4:27am
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Well maybe i did make them right. I just am not sure. I know my cake was real moist and i add bailey carmel to the butter cream. I thought maybe i add to much of my mixture to it.

SILVERCAT Posted 9 Dec 2008 , 2:03pm
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THe last time I made them I used pre made canned icing and put in a half a can of it. I think I used a little too much but they tasted fine!

nickshalfpint Posted 9 Dec 2008 , 2:22pm
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Mine are usually soft in the middle. I always freeze mine for at least 2 hours or more before dipping. If they are a little mushy and not squishy, it's fine. You don't want a squishy cakeball.......... Yuck thumbsdown.gif (from experience =)

Postal_Cakemaker Posted 9 Dec 2008 , 2:27pm
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I've made a couple of batches of these and both times I used creamer in them.

I followed the instructions on here and they came out the way I wanted them.

Slightly soft in the middle, not mushy at all. Froze them for an hour or two and then dipped them in straight chocolate.

Next time I might add a little bit of paraffin wax to the chocolate.

**The key is add a little creamer/frosting at a time. When you think you have enough STOP!!! I added a little to much one time and thank goodness I had some more cake to put in.

crisseyann Posted 9 Dec 2008 , 2:29pm
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I usually add JUST enough buttercream to be able to form a firm ball. It's hard to say exactly how much, so I just add maybe 1/4 cup at a time. I always freeze my cakeballs first.

I stick a toothpick in them, usually working with a dozen at a time since they seem to thaw quickly. I then roll in a bowl of melted chocolate, holding the pick,and using my other hand, take a small cocktail fork and place under the ball with the pick between the tines of the fork. I then slide the toothpick down, leaving the ball resting on the fork. Using the toothpick, I push the cakeball gently onto a waxed paper lined cookie sheet, add any sprinkles or nuts while chocolate is still wet, place in the fridge to firm up for a few minutes, then transfer to mini paper cup holders and store in a box in the fridge.

My cakes seem pretty moist to begin with so I really don't need to add too much bc to bind them together. They are never mushy, just moist.

lifonahil Posted 10 Dec 2008 , 4:26am
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Yeah i am very excited now. I am gonna try and make them again. My were a little to mushy for me. But others tried them and loved them. So i don't know maybe i am just strange.

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