I Took 3Rd Place In Taste Of Home Cookie Contest!

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GeminiRJ Posted 18 Nov 2008 , 7:41pm
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Woo Hoo! I get a check in the mail, no letter explaining what it is for, and I'm wondering if it's legit. I notice a notation in a statement column that says "3rd Pl Wizard of Oz". Think. Think. Oh, yeah! I entered my 3D Wizard of Oz cookies in the Taste of Home cookie contest. Looks like I won 3rd place! My husband says, "That's nice, honey". Hey, this was a national contest...it's more than nice. I'm doing the happy dance!

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Tisha___ Posted 18 Nov 2008 , 8:11pm
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Awesome! Big congrats to you!!! icon_biggrin.gif

yankeegal Posted 18 Nov 2008 , 8:12pm
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icon_biggrin.gif congratulations!!! Now, you must use it to your full advantage. People will be buying cookies from an award-winning artist!

Honeydukes Posted 18 Nov 2008 , 8:12pm
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What song are you listening to so we can dance too??!! party.gif Congratulations! Will they appear in the magazine??

JenWhitlock Posted 18 Nov 2008 , 8:17pm
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that's totally awesome!
(and totally deserved!)

GeminiRJ Posted 18 Nov 2008 , 8:52pm
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Originally Posted by Honeydukes

What song are you listening to so we can dance too??!! party.gif Congratulations! Will they appear in the magazine??

Even though the check won't allow me to quit my day job, "We're in the Money" is a nice song for how I'm feeling. Seriously, I'm just ecstatic! I thought it might be a let down to not be first (okay, I'm competitive), but I couldn't be happier.

If it's like the cake contest the magazine ran last year, the top three entries will be published in an upcoming edition...I just have no idea what month. I'll certainly be looking with interest!

My thanks to all you inspiring cookie artists! I never would've taken up cookie decorating it I hadn't found this website, and I certainly would never have thought to create 3D cookies. What a huge impact CC has had on my life!

SILVERCAT Posted 18 Nov 2008 , 9:11pm
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CONGRATS! You deserve it!

chutzpah Posted 18 Nov 2008 , 9:13pm
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Well done!

chutzpah Posted 18 Nov 2008 , 9:14pm
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Well done!

Joanne914 Posted 18 Nov 2008 , 10:52pm
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Woooooo Hooooooooo!!! Good for you!!!! We're all proud of you!!! thumbs_up.gif

kimsmom Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 12:13am
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A BIG CONGRATS to you!! Your cookies are awesome as well as unique. We'll be looking forward to seeing them in the magazine.

Peeverly Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 1:49am
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That is so awesome! You should be very proud of yourself. Leave it up to a husband to say "that's nice honey" very typical!! Ha ha ha! You definitely deserve it! Great job.

shiney Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 3:28am
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CONGRATS! Well deserved!

TracyLH Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 12:33pm
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thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif Two thumbs up... WAY up! Congrats to you!!! How very exciting!!! I am so happy for you! Please tell us what issue it is in so we can see you in print! Oh, oh! We need to scan the page and post it so we can all see it! Wow - now you are an 'official award winning cookie artist!" I am doing the happy dance for you too! icon_biggrin.gif

GeminiRJ Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 12:41pm
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Everyone's comments are greatly appreciated!

On another note...anyone else not receiving a notice that something has been posted on a topic you've been watching? I have the "notify me" box checked, so I know that's not it. I'm not receiving a notice on comments to my pictures, either. Just wondered if it's something that will sort itself out and if anyone else has experienced this.

TracyLH Posted 30 Nov 2008 , 5:54pm
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GeminiRJ - I just thought of something... I remember seeing that you were planning to have your 3-d cutters manufactured for you. If you have done that, is there any way at all you can get the ordering information posted next to the picture of your cookies in that issue of "Taste of Home"? I can only imagine the orders you would get!

I just didn't know if you were up and running with that yet. Please do keep us informed when the issue comes out. I keep looking for your cookies when I see one of their magazines. icon_biggrin.gif

1234me Posted 30 Nov 2008 , 7:24pm
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Congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself!

cookiemookie Posted 30 Nov 2008 , 8:02pm
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onceuponacookie Posted 30 Nov 2008 , 8:40pm
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That is so cool!! Congratulations!!

GeminiRJ Posted 1 Dec 2008 , 12:59pm
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About a week after the check arrived, I received a letter telling me I'd won 3rd place with the cookies, and they included a copy of the magazine. Unfortunately, unlike with the cakes, they only printed pictures of the first place winners. (And it was pretty dinky!) You have to go online to see the 2nd and 3rd place winners, and you have to be a subscriber as well. Another unfortunate for me, as it's my MIL who subscribes to the magazine and then passes it along to me. When I told her about needing a password to log on, she just gave me a blank look. Obviously, she's as computer savvy as I am! Not.

And yes, TracyLH, I've been doing moderately well selling the 3D cookie cutter kit. I hit a roadblock with a family issue, which sapped much of my initiative. It's been a really rough summer and fall, actually. But I continue to send out a kit or two!

bethola Posted 1 Dec 2008 , 1:11pm
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I grabbed my magazine before I read the above post. Guess what? Couldn't FIND you! LOL Did go online but couldn't find the contest winners. I'll try later, though. I know they are adorable!


Beth in KY

Susie53 Posted 1 Dec 2008 , 1:24pm
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GeminiRJ, congratulations on your win! I'm really excited for you! You deserve it, all of your cookies are beautiful!

ac0474 Posted 1 Dec 2008 , 10:55pm
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What exciting news! Congratulations to you!

msack3889 Posted 2 Dec 2008 , 12:45pm
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Congratulations! icon_biggrin.gif

pastryjen Posted 2 Dec 2008 , 1:34pm
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Congratulations! It's nice to be recognized for a job well done!

Can you post the photo you took of them, please?

GeminiRJ Posted 2 Dec 2008 , 1:49pm
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Originally Posted by pastryjen

Congratulations! It's nice to be recognized for a job well done!

Can you post the photo you took of them, please?

The actual photo I sent in wasn't digital. However, if you go to my photos and scroll down, the Wizard of Oz cookies that I entered in the contest are some of the first ones I posted here on CC. And thanks to everyone for your nice comments!

dmich Posted 2 Dec 2008 , 1:55pm
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Wow, way to go! That is definitely something to be proud of. I won 20 pounds (!!!) of sausage in a recipe contest one time and I was doing a happy dance, too. Though I'm not quite sure what song you dance to when a big box of sausage arrives at your door. icon_biggrin.gif

Pebbles13 Posted 2 Dec 2008 , 5:21pm
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Congratulations! I saw the picture on the TOH website. I'm so proud of you, and I'm sure that the rest of our fellow CC'ers feel the same thumbs_up.gif

susanscakecreations Posted 2 Dec 2008 , 5:35pm
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! icon_wink.gif That is wonderful!!!!!!!!!
The cookies are gorgeous!!!!!
I am sure you are doing the happy dance!!!!!
Keep on dancin'!!!!!!!


johnson6ofus Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 4:33pm
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CONGRATS!!!!! I love your stuff....

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