Do Not Preheat Oven???

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sweet_2th_fairy Posted 16 Nov 2008 , 4:19am
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Sorry, I'm a newbie...what does it mean when a recipe says NOT to preheat the oven? Does this mean that I put the cake in the oven as soon as I turn the oven on (thus allowing the cake to heat up as the oven heats up)? Also, what is the advantage to doing this? TIA!

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kakeladi Posted 16 Nov 2008 , 4:29am
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Yes, the cake is put into a cold oven and it heats along w/the oven. Not exactly sure what the advantage is.

JodieF Posted 16 Nov 2008 , 4:30am
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The only cakes that should be baked in an oven that is not preheated are very dense cakes such as fruit cakes, jam cakes, and pound cakes. The purpose of the preheated oven is to allow a light cake to raise quickly then immediately kill the leavening ingredients so that the cake doesn't bubble out all over the place. Since the heavy cakes take longer to raise, they are fine in a cold oven.

sweet_2th_fairy Posted 16 Nov 2008 , 4:38am
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Thank you so much for your replies. I'm making a pound cake right now for the first time and wasn't sure what it meant. Thank you for your explanations. It makes sense now. icon_wink.gif I just have one other quick question...does pound cake rise a lot? This recipe made a LOT of batter and I'm afraid it might overflow.

Ariginal Posted 16 Nov 2008 , 4:39am
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ok i am not a newbie but you now have me intreged... i have always pre heated my oven for fruit cakes etc... so if you dont preheat and put in oven straight away when do you start the timing for the cooking? ie if a recipe says 60mins is that from when the oven is up to temp ? thanks

JodieF Posted 16 Nov 2008 , 4:42am
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Nope, pound cake doesn't rise a lot. It's a dense cake.

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sweet_2th_fairy Posted 16 Nov 2008 , 4:52am
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Thanks for the nice greeting. I've received such great advice from CC. I'm actually trying "Alice's pound cake" recipe. Has anyone tried it? It received high ratings, but it doesn't say how much it makes. I wanted to use a bundt pan. Do you think it's too much? Here's the link to the recipe:

sweet_2th_fairy Posted 16 Nov 2008 , 4:55am
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Ok, so I just poured it into the bundt pan and it's about 1 1/2" from the top. Since you mentioned that it doesn't rise a you think it'll be ok? Also, I was wondering do I begin the timing from the moment I put the cake in the oven or do I begin the timing when the temperature hits 325 degrees?

kakeladi Posted 16 Nov 2008 , 6:27am
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I've not made that recipe and can't help about the rising part but you begin timing it as soon as you put it in the oven.....don't wait until the temp reaches whatever temp it says.

sweet_2th_fairy Posted 16 Nov 2008 , 6:44am
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Whew! Great...that's what I did. I started the timer as soon as I put the cake in the oven. The timer just went off and it smells delicious. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you for everyone's advice!

sarahpierce Posted 17 Nov 2008 , 2:58am
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I used that recipe for a 12 inch strawberry shortcake, and it got rave reviews. I will definetily make Alices Pound Cake again.

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