Sheet Cakes Won't "rise To The Occasion".. Help!!!

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kellertur Posted 14 Nov 2008 , 11:49pm
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How do you get 1 layer sheet cakes to reach 2 inches???? Mine always come out of the oven around 1 inch and that's following the recommended amount of batter... Is this correct????

How high is a 1 layer sheet cake supposed to be anyway???

Thanks ~ cake due Sunday... icon_surprised.gif

(I hate sheet cakes....) icon_rolleyes.gif

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kakeladi Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 1:27am
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What size pan are you using - like a 12x18?
Are you using boxmix or scratch recipe? HOw many?
A sheet cake should be 2" tall.

kellertur Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 1:44am
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I'm a scratch baker, which probably complicates things.

I don't own a 12x18 so I'm using two 9x13 side by side... three 9x13 total (one on top). (the design makes sense, if my explanation doesn't)
to serve: 70 (there will also be a pregnant belly and breasts)
Have I lost anyone yet???? icon_confused.gif

The recipe(s) I have state that one batch (3 cups of flour, etc.) fills etiher two 9" pans or one 9x13. Where am I going wrong in the math???? icon_cry.gif This cake is due Sunday and I'm worried now I'm going to be baking for the rest of my life to finish this...

as I've said previously... I hate sheet cakes. I'm much more comfortable carving and stacking. icon_sad.gif

Thank you for helping me.

indydebi Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 2:07am
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I don't make 9x13's anymore, but I do remember that even tho' it says one cake mix, it didn't seem to be quite enough batter. 1.5 mixes, maybe. baking strips and reducing the baking temp helps, too.

JanH Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 2:26am
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Originally Posted by K2cakes

The recipe(s) I have state that one batch (3 cups of flour, etc.) fills etiher two 9" pans or one 9x13. Where am I going wrong in the math???? icon_cry.gif

Your 3 cup measurement for a 9" pan or a 13x9 are NOT for DECORATOR 2" pans (but the grocery store cake pans which are sized for making two 9" rounds [with pans less than 1-3/4" tall] using one box of cake mix).

According to Wilton, a 13x9x2 pan requires SEVEN (7) cups of batter. A 9" round, 2" deep requires 5-1/2 cups of batter PER LAYER (or 11 cups for a 9" layer cake).

Here's Everything you ever wanted to know to make your 1st tiered/stacked/layer cake:

The above thread has all the Wilton cake baking and decorating help links and SO MUCH MORE.


kakeladi Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 3:57am
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The best way to tell if you have enough batter in the pan is that it should be at least 1/2 - better to be 2/3rds - full (up the side of the pan).

Mike1394 Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 10:12am
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I go to the 2/3 full. How is the quality of the cake right now? They are still usable if the quality is there. Now you just don't have to torte them icon_biggrin.gif if that was the plan.


Malakin Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 10:20am
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I go 2/3 full. When I do measure, I actually put 4 cups of batter in my 10" and it works so you might try 3.5 in your 9".

kellertur Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 4:33pm
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Thanks for all the help... if it wasn't for this site, I don't know what I'd do. INVALUABLE information... and I grately appreciate you all!! icon_smile.gif

Last night I decided to bake an extra 9x13 and just stack them to be a 2 layer 12x18... either that or I was going to burst into tears. icon_cry.gif
I'm going to be assembling this cake tonight (cakes are in freezer right now) and I am crossing my fingers...

So, it will be a 2 layer, 2 (+) inch 12 x 18 with a preg. belly and breast on top. THAT should hopefully do it.

Jan~ thanks for the link... it clears up lots of questions.
and Thanks to everyone else... You don't know how much this helps!! icon_smile.gif

(I wish there were a "phewwww" emoticon to show the stress that has been lifted icon_rolleyes.gif )

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