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crazycakes2007 Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 6:50am
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I'm screaming excited that after several years of an obsessive hobby of finding the best scratch recipes and learning techniques from cake central (thank you all!), cookbooks, trial and error and occassional classes, I GOT A JOB IN A SMALL BAKERY COFFEE SHOP TODAY AS THEIR CAKE MAKER!!! $12/hour to start, I thought that was pretty great!

The owner said, "give me a list of equipment that you need to make you happy." Oh my goodness!

What are the best industrial pans to ask for? Magic Line? I have enjoyed those, but not sure if those are too expensive to ask for?? I have no idea! Maybe I'll post my list when I'm done to get your feedback.

Thank you for your expertise! Any tips welcome. <<<Cheryl

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handymama Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 7:23am
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There seems to be quite a Magic Line/Fat Daddios discussion going on. I know the FD's have some interesting shapes. I wrote to the owner and he suggested baking at 300 degrees with them. That's all well and good as long as you're using only their pans, but maybe not so good if you have others in the oven at the same time. Pfeil and Holing has some nice quality pans--they're My contour pans are from there and bake beautifully. You're a lucky, lucky girl! Good luck in the new job.

panchanewjersey Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 7:27am
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Your sooo lucky, hey that's a great way to start to sucess. I wish you the best!

calivettie Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 7:37am
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That is great that you are getting paid to do what you want to do!! I wish you all the best!!!

Are you using your own recipes for this job? Or are they suppling the recipes to follow?

crazycakes2007 Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 12:22am
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Thank you so much Handymama! I will price those.

Calivettie, I am supplying my own recipes. Which leads me to ask, how to I protect those? They have asked me to teach others in the shop how to do some baking, because I am only going to work 16 hours. I am happy to train people to do fillings, simple syrups, ganache and buttercreams... but some of these recipes I did develop myself so I would like to keep them to myself. Any comments? Maybe I should post this question in the "business" section (shock, awe, do I belong there??) <<<Cheryl

leah_s Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 12:24am
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Definitely ask for Magic Line. You won't be sorry. I currently own Wilton, FD and Magic Line. ML blows all the others away.

And congratulations!

grama_j Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 12:29am
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" but some of these recipes I did develop myself so I would like to keep them to myself. "
ABSOLUTLY keep them to yourself........Isn't that why they are hiring you ? Your baking skills ? When you are "teaching " the others, do basic things like mix all the wet ingred. and then add the dry, or simple things like that, but NOT your recipes !

crazycakes2007 Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 4:36am
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Leahs, I thought I had learned about Magic Line from you, so thank you especially for chiming in. Grama_i, thanks for your response. Hate to be daft, but do you think I should keep my recipes in a notebook and take it back and forth with me? Or is that just too weird? Can't say I have them memorized. <<<Cheryl

calivettie Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 6:46am
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I would say so.. I have never been in that situation before, but I would not think it is a problem for you to take your recipes with you. Your recipes were not purchased from them, your services are. Don't sell yourself or your talent short. If they want to "keep" your recipes then have them buy them for you, if of course that is what you want.

grama_j Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 10:41am
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That isn't weird...... take them with you..... have to talked to the owners about this ? Maybe they haven't thought about it.... maybe they have some recipes, or expect you to use box mixes......

leah_s Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 12:52pm
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If I had proprietary recipes, I simply would NOT use them while employed by someone else. YOUR recipes are what sets you apart from everyone else. Once the public knows they can get your fabulous items at XYZ Bakery, you have lost all your (possibly future) marketing advantage.

The Bakery may very well have their own proprietary recipes, or expect you to bake from mixes. Actually every bakery I know of uses mixes, because it's the one way to guaranteee consistency of product with different people baking.

You might introduce them to the concept of doctored mixes, but using your own recipes? - nuh uh.

grama_j Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 1:13pm
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Oh, Leahs.... I hadn't even thought of it llike that...... I agree...... NO recipes of her own....

crazycakes2007 Posted 14 Nov 2008 , 2:54am
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Thank you for your advice, I am so naive and appreciate it. I must say, though, I simply cannot use a mix! I only have a few recipes of my own that I think you are right, I will keep to myself. The majority of what I do I have found in recipe books. Sometimes I mix and match...

Peridot Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 4:10pm
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I would not share my recipes either. Use what they have - once your recipes are out there they are no longer your own.

I am thinking that you might want your own business some day and I would save those until then or if you do your own cakes on the side - use them.

You worked to perfect these recipes and I would not share with a bakery!

crazycakes2007 Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 6:39pm
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Thank you BJNZ for taking the time to post and encourage me. I must say I have learned so much since I started in November... Time management, using what's leftover to make my own creation etc. Repetition is the best teacher. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Also, since I have used magic line and a cheaper cake pan in the next oven with the same batter, and magic line blew the other away... it was a tall cake with very little to no dome on top. Very worth it!

I owe a debt of gratitude to you all at Cake Central. You really did push me to a more professional level. If only you could teach me to make flowers out of Italian Merengue buttercream! (I just can't seem to master this, so my decorating style is simple but elegant, no flowers!)


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