That's It!! No More Wedding Cakes For Me

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Zahrah Posted 29 Oct 2008 , 5:03pm
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Did a wedding and groom's cake, delivered it 3 weeks ago. It was a 4 tier square wedding cake; 2 different flavors and fillings; covered in gumpaste flowers. Groom's cake was to be a wake board - bride emailed a picture of a wake board (JUST a wake board) and that is exactly what I made it to look like; it was about 2 feet by 1 foot.

I could go into a VERY long list of things that I went above and beyond for this couple as well as frustrations regarding a very disorganized event but will refrain from that novella. I email the bride shortly after the wedding, no return communication. Thought all was fine. Today I get a very snippy voicemail from, and then have an infuriating coversation with the MOB who is angry that I cashed the check that I require ($100)to secure return of non disposable items. Did I mention it's been 3 weeks? She said things like: she's just a 'layperson' and didn't know they (the 2 cake stands) belonged to me; "why didn't you call me" instead of emailing the bride; said she was upset that there were no boots on the wakeboard cake even though I made it as pictured from the bride and would have certainly opened a dialogue concerning what the bride might want the boots to look like because I certainly don't know; said the check was for "incidentals" and "extras" I might need to buy such as the decoration for the table; said she threw away the cake stand after "it sat here for two weeks", etc etc.

I charged $625 complete with delivery and set up for a 4 tier (12, 10, 8, 6) square cake of several difference flavors and fillings with gumpaste flowers, and a 1x2' wakeboard covered in fondant. This was a young couple and a referral so I wanted to help. Now I'm out a wedding cake stand and have been dressed down by the MOB. I offered to refund part of the $100 check. Am I crazy? By the way, this is my first and only complaint ever.

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ccr03 Posted 29 Oct 2008 , 5:11pm
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Yes, you are crazy icon_wink.gif

Did you have a contract stating the deposit was for the secure return of non disposable items? If so, then you have no reason whatsoever to return any portion of the $100.

Also, who is your contract with? That is who you need to speak with.

tiggy2 Posted 29 Oct 2008 , 5:15pm
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Did you have a contract with the bride? If so did it state non disposable items to be returned or deposit will be kept? If so I would simply send the bride another copy of the contract and be done with it. If MOB of bride calls again I'd tell her my contract was with the bride and that is the only person I will be dealing with.

Zahrah Posted 29 Oct 2008 , 5:32pm
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The contract was with the bride and pointed this out to her. This would be why I contacted the bride after the wedding and not her. MOB did write this check though. I remember that the memo section of her check was filled out properly, but I don't remember exact wording (i.e.; something like 'for returnable items' NOT 'incidentals').

She also had some snippy remarks about the venue so I don't know if she's just an unhappy person or if the event did not happen as she envisioned or if there really is a problem with my service. No complaints from the bride!!

tiggy2 Posted 29 Oct 2008 , 6:28pm
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If the contract was with the bride that is the only person I would deal with. Tell the MOB that the bride has a copy of the contract and she needs to talk to her.

planetsomsom Posted 30 Oct 2008 , 6:24pm
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wow did she expect you to linger around the party to get your supplies back? I do agree that you should have tried to contact her more than once via email, but if she goes and THROWS OUT THE SUPPLIES, then she's bought them.

TheDomesticDiva Posted 30 Oct 2008 , 8:29pm
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I agree with the people above, no refund at all. She shouldnt have thrown the stuff out. Sounds like theyre just trying to get some money back from someone bc they probably overblew their budget. Grasping at straws-- dont give them a penny back. You have to buy all new stuff now bc they messed up. That's not your problem, it's theirs. If its in a contract, and they tossed it out, they totally bought it. And you made what she showed you in the picture. If she wanted more, she should have let you know. You did what she asked, no refund.

mixinvixen Posted 30 Oct 2008 , 9:36pm
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i make a copy of each of my checks that i receive, and include it in the client's personal file, for my eyes only. i also black out the checking account number at the bottom, so there's no worries, even if someone did ever see it. several times, this has saved my butt...sometimes it's from the info they put on the memo line, sometimes it's the additional contact info.

indydebi Posted 30 Oct 2008 , 10:16pm
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You don't owe her squat! You need chutzpuh on here to take her down a notch! icon_twisted.gif

chutzpah Posted 30 Oct 2008 , 10:19pm
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Where's she live? I'll pass by there on my way to work tomorrow and slap her up good.

Juds2323 Posted 30 Oct 2008 , 10:43pm
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Actually you should have cashed the check immediately upon receipt and then held the money aside so that you could refund it if the stuff was returned. By holding onto the check you could have been out your stands and money as she could have stopped payment on it at any time after giving it to you. I beleive that many of our pros on here handle it that way.


mommicakes Posted 30 Oct 2008 , 10:55pm
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Plain and simple: NO REFUND!!!!

I agree with Juds2323 though. That way you aren't stuck w/ a check that isn't any good.

I also make a copy of each payment I receive, also black out acct. info. and put into clients files. I make this known to my clients for all concerned.

bethola Posted 30 Oct 2008 , 11:24pm
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NO REFUND!! I can't BELIEVE she threw away a CAKE STAND? Is she just NUTZ? Well, obviously she's nutz, but I mean really.....did she think the cake stand belonged to one of the bridal party or what?

Beth in KY

Zahrah Posted 31 Oct 2008 , 6:50pm
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Thank you guys! All great advice! I will definetely be copying and cashing checks - but I still don't think I'll be doing wedding cakes again. I stress them enough because I want the bride's day to be perfect.....this kind of hassle just isn't worth it.

alanahodgson Posted 1 Nov 2008 , 11:58pm
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She threw away your cake stand. There's no refund!

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