Huffy Client....need Your Opinions....

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jlsheik Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 1:58pm
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I had cake order for a baby shower cake to be delievered yesterday by 2pm. I had talked to the lady that ordered the cake by phone the night before and she was telling me how to get to the building. And ordered another cake for her little girl for 2 weeks away.
Day of the cake delivery....I woke up and had a horrible migraine and made the cake and it was beautiful...but by the time I needed to leave my head was pounding and I was getting sick (probably to much meds) my daughters offered to take the cake down for me. So I called the lady to tell her my DD's would be there and got no answer on either number. So I sent them on thier way....about 10 mins later I get a call from her it was 1:30 and when I said hello she said in a "tone" where's my cake! I told her politely that I had a bad headache and that my girls were on the way and they should be there any min. she in turn said well they better be. And I assured her they would be and that the cake was adorable.
Ok the DD's get there and she meets them at the door at 1:40 and was very rude to them.
My question is do I make the next cake or just dismiss her as a customer. I don't like dealing with rude people and I feel like she was a witch for no reason and I really don't want her business if I have to kiss her butt!! But on the other hand should I just be nice to her and make her happy. My DH thinks I should tell her that her rudeness was uncalled for and tell her I wont bake for her anymore. I worked for 22 years and HAD to be nice to people when on the inside I wanted to tell them to stuff it!! Any advice would be appreciated.

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Pookie59 Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:04pm
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Personally, at this point in my life, I have little patience for people who treat me like crap. I'd refuse any future orders from that woman.

darandon Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:07pm
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If the cake wasn't due until 2:00, it wasn't late so there was no reason for her rudeness. I would, however, go ahead and make the other cake for her. Maybe she was just stressed about the party. If she would be rude to you the second time, the I would no longer be available to make cakes for her.

Win Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:11pm
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I always try to lean on the side of providing grace. She probably does not realize how she came off and was under a lot of stress herself. Not that I'm excusing her attitude... but, you never know. Unless she were to cuss you out or behave that way each and every time she ordered, then it becomes unacceptable. Even then, you don't have to tell her why you are refusing her order, just refuse it.

kjt Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:11pm
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If it were me, I'd make the cake that she's already ordered. She may have been having a bad day, too, not that that excuses rudeness. If she's not nice for a second time, or if you just don't want to do business with her after that, then you can always be "booked" when/if she calls you again. I don't think it's professional to cancel an order because of a client's snippy attitude. If they were threatening, that's different. Just my two cents worth icon_wink.gif

kakeladi Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:11pm
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Unless you hear from her not to make the cake do it.
This time if at all possible make her pick it up.

tanyascakes Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:15pm
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I say that once is enough. Particularly since it was 20 mins early anyway. I have no patience for this kind of rudeness. Life is short and I always try to be nice, so I can't deal when people are not. It is really up to you on what to do. But I wouldn't do nything else for her.

lapazlady Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:16pm
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Your dealing with the general public, and it takes all kinds. It truely is your choice if you wish to do more work for her. Do make the cake you have already accepted the order for. If she's behaves in the same manner then make you choice, yes, I can handle it or no, I'm out of here. I've dealt with the general public all my life and there have been times when it was necessary to just walk away. Try not to become involved in her emotional problems and stay strong and steady for yourself. Hugs.

kjt Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:19pm
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Originally Posted by kakeladi

This time if at all possible make her pick it up.

thumbs_up.gif excellent idea.

Tiababe Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:20pm
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Some people are rude on occassion when in a bad mood or stressed; some people are rude all the time. I would give her the benefit of the doubt and do the second cake. If she is rude again, consider her someone who is rude on a regular basis. Then make the decison on whether or not you want her as a continuing customer.

Tiababe Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:23pm
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Originally Posted by kjt

Originally Posted by kakeladi

This time if at all possible make her pick it up.

thumbs_up.gif excellent idea.

I second that!!

sweetbn Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:25pm
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I would make the second cake for this customer and then not have her as a customer any more icon_smile.gif Unfortunately I think that tells her it was okay to treat you and your girls rudely and I certainly wouldn't want to give that message. Good luck with your decision.

-K8memphis Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:32pm
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I would not hesitate to gleefully and professionally cancel her next order.

Want me to call her for yah? icon_biggrin.gif

Or hey, everybody's having a tough time huh. Sure what's a matta with me? Let's give her a second chance--maybe she can lob a bigger better bomb this time. She only sent shrapnel into you and the kid, I'm sure if given a proper chance she can send those barbs out far and wide.

Make her cake, put extra ingredients in there. Stay up all night and sacrifice your health too. Go all out on the decor. Give her a price break. Offer to wash her car for the inconveniences she endured. Then in her presence drop the cake on the floor 'accidently.'

Some of us aren't willing to be placid doormats, we are mobile doormats willing to make it easy for creeps to take advantage of us and the fruit of our womb.

(Not that you did anything wrong sending your kid)

Just say, "No thank you."


kaciealexa Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:36pm
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okay, i'll probably get stoned for this reply , but, here goes.....

unless you are in no need of the money your cakes generate, you will have to deal with people like this from time to time... if you let them get to you enough that you say you will no longer let them be your customer, you either have to have another paying customer to take their place, or figure you don't need their money... it's your choice... we all deal on an everyday basis with people we don't care for , or those who we feel don't respect us... we can't control their emotions/reactions, etc.. BUT, we can control how much those emotions/reactions impact us... my suggestion is to keep dealing with her, add a nuisance fee quietly to her order and take her money!

on the other hand, if you don't need her money to further your own agenda (eating 3 meals a day, sleeping indoors), tell her to bugger off....

khoudek Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:37pm
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Why are you delivering a cake on a Sunday? I hope with that kind of extended service you charged her for delivery, especially with the disrespectful attidtude she displayed. Cakes are picked up by the client unless they are wedding cakes or occasion cakes of a similar stature. And they are delivered for a fee, unless they are priced over a specified amount. Your service is above and beyond the call of bakery duty and she's very lucky to have you delivering her a cake on a Sunday. You deserve better than that treatment. I'd bake her other cake, but make her pick it up if she's so fussy about having the cake earlier than the designated time.

projectqueen Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:42pm
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My 2 cents:

I would call her and say:

"sorry I wasn't personally able to deliver the baby shower cake Sunday, I woke up with a terrible migraine and put every last effort into making you an adorable cake. My daughters did me a favor and delivered it for me, but they said you were rude to them when they got there. Was there a problem I should know about?"

When she stammers you could say:

"I made sure they left in plenty of time to have it there before 2:00 and I called both your numbers to let you know they were on their way but I wasn't able to reach you."

Then when she starts to make feeble excuses, you can cut her short and say "do you still want me to make the cake for your daughter or would you prefer to order somewhere else if you are not happy with the way I do business"?

I'd bet that you will do her daughter's cake and she will be nothing but nice to you from then on. Sometimes people just need to be made aware of how they are acting. If she says she'd prefer to order somewhere else, then you are off the hook and good riddance!

Good luck!

MacsMom Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:55pm
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I really like that, projectqueeen. Make her aware that she treated your daughters inappropriately in a nice way icon_cool.gif Remind her that they arrived early.

kbw5780 Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:55pm
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I think I would go ahead and make her the cake she ordered, but like everyone else, if she is rude this time, then I wouldn't take another order from her. Rudeness is uncalled for, but you never know what is going on. She might have been having probs at home or something.....not that I am excusing her behavior, because I am not....but, I am about second chances....."kill her with kindness" is my motto when someone is rude....LOL icon_smile.gif

-K8memphis Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 3:02pm
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Originally Posted by kbw5780

I think I would go ahead and make her the cake she ordered, but like everyone else, if she is rude this time, then I wouldn't take another order from her. Rudeness is uncalled for, but you never know what is going on. She might have been having probs at home or something.....not that I am excusing her behavior, because I am not....but, I am about second chances....."kill her with kindness" is my motto when someone is rude....LOL icon_smile.gif

Well pray for me because I would want to philosophically/figuratively kill her for bitching out my kid. Over a party cake? Kma (saying that to the customer) I don't care what's going on in her life.

What does it mean to say rudeness is uncalled for then allow for it?

No worries -I'm switching to decaf as I type. icon_biggrin.gif

pmaucher Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 3:02pm
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I completely agree with projectqueen. This woman should be made aware of how rude she was, but told in a nice and professional manner. Especially since it was 20 min. early.

I also agree with the others who say let it go and make the cake, if it only involved you. People are going to be rude to us, it comes with the territory. BUT, she was rude to your daughters, with no just reason. I dont know about you, but people can be rude and ignorant to me all they want, (too a point) but not to my family. My family is off limits, and I will defend them right away.

So my opinion is to be very nice and let her know you do not appreciate her being rude to your daughters, especially since the cake was 20 min early. Good luck with what you decide.

trishalynn0708 Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 3:16pm
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that is tough for me.. When somone comes off to me like that I would rather not deal with them. But then you have to think maybe she was having a bad day, or maybe she will be nice next time. And also think of everyone who will see your cake! icon_smile.gif I hope everything goes better next time!

JP Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 3:49pm
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While there is no excuse for her rudeness, everyone has bad days. She may have been stressed or may have mistaken the time that the cake was to be delivered. Forgive her this incident and make the next cake. After all, you did already agree to make it. You don't need to kiss her butt, just make the cake, get paid and walk away. If she is again rude, just politely decline to make other cakes for her.

-K8memphis Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 5:08pm
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I mean if your daughters were your employees, I think that would be different but she knew they were doing you a favor because you were sick. No way would I deal with her. That's a hill I'll die fighting on.

To me it is kissing her butt to deal with her again.

Quick, more decaf... icon_biggrin.gif

littlecake Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 5:30pm
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i gotta say, i thin out the b#tches from my customer base, i'm too old to be treated like crap anymore.

but i must add that i've had some of them that started out being b#tches...then after they got the cake, and served it, they would get nicer.

customer service sucks these days, and people are used to getting disappointed ....but after they see they can trust you, sometimes they get nicer.

see what happens for the next cake...if she's still gripin'...send her packin.

CakesByJen2 Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 6:45pm
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I would definitely not take any future orders from her, but as for the order you've already taken, I don't know. But I think I'd be leaning towards telling her she needs to find another baker because you do not have time for rude people.

I can understand why she might have been a little nervous about it, after getting the message that you weren't delivering it personally, but that your daughters were, and calling back to check on it, even though it was still half an hour before the scheduled delivery time. BUT, there is no excuse for her being rude and making the smart-ass comment "well, it better be..." and then being rude to your daughters when the cake was delivered, 20 minutes early, and presumably in good shape. Being worried about the delivery is one thing, but the rudeness was totally uncalled for!

I think I would ask her if there were some problem with the delivery that you were unaware of, as your daughters reported that she was rude to them, and would she prefer to pick up her next cake herself, or find another baker?

jlsheik Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 7:44pm
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Thank you all for responding...I laughed at a few and I needed it today!!I have decided to call this evening and apoligize for not delivering the cake myself and just see how she acts.
I really would hate to think she is just that bitchy all the time!! But if she is...I will gently tell her to stuff it!!
I am guilty of being a doormat sometimes and that is a hard habit to break, but I will be darned if she is going to treat my girls ugly for doing me a favor.
Thanks all...I will let you know what the outcome is.

PS my sister lovingly calls me the Cake Nazi after Seinfields Soup Nazi lol because you just don't mess with the cake lady!!

Deb_ Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 11:35pm
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I can't wait to see what her response is when you talk to her tonight. Seeing that she hasn't phoned you first to apologize for treating you and your girls rudely, tells me she is used to treating people this way.

I've found that I go out of my way to be friendly and nice to others in the service field since I myself deal with the public daily. People that have not worked with the public truly cannot appreciate what we put up with.

When I tell my DH about some of my clients remarks and stories at the Salon, he says he'd never be able to do my job because he'd be telling them all to screw! icon_rolleyes.gif Well, it's a good thing he doesn't have my job.

I have had many undesirables in my 24 yrs of hairdressing, some that even Vidal Sasson himself would not be able to please. I usually will give these people a second chance, chalk it up to everyone has a bad day once in a while. But, I have had to tell a few over the years to take their business elsewhere, that obviously I can't satisfy their needs. It is very uplifting to unload these PITA's.

Keep us posted!

indydebi Posted 28 Oct 2008 , 12:08am
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I'm probably too late with an opinion, but as someone mentioned above, sometimes you get one like this ... sometimes folks have a bad day.

I would do the next cake. I would call her to re-confirm the time ".....since on the last cake, I had down a 2:00 delivery and you called at 1:30 thinking I was late, so I just want to be sure we're both on the same page this time ......"

I've had brides do this. Bride calls at 11:00 saying, "We're here at the reception hall .... everything is all set up ... but the cake's not here." I said, "I have you down for a 3:00 delivery ... but if everything is all set up, I can bring it on down if you like." No biggie ... she's a bride, she's nervous ... but I let her know I wasn't late.

Had another one. A catering for an organization. I am suppose to deliver/set up at 5:00 .... dinner is at 6:00. I walk in at 4:50 and the guy in charge goes, "Oh thank god you're finally here!" I said, "I'm actually 10 minutes early ... I said I'd be here at 5:00 and I am." He said, "Yeah, but i messed up on the invites and told everyone dinner is at 5:00!" I smiled in that viciously sweet smile I have (according to hubby!) and said, "Well, darlin' if you're going to change the start time, you have to tell me that .... ahead of time! Just tell everyone you messed up and we'll get dinner set up toot-sweet for ya!"

stuff happens. It can happen to anyone once. It's the repeats you have to be careful on.

SueW Posted 28 Oct 2008 , 1:05am
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I am probably too late but.... I wouldn't do the next cake. There is NO reason I can think of that would make her rudeness OK. Unless you are desperate for the money I'd tell her to stuff it icon_lol.gif

jlsheik Posted 28 Oct 2008 , 2:34am
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Well girls....I tried to call the lady and I was leaving her a very nice message on her machine saying that I was sorry that I could not deliever the cake in person and was wondering how the shower went...yada yada and her husband picked up the phone. So I told him who I was and would he have her call me back. He said he would and she has not called.
Now...I talked with my daughter and she said MOTHER cancel that woman and never talk to her again!! She also commented that I should grow balls or something to that effect, she is 22 so it was a colorful retort!! lol I will you posted!!

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