Decorating Shortbread Cookies?

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sweet_2th_fairy Posted 24 Oct 2008 , 2:24pm
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I would use the NFSC recipe, but I just made those last week and wanted to try a different cookie recipe. So I plan to make some cut out shortbread cookies and would like to decorate them, too. I wanted to use my 3D cookie cutters. Is this possible? Or would the added frosting/icing make the cookies taste funny/too sweet? I've only chocolate dipped shortbread cookies. If you decorate them, what do you use (i.e. Toba's, royal icing, RBC, etc.)?

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banba Posted 24 Oct 2008 , 3:44pm
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You can use any frosting you like with them, royal, fondant, glace. Chocolate is especially good on them.

I have never used 3D cookie cutters but I would be careful as shortbreads really are quite delicate. Well mine are because I use ps but the granulated sugar ones are more sturdy.

shiney Posted 24 Oct 2008 , 3:47pm
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Sweet: Cocoa in your TG or RI would be wonderful on shortbread!

bobwonderbuns Posted 24 Oct 2008 , 4:00pm
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Shortbread is too soft a cookie to use with the 3D cutters. But it will accept most of the decorating icings out there (royal, glace, chocolate). Also play with sandwiching two shortbread cookies with raspberry preserves in the center and covering with chocolate -- delicous!! icon_biggrin.gif (don't ask me how I know that...) icon_rolleyes.gificon_lol.gif

banba Posted 24 Oct 2008 , 7:19pm
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bobwonderbuns what a yummy idea! Now I am going to have to go and try that icon_smile.gif

misabel99 Posted 24 Oct 2008 , 7:35pm
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There's a lot of cookies that you can decorate with royal icing that's the icing that I use. You can decorate the chocolate cookies, chocolate chip cut out cookies, cream cheese cut out ans so on. I tried all of these and they taste good and you can decorate them without a problem. Have fun thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

bobwonderbuns Posted 24 Oct 2008 , 10:08pm
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Originally Posted by bobwonderbuns

Shortbread is too soft a cookie to use with the 3D cutters. But it will accept most of the decorating icings out there (royal, glace, chocolate). Also play with sandwiching two shortbread cookies with raspberry preserves in the center and covering with chocolate -- delicious!! icon_biggrin.gif (don't ask me how I know that...) icon_rolleyes.gificon_lol.gif

[Edited for my bad spelling!]icon_rolleyes.gif

toleshed Posted 24 Oct 2008 , 11:27pm
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Is the shortbread cookie recipe on CC?

bobwonderbuns Posted 25 Oct 2008 , 12:07am
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Any shortbread cookie recipe will do -- they are abundant on the internet and nearly every cookbook has some version of it.

sweet_2th_fairy Posted 25 Oct 2008 , 2:46pm
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Hmmm, sandwiching 2 with preserves in between sounds good! I'm thinking of using a smaller cut out for the middle so that the preserves show through. What would you recommend the thickness be if I sandwich a shortbread cookie? I don't want to make it too thick so that the sandwich is huge, but not too thin that the shortbread will break. What do you think?

bobwonderbuns Posted 25 Oct 2008 , 4:13pm
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I always make mine the same thickness using a shortbread mold. They come out to between 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick. Experiement with different flavors of preserves too -- delicious!! icon_biggrin.gif

sweet_2th_fairy Posted 26 Oct 2008 , 5:52pm
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Thanks for the info! I baked them last night and will be decorating them soon. I will post pictures when I'm done. I'm so excited! icon_smile.gif

toleshed - I have another thread going regarding shortbread cookie recipes. Here is the link:

bobwonderbuns Posted 26 Oct 2008 , 5:59pm
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Oh, I almost forgot -- I don't use straight preserves. I boil it gently with water then strain it. Then I brush some on either piece of the sandwich cookies and stick it together. You don't need a lot, just enough for taste and to glue the pieces together. Chocolate shortbread with raspberry preserves covered in chocolate is to die for!! icon_biggrin.gif

Kitagrl Posted 26 Oct 2008 , 6:09pm
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I love shortbread cookies dipped in various ways in chocolate.

We cut them in small rectangles and then after baking, dip in white chocolate at an angle and then dark chocolate a little bit less at the same angle. Also makes pretty tuxedo cookies too. And it tastes GREAT!

marknelliesmum Posted 26 Oct 2008 , 6:20pm
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Please forgive me for jumping in here but I've seen a few shortbread cookie threads lately and the Scottish blood in me is running cold icon_cry.gif Shortbread should just be the plain old biscuit, no fancy toppings or icings ( although what you guys can do to cookies constantly amazes me icon_eek.gif - such a talent). If the shortbread is not enough on it's own I'd try another recipe but for a real treat why not make millionaires shortbread - shortbread biscuit base with a caramel layer covered in chocolate. Apologies if this causes offense it's really not meant to - I'm just a traditional old stick in the mud! icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gif

bobwonderbuns Posted 26 Oct 2008 , 6:25pm
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I'm not taking any offense to you marksmum. Between you and me, I love "plain old shortbread" the best. Others like to indulge in various flavors and combinations which is what I shared here, other combos that people have enjoyed. I prefer "plain food" to the fancy stuff any day. I know, I'm just an old stick in the mud right there with you! icon_biggrin.gif

sweet_2th_fairy Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 2:01pm
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marksmum- No offense taken. I, too, agree with you in regards to a "plain" shortbread cookie tasting the best. I'm the one that originated this thread and the only reason why I have decided to decorate them is that they are for a relative's birthday. I just thought decorating them would make them more colorful and festive. In the past I have used the NFSC recipe, but I just made that recently and wanted to try something different. Thus deciding to make shortbread cookies and needing a recipe. Would you happen to have a favorite shortbread recipe that you'd like to share? icon_smile.gif

marknelliesmum Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 6:10pm
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Kind of you both not to beat me up icon_lol.gif

As for shortbread recipes here are two - the first one is dh's favourite - he would literally eat it until he burst but the second is not bad either. thumbs_up.gif

1/2 lb (8 oz) unsalted butter/ ( i know you guys use sticks but i'm not sure what this is in sticks)
4 oz corn flour ( cornstarch?)
12 oz Self raising flour ( flour including raising agent)
4 oz icing sugar (powdered sugar?)

Mix all ingredients together in mixer.
(I usually use a food processor with a blade - not made this since i got my KA equivalent but prob KA with dough hook would work)

When mixed it will still be very crumbly it won't roll out like pastry so don't use a rolling pin icon_eek.gif - pour it onto work surface and press down flat with the heel of your hand to your preferred thickness . (This is a PITA but keep pulling the crumbs together to make as many biscuits as you can)

Cut into shape ( i would avoid ornate cutters as it is so crumbly - since i'm a boring old fart i do circles icon_rolleyes.gif )

Place on tray covered with parchment paper (saves greasing and flouring the tray)

Cook at 150 C / 300 F - depending on your oven but mine are usually ready in about 8-10 mins go by smell but these are very easy to overcook icon_evil.gif (they will be slightly sof to touch even when ready)

The minute they come out of the oven sprinkle with caster sugar and put on a cooling wire.

Eat and enjoy!

Note about butter - am i correct in thinking you guys have different grades of butter? If so, you want butter with a fairly high fat content - over here i buy a cheaper brand than what i would use for making sandwiches etc as you need the extra fat to help stick all those crumbs together)

Recipe 2

6 oz plain flour ( no added raising agent)
4 oz self raising flour ( with added raising agent)
2 oz corn flour ( cornstarch)
4 oz caster sugar
8 oz unsalted butter

Melt the butter and add to the dry ingredients. Mix with a fork until it all comes together. Roll out then cut into shape then place on a baking tray covered in parchment. Bake in oven 120C / 250 F for about 50 mins (again watch yor time depending on your oven) Turn off oven and leave biscuits in the oven for 10 minutes. Sprinkle with caster sugar

If you want to do one big shortbread both of these recipes can be used with a shortbread mould.

Now here's the deal...if you make either of these and manage to convert everyone to plain old shortbread i'll give you my recipe for tablet!

sweet_2th_fairy Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 8:47pm
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marksmum- Thanks for posting your shortbread recipes. I am anxious to try it. Unfortunately, I already made some shortbread for this week...but I will definitely use your recipe in the near future. I also appreciate your conversions/translations since we live in different countries. My only question is in reference to your last sentence of your post. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean by "i'll give you my recipe for tablet!" I would be more than happy to post everyone's feedback after I've made your shortbread, but I'm not sure what "i'll give you my recipe for tablet" means. Sorry, maybe it's slang...but I'm unfamiliar with this. Would you please explain? icon_redface.gif

marknelliesmum Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 9:23pm
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icon_lol.gif sorry sweet2thfairy it wasn't my intention to be cryptic. 'Tablet' is a scottish confectionary similar to fudge but it sets hard and tastes're very welcome to the recipe if you want it even without the feedback icon_lol.gif

sweet_2th_fairy Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 11:02pm
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marksmum - icon_biggrin.gif I understand. Thanks for clearing that up. That's another reason why I like CC so much. Not only do you get some great baking advice, but since its members are from all over the world you get to learn about other cultures as well! Now you've got me curious and desiring your tablet recipe. We have some chocoholics in our family!

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