Help With Nursery Rhymes Cake For Kindergarten Class

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korensmommy Posted 21 Oct 2008 , 3:17pm
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I have been asked (last minute, of course!) to make a cake for my son's Kindergarten's class nursery rhymes performance on the 31st.
I have 2 other cakes to make between now and then so I am looking for help with ideas for something quick and easy please!

The kids are reciting different nursery rhymes that day and the teacher wants a sheet cake with 'cute nursery rhyme stuff' on top.

Any ideas??

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MacsMom Posted 21 Oct 2008 , 3:38pm
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A fairly easy one would be to carve an open book from a sheetcake and decorate the open pages representing a few rhymes.

Homemade-Goodies Posted 21 Oct 2008 , 3:39pm
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For a whole sheet cake, you can do a lot! break it into square with different simple reminders of certain nursery rhymes. I can think of Humpty Dumpty egg, Puss in Boots, a well with jack & Jill, Little miss muffet & her spider, staff & sheep for Baa, Baa Black Sheep AND Mary had a little Lamb, Pumpkin for Peeter, Peter....I don't know how 'simple' that can be done, of course.

If you have a chance to make an edible image of pages from a nursery book, that could be done cute.

Or, have a lovely granny goose in the center, with names of the rhymes written around it.

HTH....please post a picture when done, I'm curious! icon_biggrin.gif

korensmommy Posted 21 Oct 2008 , 3:56pm
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I love the idea of an edible image but only 1 place in this town does edible images and he wants $20 a sheet!! I won't pay that much considering when I lived in Boston our local Stop & Shop would print up a bunch for me for just a few dollars.

I've done a few FBCT in the past so I may divide up the cake into quarters and put 4 different images on top.

Any other simple ideas would be great.

cakebaker1978 Posted 25 Oct 2008 , 5:26am
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There is a "open book" pan from wilton I believe. You could make the open book cake and decorate it with mother goose images. I will try to find an example for you.

dragonflydreams Posted 25 Oct 2008 , 6:41am
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. . . I'd probably be looking for a great idea that would work for a CCcake . . . maybe Humpty Dumpty . . . all the King's horses and all the King's me couldn't put the cake back together again . . .

korensmommy Posted 25 Oct 2008 , 1:30pm
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Cakebaker - that is a beautiful cake and would be perfect except I think that is above my skill level!!! But, it gives me a new idea for making a nursery rhyme scene and putting some characters into it.

dragonflydreams - I think a CCCake would be the best idea but the teacher is adamant on having a sheet cake for some reason. Thanks for the Humpty Dumpty photo, I'm thinking of him being my centerpiece and putting a few other characters around him.

Wish me luck this Friday!

dragonflydreams Posted 25 Oct 2008 , 5:46pm
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. . . maybe she's never heard of a CCcake . . . icon_confused.gif

lkoenig07 Posted 25 Oct 2008 , 6:55pm
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Don't know how time consuming this would be, but you could write a line or two from a few nursery rhymes & make a couple of fondant figures representing them or do FBCT for the nursery rhymes on the cake

cocobean Posted 25 Oct 2008 , 7:08pm
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I have a sheetcake Nursery Rhyme book in my photos. The cake looks like a Nursery Rhyme book, the book cake is closed but shows the front cover. It was a real hit, for my two year old granddaughter. The picture on the front is an edible image with black fondant squares making a checkerboard pattern all around the image. Sorry I don't know how to post the pic here.

Wildrose6633 Posted 25 Oct 2008 , 7:21pm
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I think I found your nursery rhyme cake cocobean

cocobean Posted 25 Oct 2008 , 8:03pm
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Hey thanks, Wildrose! Thats it. Wish I new how to put it there! icon_surprised.gif Good job!

korensmommy Posted 31 Oct 2008 , 4:55pm
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Thanks everyone for your help! Here is what I ended up doing (in the rush to get it done & get it to school, I forgot to take a photo. Will try to get one from another mom).
I made an open book and did some FBCT's. I made humpty dumpty on his wall as the main focus and around him I put the cat & the fiddle w/musical notes, cow jumping over the moon w/stars, and the dish running away with the spoon, all FBCT's.

I also made a 9" chocolate cake which I pre-cut into small squares and decorated each square individually with the leftover colors and different tips. Everyone loved the nursery rhyme cake but the pre-cut cake was the best idea for serving 16 hungry Kindergarten kids who loved their individual cakes!

dragonflydreams Posted 31 Oct 2008 , 5:11pm
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. . . sounds great . . . hope you get a pic. from one of the moms to post here . . . and the individual cakes is exactly what I was going for with the CCcake (but it sounds like you took it one step further . . . nicely done . . . thumbs_up.gif ) . . .

korensmommy Posted 31 Oct 2008 , 5:17pm
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dragonflydreams, I agreed with you about doing a CCCake but you know how some people have their mind set on that beloved sheet cake - it's not an official kids party without one!

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